AdvoCare Spring Bundles are Here

AdvoCare Spring Bundles

Spring time is here and AdvoCare put together some bundles to make it easier to stay on the right track with your health and wellness!

advocare spring bundles

So here are the 3 bundles below that you can order for a limited time.

advocare basic bundle


advocare enhanced bundle




advocare premier bundle

Each bundle comes with AdvoCare MNS and you can choose which MNS you want to get.  There is also Spark and Catalyst in the Enhanced bundle and Catalyst, Shakes, and Spark with the MNS in the Premier bundle.

This is an easy way to hit the reset button this Spring as we head into Summer!! EEEEK!!

Prices listed are the retail prices.

You can get a discount with the Preferred Customer Program which gives you a 20% off discount to start and can grow to 30% off.

There is also the distributor option that you can grow your discount to 40% off and earn income if you want to up to 5 ways.

Here is the bonus in purchasing the Bundles right now.

You get FREE Shipping on your next order over $150 if you purchase one of the bundles.

Details below:

Free Shipping AdvoCare

In order to get the FREE shipping you need to place your next order between April 5th and April 18th.

There is also a new 14 day game plan booklet you can download to keep you on track!!

Grab the 14 day Game Plan below:

14 day advocare meal plan

If your ready to get back on track or lose some extra pounds before summer hits, this is a great way to get started!

As always reach out to me with any questions or comments!

Joanna Bostwick

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