Quick Weight Loss…Oxymoron?

Quick Weight Loss

Is there really such a thing as Quick Weight Loss?

I guess it depends on what you mean by quick?  Are you talking a week, a day,or a month?

If you’ve noticed that your clothes shrunk…  :) … it  might be time to look for a weight loss program.  Just sayin…. Of course everybody wants to lose weight fast…..Who wouldn’t?

I’d also like to wake up with breakfast in bed and a bouquet of roses but who are we kidding here?!

Quick Weight Loss

You can try to lose weight fast using the risky crash diets that usually help you go from a size 4 then back to a size 12 in a few days…..

But there are legitimate methods to boost the progress of your weight loss plan and get you to your goal weight relatively quick.

Exercises are very important and will always be an essential part of any fast weight loss plan. Sorry to break it to you but it just is what it is….For some fat burning work out ideas you can look here….You can always add some tunes while working out to make it even more interesting.

You have to make exercise fun (ok….tolerable) or you will find exercising boring and most likely quit. You can add Spark before your workouts for that extra energy boost!  My favorite is Watermelon…Yum!  Check out my Spark Review for more info.

Know your own capabilities, do not force yourself to carry out more than what you can handle.  If you haven’t worked out in a while a 2 hour spin class is not a good idea…  take brisk walks to burn down calories, exercising half an hour on a daily basis to start.

As for your diet, you can start with the 24 Day Challenge which includes the herbal cleanse. Or you can just do the herbal cleanse if you only need to loose a few pounds.  Check out my Herbal Cleanse post.

Lastly, if you want quick weight loss, you have to increase your metabolism. Your initial step is to make positive changes in your lifestyle by making it into an active one.

Start by increasing your daily physical activities since the more active your lifestyle is, you will up your metabolism which will eventually help you lose weight.  Leptilean and Catalyst are both  great metabolism boosters.  You can read more about my Catayst review Here

If 24 Days sounds reasonable to you to lose weight and inches, you need to start the

24 Day Challenge or the 24 Day Challenge Trim Plus  with Catalyst!

This is an excellent program that will jump start your weight loss or help get you down to the size you want…

Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick


Joanna Bostwick

Mother and wife who loves blogging about health and wellness. Working hard to have life on my terms! Helping one person at a time take their health back. I believe everyone has a purpose and are valuable. Mantra- Life is short, don't waste it!

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