AdvoCare Compensation Plan

What is the…

AdvoCare Compensation Plan?

I wanted to break down the AdvoCare compensation plan so it’s easier to understand and you can see exactly how you make money with AdvoCare.

First off-You need to become a distributor.  More information on becoming a distributor can be found at how to become a distributor.

Distributor cost: $59 plus tax and shipping

How do you get paid with AdvoCare?

Good Question…

If you want to make money with AdvoCare 5 different ways (yes 5 ways!) you must become what is called an Advisor.

Becoming an Advisor can be reviewed at this post How to Become an Advisor 

Since AdvoCare is a direct sales model company, it’s important to understand the compensation plan before starting the business.

For a quick overview, AdvoCare Independent Distributors get paid 2 different ways and AdvoCare Advisors get paid 5 different ways.

There are benefits of Joining AdvoCare as a Distributor and as an Advisor:


  • Retail Profits
  • Wholesale Earnings


  • Retail Profits
  • Wholesale Earnings
  • Incentives
  • Overrides
  • Leadership Bonuses

advocare pay structure


1. Retail Profits:

Kind of a no brainer but let me explain…When you join AdvoCare as a distributor, you will receive your own website from AdvoCare to shop from and have others shop from.  It will look just like mine (with your pic of course)

My AdvoCare Shop

Depending on your total order amounts will depend on what percent of a discount you get.  Here is a chart showing you the different discount levels:

advocare compensation plan

Most people start at the 20% off level unless they want to be a business builder and shoot right to the 40% off level then they make an Advisor Order (this is my recommended Advisor Order)

So to recap the benefits of being a distributor you can purchase products at a discount and then sell those products for the retail amount and keep the difference.

2. Wholesale Commissions

 wholesale commissions advocare

Let’s say someone signs up under you as a distributor and then places an order.  Depending on their discount level you receive the difference between their discount and 40%.  So if your friend signs up and is at the 20% off discount level and places an order you earn 20% of that order.

Whatever their discount level is, you earn the difference up to 40%.

The next 3 levels of earning is for Advisors Only

3.  Incentives:

The first incentive available to Advisors is the Rookie Bonus Incentive.  After you become an Advisor you have three pay periods to recruit 3 new distributors and get a total of $3000 in group sales.

By doing this you get an additional $500!  This is an excellent incentive for new Advisors.

rookie bonus comp plan

Other incentives include all expense paid vacations and other bonuses that AdvoCare provides to qualified Advisors.

advocare incentives

4.  AdvoCare Overrides

Overrides are residual income bonuses that are earned by Advisors who are in a leadership level in AdvoCare.

Overrides are calculated by your business volume under you and all of your Advisors through 3 levels.

Business volume is approximately 50% of all volume and then that is multiplied by a percentage depending on your level.  Overrides pay up to 7% of the Business Volume under EACH Advisors group up to 3 levels deep.

advocare overrides

5.  Leadership Bonuses

Leadership Bonuses tie into Overrides but is still an additional way to get paid through AdvoCare.

In order to qualify for leadership bonuses you qualify at different “pin levels”.  The great thing with leadership bonuses is that they go on beyond the 3 levels that you get with the overrides.

These levels are as follows:

leadership bonuses advocare

The AdvoCare Compensation Plan

How to get to Silver in AdvoCare:

Silver is the first level in AdvoCare where you can begin to take advantage of the Overrides and Leadership bonuses mentioned above. For Silver you will get an additional 3% bonus in leadership and an average of $100 in override.

So for the silver pin level you need at least $3000 in retail volume under 1 or more advisors combined. This level averages about $12,651 per year.

silver advocare pin

The above picture explains how to Reach the Silver level in Advocare

The Next Level in AdvoCare is the Gold Level:

Here is a video explaining how to get to Gold Pin in AdvoCare:

As your increasing volume in your business through Advisors under you, if you accumulate $15,000 in retail volume you will hit the Gold Level and get additional 2% leadership bonus (plus the 3% silver bonus so your at 5%!).  You are also at an average of $500 additional in overrides.

gold level in advocare

gold 3 star advocare

Gold 3 Star is the next level and this is similar to the first 2 but your adding width to hit this leadership level.

For Gold 3 Star you need:

3 Legs of Advisors with a total volume of $15,000 and each have a minimum of $3000 in volume under them. Add another 2% and your at 7% leadership bonus.  You also are at an average of $500 additional in overrides.

gold 3 star advocare

The next AdvoCare level is Ruby:

With Ruby you need a cumulative amount of retail volume to be at a minimum of $30,000.  Below is a 1 year example of what could happen hitting Ruby.  This pays out an average of $81,967 a year. You have also added another 2% to your leadership bonus total.  Your overrides are approximately  $1000.

pay plan advocare

residual income with advocare

Now let’s talk about 6 Star Ruby:

This is very similar to 3 star Gold but you need to have 6 qualified legs and a total retail volume of $30,000.  You get an additional 2% in leadership bonuses and your approximate override is $1000.

The next level is Emerald  which pays out an average override of $2000 plus an additional 2% in leadership Bonus.  Your leadership bonus is up to 13% at this point.  Overrides are not included in that percentage.  You must have a cumulative retail volume of $60,000 and it pays out an average of $192,108 at this level.

Advocare pay levels

Next on the Advocare Pay Plan is Emerald 9 star:

Similar to the other star leg levels in that you need 9 qualifying legs that add up to $60,000 in retail volume and get an additional 2% leadership bonus.  This level pays out an average of $276,729 a year.

advocare emerald 9 star

After Emerald comes Diamond:

This level pays an additional 4% in leadership bonus and an average of $4000 in overrides. So now you are up to 19% in leadership bonuses at the diamond level.

You need a retail volume of $120,000 in your organization under advisors.  The diamond distributor makes an average of $615,717 a year!

After Diamond comes Platinum:

With Platinum you need an overall retail volume of $240,000 from advisors.  Your approximate overrides are $8000 a pay period and you get an additional .25% in leadership bonuses.

The Average Platinum distributor makes $1,071,550 in commission per year.

Then Double Diamond and Triple Diamond each add another .25% leadership bonus and

Double Diamond your override is approximately $12,000 or more in volume and you have at least 24 advisor legs generating that $12,000 in overrides.

Triple Diamond distributors need 36 legs and get an additional .25% in leadership bonuses added on.  Your approximate override is $24,000 and the average commission is $$1,071,550 or higher. uploads 2 7 6 9 27691991 advocare_presentation_2014_ _full_version.pdf


Please keep in mind that the average incomes per level change slightly from year to year.

AdvoCare is very much about helping others get results which in turn helps you get results.  I also appreciate the fact that someone who signs up under you can pass you in levels.  So it really comes down to you and how much you want to work the business to earn the income you want to earn.

AdvoCare Distributor,

Joanna Bostwick


Joanna Bostwick

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Erik - January 6, 2017

Hello. I’m an advocare advisor and just got my first advisor. When do I start receiving overrides?

    Joanna Bostwick - January 7, 2017

    @Erik-you get overrides once your advisor has any PGV or volume themselves or under them.

      Dana - February 28, 2017

      I have a similar question, I have an advisor under me with pgv yet I am not seeing any override commission.

        Joanna Bostwick - February 28, 2017

        @Dana- It’s probably because your personal PGV is not at $500 yet. Once you get to $500 then you get your overrides. Personal pgv can be from yourself, PC’s, distributors under you that are not advisors, or any retail customers. Hope that helps!

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