Spring Cleaning with the Advocare Cleanse

Time for Spring Cleaning with the

Advocare Cleanse!

Advocare Herbal Cleanse

You’ve cleaned your closets, behind the fridge, and under the bed, what’s left? Your body! Now is the time to use the Advocare 10-day Cleanse to rid your body of the build-up of harmful toxins that can leave you feeling a little sluggish. You may try to eat healthy, but environmental pollution; as well foods that seem ok sneak toxins into our bodies. Something as simple as a piece of cheese or bread can upset the delicate yeast balance in our guts; or that healthy piece of fruit that wasn’t organic, left pesticide residue in most of your organs including your liver.

The Advocare Cleanse is specially formulated to target and balance of organisms in your gut, support and cleanse your liver, and eliminate waste that is hanging around in your intestines. Getting rid of the toxins and waste in your body leads to more efficient digestion and weight loss.  The cleanse is like a reset button on your health.

Healthy Bacteria

The Advocare Cleanse includes ProBiotic Restore to be taken on days four through ten. Probiotics repopulate your gut with healthy bacteria. Healthy bacteria are needed in large quantities in our bodies to keep the bad bacteria in check.

The Advocare Cleanse replenishes your body with healthy bacteria; it contains four billion colony forming units of the healthy bacteria Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium. Lactobacillus is present in our digestive tract; it creates lactic acid making the environment inhospitable for bad bacteria.

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Bifidobacterium are one of the primary strains of bacteria in our colons; they are also found in our guts. Probiotics also help our immune systems; scientists haven’t figured out exactly how, but a healthy bacterium level in the gut does support a strong immune system.

Antibiotics prescribed by your doctor don’t discriminate between good and bad bacteria; they just kill them all. Your digestive system cannot function correctly without adequate numbers of intestinal bacteria. Some of the meats we eat have been treated with antibiotics and trace amounts remain affecting the bacteria levels in our bodies. The Advocare 10-day Cleanse restores these bacteria to healthy levels whether we have intentionally taken antibiotics or not.

Liver Support

The Herbal Cleanse tablet, also a component of the Advocare Cleanse, is formulated with beet juice and milk thistle to clean out toxins from your liver. The liver acts like a filter for your whole body; vitamins, prescription pills, over the counter medications, alcohol, caffeine, and many other “toxins” pass through the liver. Over time these toxins can cause build-up and damage this vital organ; beet juice cleans impurities from your liver and blood; while milk thistle protects healthy liver cells from damage. Studies show that milk thistle may also help regenerate a damaged liver by stimulating new cell growth.

Cranberry extract is also a key ingredient of the Herbal Cleanse tablet that is taken on days one through seven of the Advocare 10-day Cleanse. Cranberry coats the inside of the urinary tract (kidneys, bladder, and urethra) so that harmful bacteria cannot attach themselves and multiply. Instead, bad bacteria are just rinsed out with the rest of the waste. Store-bought cranberry juice contains tons of sugar; instead of helping to rid the body of certain bacterium, cranberry juice cocktail feeds the bad microorganisms!

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Waste Management

Take the Advocare Cleanse Fiber Drink to add some extra fiber to your diet on the first three days and the last three days. Health experts say fiber is like a broom that sweeps all the junk out of your intestines. Fiber comes in two main forms: insoluble and soluble. Soluble fiber dissolves in water and insoluble fiber does not dissolve so it physically pushes waste through your system. Soluble fiber ferments in your colon and produces healthy prebiotics that feed probiotics. Fiber cleans residue from the walls of your intestines so other nutrients you eat can be absorbed through the lining. People that consume high fiber diets are reminded to drink extra water to aid in elimination because fiber absorbs some water!


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The Advocare fiber drink contains a combination of both types of fiber. This component of the cleanse can help you drop pounds of waste that are left behind in you colon and intestines. Fiber also helps you lose weight by keeping you feeling full so you eat less; plus your body is able to absorb more nutrients out of less food.

The Advocare Cleanse is formulated with other healthy ingredients to support your immune system and give you energy. The 10-day cleanse is very effective and it is suggested to use it every three months. This detoxifying cleanse rids your body of impurities and extra waste and supplies you with the elements you need to be healthy.

Being healthy on the inside makes you glow on the outside.  It’s time to hit the reset button on your health!

Your Health and Wellness Coach,

 Joanna Bostwick

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