5 Best Coaching Stratagies through the All IN 24 Day Challenge

AdvoCare All IN 24 Day Challenge Coaching

As explained in my last post about the All In Challenge, on January 7th there will be a nationwide ALL IN 24 Day Challenge that is estimated to have a group of 100,000 people or more all across the country completing the 24 Day Challenge together on the same days!

You can save 20% on your 24 Day Challenge by signing as an AdvoCare distributor like a membership fee.

Here is the advocare all in order form you will need to email or call me with your order and how you would like to pay.  Information is on the sheet.  Taxes will be slightly different from state to state so the total I will quote to you once you pick what you want.

But one of the great things about this challenge is the nationwide Coaching that will take place Day by Day throughout the full 24 days.  I will also be coaching you if you want through the program.

Here are the top Best Coaching strategies for you yourself to use or if your a distributor you can share with your challengers.

1) The NEW Virtual 24 Day Challenge Coach

What I love about this new calendar is the simplicity of clicking on exactly what day you are on and seeing instructions, tips, and recipe ideas for during the challenge.

advocare virtual coach2) AdvoCare All In Facebook group and 24days2skinny Facebook group

Facebook groups are awesome in terms of connecting and getting quick answers to things within your group.  There will be a corporate Facebook site that AdvoCare is doing for their ALL IN special and I have a group on Facebook with lots of people ready to answer questions and give support if needed right away.

Once you order your challenge I will send you a welcome email and an invitation to the 24days2skinny Facebook group.

3) 24 Day Challenge Coach Checklist– This is to help you and answer questions for others that you may be helping.

This list is a great way to make sure you have what you need and are well prepared for the Nationwide Challenge.

4) The 24 Day Challenge App for iphone or Android-

Another  great coaching resource is using the 24 Day Challenge App out there from the app store for your cell phone.

I wrote a detailed blog post on the 24 Day Challenge App here

24 day challenge app

5) Calling and Emailing your challengers-

The number one goal for AdvoCare distributors should be to help their Challengers get the best out of their purchase and succeed throughout the full 24 days and beyond.

For people who want phone support it’s always great to call on days 1, 3, 10, and also a few times during the Max phase if needed.

Some people prefer emails or texting and that is fine as well.  Just make sure that if you are a challenger and have a question go to the person you purchased from and ask!

I like to be accessible to all challengers with questions or problems they may be having because I want you to see awesome results and change your body and health!

So if your interested in the  24 Day Challenge please contact me for ordering information or go to this link to order your challenge.


advocare all in

AdvoCare Distributor,

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Joanna Bostwick

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