How To Sell Advocare

Want to sell Advocare?

You may be asking yourself now that your a distributor, how do I sell AdvoCare?

If you wanted to learn more about how to get involved with Advocare to start making money with AdvoCare, you need to read my post on How to Become an Advocare Distributor

After you join Advocare as a distributor, your going to need to know:

How to Sell AdvoCare….

selling advocare

First off Advocare is a Direct Sales company.  You can not buy Advocare products in stores and your not to buy them from anyone except an authorized Advocare independent distributor.

There are a number of ways concerning how to sell Advocare.  Like any Direct Selling company you need to be able to sell the products in order to make money.  Let’s look at some of the ways you can sell Advocare:

1.  Tell Friends and Family- This is a popular selling technique which leaves some people a  little uneasy.  There is nothing wrong with telling people you know and family members about your new business.  In fact many people grow large organizations through this technique just be tactful about it and don’t bug them to death!

2.  Have Home Parties or Mixers-This is another popular selling strategy with Advocare.  The home parties that are talked about in the Advocare business are called “mixers“.  This is a where a group of people get together at someone’s house or meeting space and Advocare leaders will discuss the business, share testimonies, and train people about the products.

Mixers are a great way to connect with others and learn more about the Advocare company.

3.  Three Way Calls-There is something about third party credibility that helps people connect with the business and product value.  Especially if there are questions that your not sure about or just want another person on the phone with you to help validate what your saying, three ways calls can be very effective.

4. Social Media- This is getting more popular as social media is everywhere and we are finding more and more ways to connect with people.

There are many social media techniques and strategies that can bring you a lot of leads and interest into your business.

5. Online Marketing- First off let me just say that there are hundreds of strategies inside this one topic of online marketing, but I am going to focus this article on what I do which is Blogging!

Not everyone wants to or has a desire to start a blog but it can be a great tool in today’s high tech world to reach the masses.

There are thousands of people searching online for information about Advocare.  Why not tap into that source and give them the answers they are looking for?

blog letters

How to Sell Advocare Online… What You Can Not Do:

  • You can not use the word Advocare in your domain name
  • You can not sell products anywhere except your microsite they give you when you join
  • You Can’t sell Advocare on Ebay or Amazon or any other site other than online store
  • You Need to Show People you are an Independent Advocare Distributor on Your site

How I sell Advocare and What I Love About Blogging:

I have been blogging now for a number of months and really enjoy it.  I like connecting with others people I have never met before and reaching an audience I would not be able to reach in my local town.

Although I do talk to friends and family members that know me well and want in on what I am doing, I personally think that you can grow your business much faster by using both online and offline techniques together.

In addition, many people do not feel comfortable selling to friends and family and don’t always have time for mixers. Sharing Advocare online can be very valuable.

Believe it or not people come to you, you don’t chase them down.  Yes you have to know ways to get people to your blog, but once you start attracting people, if they feel a connection with you, they want to be a part of your team.

How Should You Sell Advocare?

This of course it’s a personal opinion.  If you decide to partner with me, we can discuss how you would like to promote Advocare and I can help you in whatever way you decide.

Blogging is not the only online strategy, but it is one way that I teach my team members who want to learn.  What you will get with me as your Advocare Sponsor:

  • Support with product questions
  • Help with Building Your Online Presence
  • Step by Step actions you can take to get started.
  • Three Way Calls for Credibility
  • Connecting you with Mixers in your area
  • Private Facebook Group for support
  • and more….

If your ready to start a REAL Online or Offline business, I am ready to help!

Join as an Independent Distributor for only $59!

Yes, Joanna I’m Ready to Get Started!




Joanna Bostwick

Mother and wife who loves blogging about health and wellness. Working hard to have life on my terms! Helping one person at a time take their health back. I believe everyone has a purpose and are valuable. Mantra- Life is short, don't waste it!

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Emma Zimmerman - April 10, 2017

I’m an Advocare Distributor already, if someone was to buy products through my page would they get the discount that I do?

Ashley Porrazzo - October 26, 2016

Hi Joanna, i recently became an advocare distributor and was wondering what are some good strategies towards getting people to join my team. I was first introduced 2 years ago when I did a 24 day challenge, and have not done another since. Right now money is extremely tight even with my 20% discount, i just can’y afford to buy one right this moment. I do however, use spark, thermoplus, and recently bought the gingerbread advobars. I want to promote everything I;m just unsure how and how do I do so when it might not seem as appealing as if I were to promote the 24 day challenge that actually show physical results. Hope this makes sense! Thank you :)

    Joanna Bostwick - October 26, 2016

    @Ashley-The way to earn income with this is to talk to as many people as possible not to “sell” but see if they are open to earning extra income or trying the products. Most people after talking to them will tell you they have some kind of issue with their health/weight or finances. Show them how AdvoCare could be a solution for their problem.

Jennifer - December 27, 2015

I’m very interested in becoming an advocare distributor. I’ve done the cleanse and LOVE spark. I’ve even got my husband hooked on spark too. Any advice about how to get started would be greatly appreciated!!

Whitney - November 1, 2015

Hello I have been looking deeply into becoming a distributor and wanted some more information on what I need todo or the benefit of it I personally just finished the 24 day challenge I bought on Amazon so I never actually had a coach or someone I went threw

    Joanna Bostwick - November 1, 2015

    @Whitney-great! Glad to hear you finished the challenge so you’ve tried the products. Becoming a distributor is an important decision and I’d love to help you through that. I’ll send you an email with some more information on how you would get started!

    Lindsey - June 28, 2017

    That’s Awesome!! We hope you join!

Megan - September 15, 2015

Hi Joanna,
I’m a distributor of AdvoCare and would like to talk to you about possibly joining your team.
Please contact me!

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Rachel - June 25, 2015

Hi I am a independent distributor with Advocare and I have tried so many ways with social media to sell but no one seems interested. I could really use your help. Thank you!

    Joanna Bostwick - June 25, 2015

    @Rachel-Thanks for reaching out. Have you talked with your upline sponsors or other leaders in your group? I would start there and get their advice. I just know for social media, you need to be consistent and post often. Reach out to people and just share don’t “sell”.

Leslie - May 9, 2015

I would like some feedback on different ways to promote the product. I’m a distributor and very close to reaching advisor level.

    Joanna Bostwick - May 10, 2015

    @Leslie- great to hear your almost at Advisor! use your upline to help you promote your business. Social media is another great outlet to get new customers. In your back office is a number of training videos that are good to watch and implement as well.

Danielle Kelsey - April 23, 2015

Is it possible to strickly sell online and make profit?

    Joanna Bostwick - April 23, 2015

    @Danielle Yes-There are rules concerning what you can and cannot post etc. but you could do it all online. You still need to follow up with people and make sure they understand the products and help coach them if they want help. Let me know if you’d like to join my team I can work with you specifically on this topic :) Joanna

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Brittany - March 10, 2015

Hi Joanna,

I am actually already an advocare distributor. But, I am trying to find new ways to market myself online. I would really love to chat and learn a few things.


    Joanna Bostwick - March 11, 2015

    Thanks for stopping by. I mainly train my distributors concerning online marketing. But as a suggestion if you want to start somewhere pick one kind of social media and become an expert. :)

      Samantha - February 4, 2016

      I recently bought the 10 day challenge from a “friend” but wasn’t told about the diet restrictions that went along with it until after. I’m past the return date I believe so what else can I do?

judy - March 8, 2015

Hi Joanna I would love to discuss advocare with you a little more please contact me at you earliest convenience thank you

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Amanda F. - January 27, 2015

I’m really interested in selling AdvoCare and I don’t know the best ways to get started and how to sell. I Googled selling AdvoCare and came across your website. I recently found out I was pregnant and I will be quitting my full time job once the baby is here and I would like to have another income that I could do from home while taking care of the baby. (Plus I would love to take what products I could while being pregnant to stay slim and take them after to knock off the baby weight.) I would love to chat more with you about it and learn what tips you have and hopefully sign up under you! :)

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