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After looking online at recipes that complement the 24 Day Challenge I ran across an article that I thought was very good for pre and post workout foods.  The article was by Ridz Buk on a site called, Fitness Republic.  It was more of an infographic than article.  Here was the info graphic.

pre and post workout revocery infographic

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I thought the infographic had some great points about different ideas for pre and post workout foods.  I also agree with the water part.  So to recap…

Pre workout: 

  • So before workout make sure and give yourself some time and don’t eat right before you workout.
  • Don’t eat too much fiber.  This can be hard during “Cleanse Phase” but remember we are also moving the toxins through our system.
  • Don’t eat the bad carbs that will make you crash after your workout.

Post workout it’s important to

  • eat a meal right after working out
  • Don’t reward yourself with a high calorie or high fat treat
  • Keep your metabolism high and running with 3 small meals and 2 snacks
  • Don’t skip the post workout meal.

In terms of eating right after workout, Brad Sly a nutritionist and certified personal trainer who writes for

Ingesting carbohydrates after training is critical in replenishing glycogen stores and initiating muscle glycogen synthesis. If we don’t replenish these stores an athlete’s training performance can be compromised in future sessions.

Muscle protein is broken down due to high intensity or prolonged exercise. This makes recovery nutrition important in helping to rebuild. Once the recovery phase begins the catabolic processes reduce while anabolic processes increase and continue on for at least 24 hours after training. The ingestion of essential amino acids from quality protein sources has been shown to help with the muscle-building process.

post workout recovery drink

More often than not, we don’t have the time or available foods to get that critical post workout recovery meal that we need.  Fortunately AdvoCare has a perfectly formulated post workout recovery sports drink.

According to the AdvoCare site:

Post-Workout Recovery Sports Drink contains more than 30 vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that support the muscles’ metabolic processes in recovery and helps minimize occasional soreness after workouts. Post-Workout Recovery combines the muscle-supporting nutrition used by hundreds of professional and world-class athletes across the United States. Post-Workout Recovery helps enhance physical performance and endurance while supplying essential components for muscle repair and gain during and after physical activity. The unique blend of high-quality protein combined with glucose polymers and other carbohydrates, gives the body energy and structural support.

Post-Workout Recovery also contains branched-chain amino acids to support muscle recovery, growth and endurance. Finally, the antioxidants present in this advanced sports drink help the body ward off free radicals that are commonly produced as a result of exercise.

The Post Workout Recovery Drink is key for people who want to:

  • minimize the soreness experienced after exercising
  • looking for better muscle recovery
  • enhance their current exercise or weight lifting program
  • gain lean muscle mass


  • For ages 12 and older.
  • Blend, shake or briskly stir contents of one pouch into 10 fluid ounces of water or the beverage of your choice.
  • For short-term recovery, consume within one hour following a workout.
  • For long-term recovery, consume in the evening.
  • For additional benefit, consume Post-Workout Recovery Sports Drink within one hour before a workout.

Key Ingredients:

Soy protein powder, branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), chromium, casein (modified), medium-chain triglycerides, creatine, gamma-oryzanol, vanadium (vanadyl sulfate), calcium, magnesium, zinc, sodium, potassium, eleuthero root, carbohydrates

If the Pros use Post Workout Recovery It’s good enough for us!

Use it the Pros do post workout

This isn’t to say that food is not a great option post workout.  If your prepared and are able to get the right foods together, go for it, just make sure you eat during that optimal 30-40 min post workout time and your getting the correct carb to protein ratio!

Another great perk of the Post Workout Recovery Drink is that it is third party tested by Informed Choice and this drink is tested for all banned substances so you or your athlete can be assured you are getting quality non harmful ingredients that will boost your sports performance recovery.

I personally love the chocolate but it also comes in vanilla.  Although they no longer sell the pouches, a canister is fine and I just put the powder in the bottom of my shaker bottle which you can find pretty easy.  Or just put a scoop of powder in a small baggie, add water, and your set!

I also love this drink on crushed ice!  Yum!!

Joanna Bostwick

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Christie Young - December 22, 2016

Just need to lose weight

    Joanna Bostwick - December 22, 2016

    @Christie- Have you looked into the 24 day challenge program?? If not, Go hereto watch the video and look through the program. I can help coach you through it and answer all of your questions. Let me know if I can help! Joanna

Noralinda M. Lasley - September 26, 2016

Hi. Just finished 24 cleanse. Looking forward to continuing.

Sincerely, Noralinda Lasley.😀

    Joanna Bostwick - September 27, 2016

    @Noralinda-Awesome! Glad your doing so well with everything!!

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Karen - October 13, 2015

Hi, I am a working mom of 5 kids ages 14 to 4. I am a former athlete and I had always kept in good shape & maintained a healthy weight throughout all my pregnancies gaining around 25 lbs with each one & losing it shortly after each birth until my youngest child was born. I lost the 20lbs I gained during his pregnancy almost immediately, but gained 25lbs over the past 4 1/2 years of his life. He is on the autism spectrum & the past few years I have just focused all my energy on taking care of him & making sure his siblings didn’t feel slighted in any way. As a result my health has been put on the back burner and 25 extra pounds have slowly crept on. In the past I had always made time to get some exercise in & ate healthy. I found myself becoming eating comfort food as a result of the stress I was living under & gaining weight made me very depressed. I was up all night with my son & running all day & exercise was the last thing on my mind when I had a minute. He just recently began sleeping a full night. He’s also become much easier to manage. I feel like I need to take some time to focus on my health & lose the pounds I have put on over these past 4 years. I have heard great things about advocare & I’m hoping this will give me a jumpstart. I would love any suggestions & help staying motivated. Thank you

    Joanna Bostwick - October 13, 2015

    @Karen- Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing your story! It’s very inspiring to see what you’ve struggled with and where you want to go from here! I would love to help you with your journey. One of the many things I love about AdvoCare is that the company was really founded on the idea that people can have a better quality of life through getting healthy. AdvoCare really stands for “advocates who care” and that’s the backbone of what we do is helping others who then in turn can help others when they are ready if they choose to. I’ll send you an email with some suggestions on where to start from here!

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