How to Start a Group 24 Day Challenge

AdvoCare Group 24 Day Challenge

So you’ve heard about the 24 day challenge or maybe you have done one in the past.

It’s a lot more fun to do the challenge with a group!

I’ve been running group challenges for awhile now and there are many reasons to do your challenge this way.

Here are a few key reasons to do a group 24 Day Challenge:

  • It gives you a 24 day challenge support group to help each other throughout the 24 days and beyond.
  • Get recipe and food ideas from other challengers in your group
  • Get questions answered fast and easily in your group
  • Keep yourself motivated by others in the group
  • If you live close to each other you could meal prep together

 Start Your Own Group Challenge

If your already a distributor or thinking about becoming a distributor, starting your business off with a group challenge is a perfect way to raise your discount level and earn extra income.

Here is a breakdown of the number of challenges you would need to sell at retail in order to hit certain levels of discount in AdvoCare.

What I did was price out a regular challenge with 1 bottle of Catalyst and 1 extra box of Spark.

Some people will buy more some less but in general this is a great bundle to start someone on in your group.

group 24 day challenge

2 Bundles= $500/ 25% discount Level-2 ways to earn income

4 Bundles= $1000/ 30% discount level- 2 ways to earn income

8 Bundles=$2000/ 40% discount level highest level (advisor) opens 3 more ways to earn income

advocare 24 day challenge group

Now this is priced out in retail price NOT your cost.

As a distributor you will get a discount on your bundles depending on what level your at will determine your discount.  You can see the chart above.

group 24 day challenge discount

If you order all 8 bundles at once you have placed an “advisor order” at the 30% off discount level and all future purchases will be at 40% off!

As you can see if you can at least get to that $500 retail mark you will save an additional 5% off your order and all future orders.

This is why a group challenge can be so beneficial in the beginning even if it’s just one other person.

What is My Cost of a 24 Day Challenge in a Group?

The cost of your challenge will be at a 25% off discount if you order the two together bringing your single bundle to $187.50 saving of $62.50 off of your challenge.

30% off this bundle in above picture would be $175 savings of $75

40% off of this bundle would be $150 savings of $100

How to Start a Group 24 Day Challenge

Group Challenge Ideas!

  • Make a Facebook event and invite all of your friends to attend.  They can rsvp on the event page. Inside the event page post a personal video testimonial of what the 24 Day Challenge has done for you or what it has done for a friend.
  • Inbox through Facebook or email private messages asking people to start a group 24 Day Challenge with you.
  • Talk with friends and explain you are starting a new business and are looking for testimonials from the 24 Day Challenge program.  You could offer a discount if it’s someone you know or throw in a shaker bottle or wrist bracelet for starting on your start date.
  • Organize a home party or mixer to kick off your group 24 day challenge.  For those who can’t be there use Skype or Google Hangouts or Facebook Live to discuss what the challenge is and it’s benefits.
  • Offer a prize for the person who loses the most inches or weight lost.  Make sure they complete the pre assessment form and put down their measurements before the challenge starts.  The person with the highest weight loss or inches lost gets a prize or Free product.

group 24 day challenge ideas

Group 24 Day Challenge Support and Follow Up

Make sure and start a closed Facebook group for your challengers so they can support each other and ask questions.

Always follow the 24 day challenge coaching checklist when coaching your challengers.

Don’t forget to also give your friends all the options concerning ordering their challenge.

They could join under you and order their challenge at a discount as well.  This helps accrue volume for you to raise your discount level and if your higher than 20% off you will earn income from their order.

Always get with your challengers before the challenge is over and talk about what to do after the challenge and go over products they liked and want to continue.

Look at your challengers health goals and find out what would be best for them to continue with.

Use your sponsor to help as well with 3 way calls and additional coaching.

Coaching Someone on the 24 Day Challenge

If you are someone who loves helping others and would like to coach people on the 24 day challenge or other products that AdvoCare offers, you should look into joining AdvoCare.

Not only will you get a discount on your own products but you can earn income as well.

You can join here or comment or message me for more information.

I can help you coach your challengers and get you off to the right start including help you earn income if you would like.

Once you join I will contact you and find out what part of AdvoCare would be a fit for you!

how to coach a group 24 day challenge

Join My Group 24 Day Challenge

If you are interested in joining my monthly group challenge. Contact me at 24days2skinny(at)

I will let you know when the next group is starting and help you get started!

Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick

Joanna Bostwick

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