NEW AdvoCare Preferred Customer program

AdvoCare just released today their NEW

AdvoCare Preferred Customer Program

So what is this Preferred Customer program you ask??  It’s a great way for people who Love the products to get a savings with a 20%-30% discount for only $19.95 a year instead of joining as a distributor for $59.

So instead of signing up as a “distributor” you sign up as a “preferred customer” for those people who have no intentions on selling or taking advantage of the business opportunity but want to save money and continue using products!

No Minimums or Auto ships!!

advocare preferred customer

You want the products at a discount and do not plan on selling AdvoCare? This is a perfect solution for you!

Here is what you get with the preferred customer sign up:

Your Preferred Customer Welcome Gift Includes:
  • Spark® flavor-sampling Starter Pack featuring two stick packs of Fruit Punch, Mango Strawberry, Grape and Watermelon (Servings Per Container: 8)†
  • Product Catalog
  • IMPACT Magazine
  • Product Navigator Brochure
Benefits Include:
  • An immediate 20% product discount with the ability to increase up to 30%** (see chart below)
  • A Total Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No minimum purchase required
* Welcome Gift received with first order. $19.95 plus applicable taxes.
** Immediate 20% product discount with the ability to increase based on product purchases within 6 consecutive Pay/Purchase Periods (approximately 3 months).
† Flavor-sampling Starter Packs are exclusive to the AdvoCare Welcome Gift.
new advocare customer program

What do I get as an AdvoCare Preferred Customer?

  • Savings! 20% right off the bat and depending on how much you order through AdvoCare you can get up to 30% off without going backward!
  • It’s Only $19.95!! Whoo Hoo!! You get a whole year of savings for only the $19.95 annually to keep your discount.  If you purchased a 24 Day Challenge you’d make your $20 bucks back in savings right away!
  • The Welcome Kit- It comes with 8 Spark sticks in 4 different flavors an Impact Magazine, a catalog, and navigation brochure.
  • The option to upgrade to a distributor at any point! If you do change your mind and decide to earn income with AdvoCare then you can switch over to the distributor level for $40.

AdvoCare Preferred Customer Discount Levels

advocare preferred customer discount level chart

Preferred Customer vs. a Distributor

  • Preferred customers can not participate in the business opportunity with AdvoCare.
  • Preferred Customers can not sell products or sign up anyone to join under them as a distributor or customer
  • Preferred Customers can not get to the 40% off level (advisor) only up to the 30% off level

Distributors get all of the above and the ability to earn income 5 ways with AdvoCare.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments on this new program!

AdvoCare Independent Distributor,

Joanna Bostwick

P.S. If you do have an interest in joining AdvoCare as a distributor or preferred customer and have questions, reach out to me here

Joanna Bostwick

Mother and wife who loves blogging about health and wellness. Working hard to have life on my terms! Helping one person at a time take their health back. I believe everyone has a purpose and are valuable. Mantra- Life is short, don't waste it!

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Grace - June 28, 2017

TO piggy back off Meghan’s question about how the preferred customer affects the downline for a distributor (she already knows): What percentage of a preferred customers purchase would an advisor level distributor receive if signing up a preferred customer? And what percentage of a distributor’s purchase would an advisor level distributor receive if signing up a distributor? Lastly, what percentage would an advisor level distributor receive when an established distributor in her download makes it to advisor level too?
Hoping for clarity to decide what makes the most sense. FYI your site is AWESOME and so informative, hopefully ADVOCARE appreciates the positive difference you make!
Thanks a trillion for your valuable time!!!

    Joanna Bostwick - June 28, 2017

    @Grace- Thanks for liking the site! To answer your question, a preferred customer under you is similar to a distributor under you in terms of what you earn. A PC joins at 20% so you as an advisor get the other 20% when they move to 25% you get 15% and when they move to 30% off you get 10% of what they purchase. All of their purchases count as sales compliance in your back office. All of that is the same for a distributor until they hit the advisor rank and your both advisors. Then you begin earning overrides on their volume and leadership bonuses once you hit the different leadership levels. Hope that helps…Joanna

Lisa - June 18, 2017

Your website is great. I was wondering about increasing the preferred customer discount. Is that $500 before or after the discount?

    Joanna Bostwick - June 18, 2017

    @Lisa- Thank you! It’s $500 before the discount so the retail volume! Basically 2 -24 day challenges with Catalyst and a canister of Spark.

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Whitney - December 6, 2016

When you say you get up to a 30 percent discount without going backwards, does that mean you can keep the discount for as long as you pay the annual fee? So if I spend $501 during one three month cycle of purchasing periods, I keep the 25 percent discount even if I don’t spend that amount during the next periods? Thanks!

    Joanna Bostwick - December 6, 2016

    @Whitney-The answer is YES! So there is no minimum order requirements. Once you hit a certain discount level as long as you pay the annual fee $20 for preferred customers and $50 for distributors, you will always stay at that discount level. Even if you go all year not ordering anything!

      Garrett - March 20, 2017

      so to piggy back off this comment,
      I spend $950 in the same 6 pay/purchase period and I hit the 25%, but I didn’t get the 30% because I didn’t pass the $1000 threshold…. how much do I have to spend now to reach the 30% mark since we are now in the next 6 pay/purchase period?? Is it another $1000 in order to get the 30% at that point or just the $500 difference from the 25% to the 30% mark?

        Joanna Bostwick - March 22, 2017

        @Garrett-To know exactly how much you need personally, login to your site and go to “my advocare” and then volume and earnings and it should tell you at the top. But in a nutshell you need $2000 retail total to hit the 40% off level in 6 pay periods. The 6 pay periods don’t disappear once you’ve passed it’s 6 consecutive pay periods so the last one (your 1st pay period) drops off and the one your in now is #6 if that makes sense. Also you can do it in 24 consecutive pay periods but you have to hit $3000 instead of $2000. So it’s whatever one you hit first. Hope that helps!

Carla Perkins - November 15, 2016

could you please email me or how do I get in contact with you.Interested in the 24 day Challenge

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Meghan - September 21, 2016

If I sign up as a preferred customer, is that “under a distributor”?
I’d like to sign up and be able to purchase spark at a discount but I want my friend, who is a distributor, to be able to make her percentage off of what I order. Does that even make sense?
I gues maybe I’m wondering if the proffered customer is a stand alone thing or if it’s part of the downline.

    Joanna Bostwick - September 21, 2016

    @Meghan-It’s still part of the downline so you would need to sign up as a preferred customer under your friend. Hope that helps!

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