The 24 Day Challenge FAQ

Advocare 24 Day Challenge FAQ

After receiving a lot of the same questions about the Challenge, I decided to do a FAQ page.  Please look through the page to answer any of your questions.  If  you still have questions post a comment below!

1.  What is the 24 Day Challenge?

It’s a 2 part health and wellness program (not a diet). It’s designed to get your body running the way it is supposed to, build your metabolism, and get you healthy!

2.  Who is the 24 Day Challenge for? 

The 24 Day Challenge is for anyone looking to  increase energy, lose body fat, build lean muscle, for athletes wanting to increase their performance, or someone wanting an overall wellness makeover.  Pretty much anyone can do the 24 Day Challenge.

 3.  How Does the 24 Day Challenge Work?

It works by putting the right high quality nutrition in your body.  The bi product of this for most people is weight loss and overall wellness.  With Advocare’s carefully formulated nutritional products and easy meal plan, you will see positive results when you follow the simple directions.  You can get more detailed information at my Advocare instructions page.

 4.  Is the 24 Day Challenge right for everyone?

Many individuals are able to do the 24 Day Challenge without any problems.  However, some products may not be suitable for everyone.  For example the Herbal Cleanse, if you are taking medication it may not absorb as well while on the cleanse so please consult your health care professional before starting. For more information go here.

5.  How do the Advocare Metabolic Nutrition Systems compare?  

All three MNS prducts provide nutritional support for energy, weight management, and wellness in a daily strip.  These vitamins fill in the nutritional gaps that your body may be lacking in.  MNS MAX E is for Energy along with metabolism in support of weight management with Thermo-P caplets.  MAX E is intended for people 18 and over. MAX C is for Appetite Control.  It contains the Thermo T caplet for weight management and CitriSate (appetite suppressant caplet).  It is also intended for individuals 18 and over. MAX 3 is formulated to support both appetite control and energy that uses sustained release technology with Acto Therm SR and BioTherm.  It also provides all of the necessary nutrition that is in the other 2 products.  MAX 3 is intended for people 12 and older. Check out my MNS MAX 3 Review for more detailed information.

6.  What is the recommendation if I have not lost any weight but used the products correctly?

Please see this informational page on this topic.

7.  What am I allowed to eat?

In the 24 day challenge guide book you will see in the back what you are allowed to eat and the portion sizes.  You can download the Advocare 24 Day Challenge Daily Guide pdf.   Remember this is not supposed to be a restrictive diet but a healthy lifestyle change of eating.  I also have many other posts concerning food and recipes. You can find those in my 24 Day Challenge recipe category.

8.  Won’t I just gain the weight back after the 24 Days?

The answer to that is it is up to you!  You won’t lose weight just by buying the kit.  It is a lifestyle change.  There are many products that you can still continue with or do “maintenance” every so often.  What happens with most people is that they love the way they feel when they are healthy on the program so they continue eating right and taking products that work.  Make sure and see my post on After the 24 Day Challenge.

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Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick

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I’d LOVE daily e-mails that help keep me on track and inform me of great g=foods to eat!

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