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AdvoCare’s Joint Promotion

I decided to do a blog post about a wellness product that does not always  get a lot of attention but lately I am getting incredible feedback from many customers and my hubby who can’t seem to live without AdvoCare’s Joint Promotion product!

There are many things that can make our joints suffer.  I am not making medical claims that this product will solve them all, just stating that the more people I talk to the more I hear about joint pain!

It’s common in runners, seniors, athletes, people who are overweight, and many others.

So let’s take a deeper look at what AdvoCare’s Joint Promotion is and how it works.

advocare joint promotion

AdvoCare Joint Promotion Ingredients

Here is some of what’s in this product:

advocare joint promotion ingredients

According to AdvoCare’s website:

Joint Promotion encourages flexibility and mobility by lubricating and protecting joints and supporting healthy cartilage.*

This product combines glucosamine, MSM, white willow and other ingredients to help the processes that lubricate and protect joint health.* Glucosamine plays a vital role in the formation and support of healthy cartilage.*

Collectively, the ingredients in Joint ProMotion make it an outstanding choice to enhance your joint health and aid in relieving effects of occasional soreness after exercise.*

Does AdvoCare’s Joint Promotion Work?

I personally do not suffer from joint problems, BUT I have a lot of customers who do!

So far out of about 20 customers I have who purchase this product, I have not heard one complaint and MANY of them re-order on a regular basis and rave about how well it works.

I hear this a lot from runners, athletes, and aging adults who need healthier joints.

joint promotion reviews

Joint Promotion Instructions

With this product you want to take 3 capsules up to twice a day with a meal.

This is also good for children ages 12 and up.

Many kids today are so active in sports that are hard on their joints, this would be a great preventative product for them to take with a doctors approval of course.

OmegaPlex and Joint Promotion

These two products together work great and compliment each other well.

You can read about OmegaPlex Here

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Joint Promotion

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