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Best Tasting Energy Drink I Have Ever Tried

AdvoCare Spark Review

Blue Raspberry Spark is a permanent flavor!

blue raspberry sparkblue raspberry spark

NEW Limeade Spark is here to STAY!! Love this flavor it’s amazing!

Limeade Spark


NEW Spark containers and slight change in formulation but Same Great taste and serving sizes!

If you haven’t tried Spark by AdvoCare you really are missing out!!  This is my daily go to drink when I wake up and again in the afternoon.

AdvoCare recently changed the packaging which I think was a smart move on their part.  Here is a picture of the differences.

advocare spark canister

The new canisters are much smaller and lighter. These are easier to ship and transport.  AdvoCare also changed the Spark box packets from a larger packet to a “go to” packet that is also easy to throw in your purse or bag.

The Spark sticks are Very convenient to pour into water bottles as well!

No More Clumps and Less Calories!

I will say that because of the formulation change, Spark now stirs into your water Much easier with no clumps!

This is a nice Bonus because I like Spark with Fizzy water-It’s hard to shake fizzy water spark :)

AdvoCare had recently changed their distributor kits to include Spark, Rehydrate, and Meal Replacement Shakes.  Not to mention only $59!!

Where to Buy Spark

AdvoCare Spark Review:

My personal Spark review.

1) It really does give me a great pick me up in the morning and has replaced my… wait for it…Morning Coffee…gasp!

I used to go straight to the coffee machine after waking up to make my morning coffee every day no matter what… I never thought I would give that up….

BUT after drinking Spark I just stopped drinking coffee mainly because of the way I felt.

Because Spark has caffeine in it, (in an 8oz glass with one pouch of Spark it has 120mg of Caffeine)

it does give you a boost in the morning for most people, which I always need with 4 kids.

I started to realize after drinking Spark that I personally felt much better

and had an even keeled energy throughout the day not like I did with coffee….I just felt better... period…. so I really don’t miss the coffee….

AdvoCare Spark is Good For You!

2) No Sugar! I love that Spark does not have sugar….if you compare that to almost any other energy drink…it’s great.

It really does taste sweet though see #4

3) You actually get Vitamins in this stuff and a lot of them….below is a link for a pdf print out of all the details of ingredients, but mainly it’s the vitamin B vitamins, niacin, riboflavin, vitamin C and more….

so again compared to most other energy drinks this is way better in the healthy department…

4)It tastes really good!  It reminds me of the taste of a drink I enjoyed as a child ….it really does have a great taste to it with no weird after taste….

I have an obsession with fizzy water/seltzer water etc… So I drink my Spark with bubbly water.

I have a carbonated drink maker and to me it’s the way to go with Spark….just my 2 cents :)

5)Long Lasting Energy….one of my biggest reasons for loving this drink is how I feel in the afternoon.

I’ve always been one of those people who just wants to crash by 3pm. If I could take a nap in the afternoon I would…With Spark,

I honestly feel a longer lasting energy throughout the day.

This is one of their claims and I do agree with it….

This is my personal opinion and in no way saying that these effects will be the same for you.

It’s not a fast caffeine fix and then slump…it’s more of an even, noticeable energy that just lasts if that makes sense…

Summer Spark 2016 Promo

6) Spark Cost-The retail cost the price would be $1.24 per serving (with the AdvoCare Spark Canister at 42 servings) which is not that bad compared to other energy drinks on the market that are not as healthy.

If you like Spark and want to keep getting it,  it’s best to pay the $59  (plus S/H) and you get 20% up to 40% off depending on your product discount level.  Find out more about that Here.

You do NOT have to sell anything if you don’t want to.

Many people get the distributorship for the product discount.

The pouches are a little more per pouch but are also so much more convenient when you are out and about or traveling and each box has 14 pouches.

The price for the boxes are: Retail $22.95,Distributor:$18.36, Advisor: $13.77

So the Retail price is $1.64 per drink which still is not that bad comparably but getting the discount is a better deal!

AdvoCare Spark Ingredients

You can check out the active Spark ingredients

What’s your favorite Spark Flavor?? Comment Below

Here are my favorite flavors in order :)

 Advocare Spark Flavors:

Blue Raspberry– Absolute FAVORITE!!! Right now!! If you like Cotton Candy or Snow Cones you’ll be in heaven!!

Limeade If you like Lime Sorbet dessert you’ll love this!

Green Apple– 2nd favorite at the moment!

Watermelon Spark  Great taste but you have to love watermelon :)

Grape Spark (with carbonated water tastes like grape soda no lie!)

Fruit Punch Spark-very good and a favorite with SO many people.

Pink Lemonade Sparkmy kids love this one. Tastes just like pink lemonade

Mango Strawberry Spark-I thought this would be my ultimate favorite because I have an obsession with mangos!  Very good and a lot of people love it but I keep going back to the flavors above :)

Mandarin Orange Spark-pretty good but not my fave. BUT if you like Tang…This is for you!

So there you have it a full and complete Advocare Spark Review!

If interested, you can order Advocare Spark Energy Drink through my Shop….

Where to Buy Spark


AdvoCare Spark Discount

Sign up for the Discount on Spark between 20%-40% off!

Click below for more info:

How to Become an Advocare Distributor

AdvoCare Independent Distributor,

Joanna Bostwick

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Advocare Spark… What you should know!

One of my favorite AdvoCare products:

Advocare Spark

what is it? and why is it So Good?!

I made an info graphic giving some more information about the Advocare Spark energy drink.

Spark is just one of those products that people love!

With 4 kids,  it can be tiring just day to day getting things done making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be etc…

Spark just gives me that extra boost to get my day going and then again in the afternoon when I’m picking up  the kiddos.

Need mental focus?!?  Spark is your drink!!

The combination of vitamins makes Spark MORE than just an energy drink.

It’s a Mental Focus drink!!!  LOVE this aspect!!!

Right now my favorite flavor is Blue Raspberry Spark.  I only drink it with fizzy water.  LOVE the fizz.  It tastes like a yummy soda without the sugar :)

blue raspberry Spark

I’ve had a number of friends quit their diet soda and regular soda addictions and switched to Spark. They also have had some weight loss as a bonus. :)

Take a look at my Spark Advocare info graphic and let me know what you think.  It took a lot longer than I thought to put this thing together but it was fun learning how to make one. This was my first one so go easy…

So here it is:

advocare spark

AdvoCare Spark Flavors

Currently here are all of the Spark flavors:

Blue Raspberry



Fruit Punch



Mandarin Orange

Mango Strawberry

Pink Lemonade

Spark on the Go Only 15 Calories!

I love the new on the go packets of Spark.  It makes it so much easier now to pour your Spark into a water bottle!! Almost all of the flavors are now in the new on the go packets!Spark Box

All in all I think this is a great product. In comparison to other sugary, low vitamin drinks out there Spark is an excellent alternative.  Plus it tastes Awesome!

Spark and Weight Loss

Can you lose weight with Spark?

Spark is an excellent product to use while trying to lose weight.  By giving your body the energy you need this helps with weight loss.

There is caffeine in Spark and the caffeine also aids in staving off hunger and therefore helps in weight loss.

The amino acids and B vitamins in Spark also help with weight loss and not feeling hungry.

*I personally notice a difference in my hunger level while on Spark.  Because it has a sweet taste, I also opt for a Spark instead of a sugary drink or dessert.

Buy Advocare Spark

If you are interested in purchasing Spark you can click on the link below that will take you to my store.

Where to Buy Spark

You can also read my updated and in depth AdvoCare Spark Review  post.

What’s your favorite flavor?  Do you have any Spark recipes?

 Get Spark!

AdvoCare Independent Distributor,

Joanna Bostwick

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.