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Best Foods for Before and After Workout

Pre and Post Workout Food and Drinks

AdvoCare Post Workout Recovery Drink

After looking online at recipes that complement the 24 Day Challenge I ran across an article that I thought was very good for pre and post workout foods.  The article was by Ridz Buk on a site called, Fitness Republic.  It was more of an infographic than article.  Here was the info graphic.

pre and post workout revocery infographic

See full post here…

I thought the infographic had some great points about different ideas for pre and post workout foods.  I also agree with the water part.  So to recap…

Pre workout: 

  • So before workout make sure and give yourself some time and don’t eat right before you workout.
  • Don’t eat too much fiber.  This can be hard during “Cleanse Phase” but remember we are also moving the toxins through our system.
  • Don’t eat the bad carbs that will make you crash after your workout.

Post workout it’s important to

  • eat a meal right after working out
  • Don’t reward yourself with a high calorie or high fat treat
  • Keep your metabolism high and running with 3 small meals and 2 snacks
  • Don’t skip the post workout meal.

In terms of eating right after workout, Brad Sly a nutritionist and certified personal trainer who writes for

Ingesting carbohydrates after training is critical in replenishing glycogen stores and initiating muscle glycogen synthesis. If we don’t replenish these stores an athlete’s training performance can be compromised in future sessions.

Muscle protein is broken down due to high intensity or prolonged exercise. This makes recovery nutrition important in helping to rebuild. Once the recovery phase begins the catabolic processes reduce while anabolic processes increase and continue on for at least 24 hours after training. The ingestion of essential amino acids from quality protein sources has been shown to help with the muscle-building process.

post workout recovery drink

More often than not, we don’t have the time or available foods to get that critical post workout recovery meal that we need.  Fortunately AdvoCare has a perfectly formulated post workout recovery sports drink.

According to the AdvoCare site:

Post-Workout Recovery Sports Drink contains more than 30 vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that support the muscles’ metabolic processes in recovery and helps minimize occasional soreness after workouts. Post-Workout Recovery combines the muscle-supporting nutrition used by hundreds of professional and world-class athletes across the United States. Post-Workout Recovery helps enhance physical performance and endurance while supplying essential components for muscle repair and gain during and after physical activity. The unique blend of high-quality protein combined with glucose polymers and other carbohydrates, gives the body energy and structural support.

Post-Workout Recovery also contains branched-chain amino acids to support muscle recovery, growth and endurance. Finally, the antioxidants present in this advanced sports drink help the body ward off free radicals that are commonly produced as a result of exercise.

The Post Workout Recovery Drink is key for people who want to:

  • minimize the soreness experienced after exercising
  • looking for better muscle recovery
  • enhance their current exercise or weight lifting program
  • gain lean muscle mass


  • For ages 12 and older.
  • Blend, shake or briskly stir contents of one pouch into 10 fluid ounces of water or the beverage of your choice.
  • For short-term recovery, consume within one hour following a workout.
  • For long-term recovery, consume in the evening.
  • For additional benefit, consume Post-Workout Recovery Sports Drink within one hour before a workout.

Key Ingredients:

Soy protein powder, branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), chromium, casein (modified), medium-chain triglycerides, creatine, gamma-oryzanol, vanadium (vanadyl sulfate), calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, potassium, eleuthero root, carbohydrates

If the Pros use Post Workout Recovery It’s good enough for us!

Use it the Pros do post workout

This isn’t to say that food is not a great option post workout.  If your prepared and are able to get the right foods together, go for it, just make sure you eat during that optimal 30-40 min post workout time and your getting the correct carb to protein ratio!

Another great perk of the Post Workout Recovery Drink is that it is third party tested by Informed Choice and this drink is tested for all banned substances so you or your athlete can be assured you are getting quality non harmful ingredients that will boost your sports performance recovery.

I personally love the chocolate but it also comes in vanilla.  Although they no longer sell the pouches, a canister is fine and I just put the powder in the bottom of my shaker bottle which you can find pretty easy.  Or just put a scoop of powder in a small baggie, add water, and your set!

I also love this drink on crushed ice!  Yum!!

Joanna Bostwick

To Order Post Recovery Workout Drink Go Here

Zachary (Zach Miller) Seattle Seahawks

With the Super Bowl 2014 around the corner I thought it would be good to highlight one of Advocare’s endorsers that will be playing Sunday.

You may or may not know but all Advocare endorsers are non paid endorsers.  We have hundreds of endorsers that use and trust Advocare products to help them excel.  This list of Advocare endorsers includes professional athletes of many sports, Olympic athletes, coaches, and trainers.

The athlete I’m writing about today is tight end for the Seattle Seahawks, Zach Miller.

Zach Miller


Zachary Joseph Miller (born December 11, 1985) plays in the  National Football League (NFL) for the Seattle Seahawks. Miller grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and played college football for Arizona State University, and received All-American honors. He was selected in the second round of the 2007 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders.

Here is why Zach chooses Advocare products to help him perform his best.

“The AdvoCare Performance Elite line has helped me increase my strength and lean muscle mass as well as decrease my total body fat.”

The products Zach Miller uses:

  • Advocare Spark Energy Drink (see my review here)
  • Rehydrate Electrolyte Replacement Drink
  • Muscle Strength
  • Nighttime Recovery
  • Advocare Muscle Fuel
  • Muscle Gain Protein Shakes

Career Highlights:

  • 2013 NFC Champion
  • 2010 Named to the AFC Pro Bowl Team
  • 2010 Ranked 8th Receiving
  • 2009 Co-recipient of the Commitment to Excellence Award
  • 2008 Became the first tight end since 1991 to lead the team in receptions
  • 2007 selected by Oakland in the second round of the Draft, 38th overall

On August 2, 2011, Miller signed with the Seattle Seahawks on a 5 year, $34 million deal, $17 million of which is guaranteed.

Pretty incredible career so far.  I’m happy to see Zach Miller is an Advocare fan

SUPER BOWL XLVIII- is this Sunday.  Not sure which team will win??  We will see!

Who are you going for?

Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick

AdvoCare 24 DVD Workout

Advocare 24 Workout DVD Reviews

It’s here!  The CU 24 level 2 workout series from Advocare.  I have started the workout and let me tell you it’s intense.

Here is the concept: 12 Total Workouts on DVD using a fitness ball and a power resistance cord for a lot of the sets.  You workout 24 minutes a day for 8 weeks.

Make sure and take your measurements and before pictures before Day 1 of the workout.

advocare dvds

Here is what I love about it so far.  There are minute dots on the bottom of the screen to show you haw many you’ve done.

There is also a timer on the bottom of the screen showing you the high intensity moves for 45 seconds and then 15 seconds of rest for an example in the first workout.

They are all a little different.  Here are the various  types of workout you get.

AdvoCare 24 Workout DVD Reviews


Melt– These are cardio-focused workouts designed to melt calories while increasing endurance and stamina.  3 total workouts in this section.

Melt Interval-This is High Intensity Interval Training.  This workout uses all muscle groups and turns on the cardio for maximum calorie burn.  All of the lead trainers in the videos are Advocare distributors themselves and professional trainers.

Melt Interval-This one is a non-stop cardio workout full of unique and high energy moves.  No equipment needed for this one.

Melt Climb-This is a unique high intensity workout where you climb six “mountains”.  Your cardiovascular system will gradually be pushed to a peak and then back down again.  Repeating the cycle 6 times for a challenging workout.


Shred-These workouts combine resistance training and cardio to burn calories, strengthen body, and build muscle.

Shred Down-Total body conditioning workout focuses on the lower body with short rests to help increase calorie burning.

Shred Up-This one has an upper body and core focus.  There are also specially designed exercises that help increase strength and shred fat.

Shred Total-High resistance training and cardio workout combined.


Sculpt-These are total body workouts that help to sculpt your body and focus on increase resistance training.

Sculpt Zone- Resistance and Cardio to define those muscles!

Sculpt Full-Total body resistance workout with short rest periods to sculpt and burn fat.

Sculpt Duo-You can do with a partner or on your own.  Designed to work many muscle groups promoting improved strength and definition.


Supplemental Workouts- These are the perfect companion to your workout routines giving you extra focus on specific areas of the body.

Upper Body Focus- Strengthen, shape, sculpt, and tone the upper body muscles including biceps, shoulders, triceps, and upper back.

Core Foundation- This workout strengthens and shapes glutes and gives you rock solid abs!

Power Yoga Flow-A great series of postures connected with dynamic movement intended to strengthen you as well as relax, calm, and open your mind.

To customize your workouts the Performance Elite products can be taken according to your level and fitness goals.

Here is a Performance EliteTimeline that will show you what to take and when to take it.

Here is a copy of the CanYou24 Getting Started Guide you can also print out.

Here is a short video showing you more about the workout series:

Order the Can You 24 level 2 here.

Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick

Quick Weight Loss…Oxymoron?

Quick Weight Loss

Is there really such a thing as Quick Weight Loss?

I guess it depends on what you mean by quick?  Are you talking a week, a day,or a month?

If you’ve noticed that your clothes shrunk…  :) … it  might be time to look for a weight loss program.  Just sayin…. Of course everybody wants to lose weight fast…..Who wouldn’t?

I’d also like to wake up with breakfast in bed and a bouquet of roses but who are we kidding here?!

Quick Weight Loss

You can try to lose weight fast using the risky crash diets that usually help you go from a size 4 then back to a size 12 in a few days…..

But there are legitimate methods to boost the progress of your weight loss plan and get you to your goal weight relatively quick.

Exercises are very important and will always be an essential part of any fast weight loss plan. Sorry to break it to you but it just is what it is….For some fat burning work out ideas you can look here….You can always add some tunes while working out to make it even more interesting.

You have to make exercise fun (ok….tolerable) or you will find exercising boring and most likely quit. You can add Spark before your workouts for that extra energy boost!  My favorite is Watermelon…Yum!  Check out my Spark Review for more info.

Know your own capabilities, do not force yourself to carry out more than what you can handle.  If you haven’t worked out in a while a 2 hour spin class is not a good idea…  take brisk walks to burn down calories, exercising half an hour on a daily basis to start.

As for your diet, you can start with the 24 Day Challenge which includes the herbal cleanse. Or you can just do the herbal cleanse if you only need to loose a few pounds.  Check out my Herbal Cleanse post.

Lastly, if you want quick weight loss, you have to increase your metabolism. Your initial step is to make positive changes in your lifestyle by making it into an active one.

Start by increasing your daily physical activities since the more active your lifestyle is, you will up your metabolism which will eventually help you lose weight.  Leptilean and Catalyst are both  great metabolism boosters.  You can read more about my Catayst review Here

If 24 Days sounds reasonable to you to lose weight and inches, you need to start the

24 Day Challenge or the 24 Day Challenge Trim Plus  with Catalyst!

This is an excellent program that will jump start your weight loss or help get you down to the size you want…

Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick


Swimming for Weight Loss

Swimming for Weight Loss

Swimming is said to be one of the best forms of aerobic exercise. The stress on your joints is minimal, because you’re held up by the water. And your working your whole body when you’re swimming.

Are you thinking of starting swimming as a form of weight loss?

Below are some ideas about the types of swimming, and the benefits associated with swimming for weight loss.

Here is a chart from Nutri Stratagey that gives you a good idea about how many calories you can burn swimming!

Activity, Exercise or Sport (1 hour)
130 lb
155 lb
180 lb
205 lb
Swimming laps, freestyle, fast
Swimming laps, freestyle, slow
Swimming backstroke
Swimming breaststroke
Swimming butterfly
Swimming leisurely, not laps
Swimming sidestroke
Swimming synchronized
Swimming, treading water, fast, vigorous
Swimming, treading water, moderate
Water aerobics, water calisthenics
Water polo
Water volleyball
Water jogging
Diving, springboard or platform


Types of Swimming

To avoid the possible boredom that can arise when you do the same stroke from one end of the pool to the other, try varying your routine. Here are some ideas.

* Use a kickboard or float board once in a while. Hang onto it and kick your way from one end of the pool to the other.
* Change strokes within the session or do a different stroke each session.
* Consider water aerobics as a way to get fit in addition to swimming.

*You can also use underwater music!  I use an underwater ipod and love it!
Swimming for Weight Loss

Benefits of Swimming

Exercising in water primarily works joints, soft tissue, and muscles. It’s not a form of exercise that is intended to strengthen bone – for that, you need to engage in weight-bearing exercise. But swimming offers a great many benefits, such as the following.

* Swimming offers a whole-body workout – nearly every muscle group is engaged. And just moving in water requires your muscles to work harder than making that same movement in the air.

* Cardiovascular health is purported to be greatly enhanced by swimming. Sources point out that the continual use of your muscles helps keep your heart rate up. After all, even if you’re not actively swimming, your muscles are engaged in treading water and staying upright.

* If you are swimming for weight loss, swimming can help you perform motions and movements that might be difficult on “land.” And speaking of weight loss…

* Swimming may just help you lose weight, especially if you combine it with a healthy diet and more active lifestyle. Depending on your body weight and the swimming stroke you use, you can burn anywhere from 400 to 1000 calories in an hour as shown in chart above.

* One of the big benefits of swimming is that it is easy on the joints. If you suffer from arthritis or any form of joint pain, swimming can help you work those joints (and the rest of your body) without impact.

*What I love is you don’t feel the sweat!

Swimming for Weight Loss Routine

High intensity workouts burn calories and lead to faster weight loss. This  workout has your heart pounding from beginning to end.

  • Start with a 200-yard warm up, then do 20 25-yard freestyle intervals with five seconds rest between each.
  • Finish the set with a 100-yard easy swim in any stroke.
  • Swim 16 25-yard intervals in any stoke with 10 seconds of rest between each.
  • Finish the set with another 100-yard easy swim.
  • Do 12 25-yard freestyle intervals with 15 seconds rest between each.
  • Finish the workout with eight 25-yard freestyle intervals with 20 seconds rest between each.
  • Cool down with an easy 200-yard swim in any stroke.

According to U.S. Masters Swimming, start swimming two or three days a week and build your routine to include more days. Combine this interval workout with endurance and drill workouts for three workouts a week.

Swimming for Weight Loss and Toning Routine:

This is a great way for a beginner or an advanced swimmer who wants to tone certain parts of their body while swimming.  Of course your whole body gets a workout when your swimming, but there are a few things you can do to add toning to the mix:

1.  Use a kickboard and practice kicking at a very fast pace for 2 laps then slower for 2 laps and continue for as many laps as you can.

2.  Use a Pull Buoy (see pic)  between your legs and swim laps with just your arms swimming freestyle at a fast pace 1st to laps, slower controlled pace next 2 laps and repeat.

swimming for fat loss

Lap Swimming for Weight Loss:

If your truly a beginner and are new to the pool, it’s a great idea to just start off with basic lap swimming.  You can still lose weight by lap swimming.

At first, just try and swim regular freestyle at a medium pace for as many laps as you can taking 10 second breaks at each end.  Maybe you can only swim the first day for 10 minutes before you are very winded and tires.  That’s ok.  The next day try and add time or laps on to what you did the previous day.

If you stay consistent, you will build up your endurance and be able to swim farther and longer as you go along.

Tips for Swimming as Exercise or Weight Loss:

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your swimming for fitness and weight loss.

* Bring a friend to help you stay motivated. See if you can get someone to join you for your regular trips to the pool.

* Safety is always important. Make sure you don’t get overheated if the water is warm, and if you feel very winded or uncomfortable, stop swimming and rest until you feel okay.

* If you are concerned about the effects of chlorine and other pool chemicals on your hair or eyes, wear a swimming cap and/or goggles. If you are concerned about inhaling chlorine vapors, choose an outdoor pool.

Part of your swimming weight loss plan could include starting the 24 Day Challenge.

This is a great way to enhance your weight loss.  The healthier eating program and supplementation would be a great add on to your weight loss goals.

In addition, *Catalyst  is a great product to take before swimming because it helps burn fat while maintaining muscle mass.

*ThermoPlus is also great before swimming because it helps convert fat into energy so it gives you the extra energy you need to swim.

*Another great product for an energy boost is Spark.  Check out my Spark Review for more info…..

Now go find a pool and swim some laps!

Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.