Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Instructions ..What to Do?

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Instructions


Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Instructions

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Instructions PDF


The AdvoCare 10 day cleanse also supports improved digestion and helps in boosting the immune system.

Here are the key ingredients in the Advocare 10 Day Herbal Cleanse:

ProBiotic Restore Ultra: which gives you a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria and supports your bodies overall health and immune system during the cleanse. This is included with the herbal cleanse kit but you can also purchase this on it’s own for benefits.

Fiber Drink: Is a rich mixture of fibers your body needs to work at its best. This helps move the waste material through the digestive tract while cleaning out your intestinal tract to support improved nutrient absorption.

This is included with the herbal cleanse kit but you can also purchase this on it’s own for benefits.

You take the Fiber drink on days one through three and again on days eight through 10.

Side note:   Peaches and Cream does not thicken as much.

Herbal Cleanse Tablet: The tablets provide herbal extracts that help rid your body of the impurities that may be obstacles to achieving better health. There is also vitamin B’s to help maintain energy levels during the detox period.  You can get more details of the key ingredients of the 10 Day Cleanse click on product page.

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse instructions


Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Instructions:

  • For ages 18 and older.
  • Follow the instructions included with each Herbal Cleanse system to carefully consume the correct products each day.
  • It is important to consume a well-rounded diet while taking Herbal Cleanse.
  • Drink clear liquids such as water, herbal teas and diluted fruit juices.
  • Follow a diet rich in whole, fresh fruits and vegetables with light lunch and dinner options.
  • Avoid fried, heavy foods, junk foods and fast food.
  • Do not take thermogenics (MNS® color packets, ThermoPlus and AdvoCare Slim) when using Herbal Cleanse. All other AdvoCare products may be continued but should be taken several hours after consuming Fiber Drink.
  • Herbal Cleanse should only be used once every 90 days.

Most people experience weight loss during the cleanse but not everyone.  From the people I know who have done the cleanse, they have all experienced some kind of weight loss including myself.

*The great thing about this cleanse, is that you are not on the toilet all the time or running to the bathroom.   It is a gentle but effective cleanse and I noticed much more energy and felt less bloated. The combination of the herbal supplements does not have a harsh laxative affect, which many other cleanse products have. This is very important for a safe and effective cleanse!

*Some people may be constipated the first few days of the cleanse.  If this happens to you go ahead and take the probiotic right away, which should help. You normally start the probiotic on day 4, just take it sooner. Make sure your drinking lots of water! If this happens it is a sign that your body is scrubbing away the toxins and usually happens if your diet before the cleanse was poor.

If your considering  doing the challenge but are not sure or just want a boost for your metabolism, you can always do the Herbal Cleanse on it’s own. Purchase the 10 Day Herbal Cleanse

Well…I hope that helped explain a few things about the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Instructions and all of the health benefits you can get from it.

AdvoCare Independent Distributor,

Joanna Bostwick
Joanna Bostwick

Mother and wife who loves blogging about health and wellness. Working hard to have life on my terms! Helping one person at a time take their health back. I believe everyone has a purpose and are valuable. Mantra- Life is short, don't waste it!

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trisha - May 5, 2018

What of I miss a foseof the herbal cleanse tablets..can I take 3 for the next 2 nights? Or take it with day 11. With my first packet of man pills??

Carla - August 31, 2015

I started 24 day challenge today and forgot to take probiotic can I take now or just skip ? Also can you take thermoplus during the challenge ?

    Joanna Bostwick - September 1, 2015

    @Carla-go ahead and take the probiotic now. You can take the ThermoPlus during the MAX phase not the cleanse phase though.

Crystal - August 18, 2015

What if I forgot to take the cleanse this am. Can I take it in the evening?

    Joanna Bostwick - August 18, 2015

    The cleanse caplets are supposed to be taken at night before bed. The morning is probiotic and fiber drink.

Friend - August 11, 2015

Why is the cleanse limited to 90 days? What happens if I repeat the cleanse process earlier than that?

    Joanna Bostwick - August 11, 2015

    @friend-The cleanse is suggested every 90 days from the doctors of AdvoCare in charge of the products. I think that is the optimal time allowance but I know some people do it a little earlier and have no problems. These are just recommendations.

Tunisha - July 29, 2015

Is Edamame okay to eat for dinner?

    Joanna Bostwick - July 29, 2015

    @Tunisha-edamame is a great snack. Maybe a little light for dinner but it depends what you had the rest of the day. As long as your not hungry. This program done correctly you should not be hungry. thanks

Philip - July 26, 2015


Dayna - June 9, 2015

I am just finishing day 3 of the cleanse and I feel very bloated and constipated.. I usually have 2 glasses of pure prune juice daily to help keep things moving. Can I do this during the cleanse too to help? The only ingredients are water and prunes, for 1 cup serving is 180 cals, 25g of sugar, 42 grams of carbs and 3g of protein.

    Joanna Bostwick - June 10, 2015

    @Dayna- I talk about this in one of my posts. this can be normal if your previous diet was not so great the cleanse is working double time to remove toxins. If your on the new updated cleanse where you take the probiotic every morning, make sure your taking that by tomorrow you should be back to normal. If your on the older cleanse go ahead and take the probiotic now that you are supposed to take on day 4.
    If you purchased the OmegaPlex that comes with the 24 day challenge then go ahead and take 2 extra during the day now. This will help.
    A little prune juice should be ok but this is a normal occurrence with some people but by day 4 you should be fine!

Cathann lyon - May 17, 2015

hi, my husband and I have just started the Advocare 24day challenge and we are a little confused on the cleanse, we got the book that came with it and it shows something totally different then what other people are doing, this is my first day and I took the probiotic restore because that’s what the book said, but just watched the video on here and that’s wrong, was this ok? I was wondering if I could get the cook book for Advocare, I also understand there are coaches, are you a coach? Thank you, please reply

    Joanna Bostwick - May 17, 2015

    @Cathann Sorry for any confusion. The NEW 10 Day Cleanse system is different than some of the information on older posts. Follow the book that came with your cleanse. It is much more simple this time. You take everything everyday so no confusion. You might want to see my recent post on the New cleanse here To get the cookbook just enter your name and email on home page at the top and it will be emailed to you right away. Yes I am an AdvoCare coach. The idea behind AdvoCare is that you purchase product from a distributor that can help you meet your goals. Ask the person who you purchased from if they will coach you. If not, just email me. thanks Joanna

Janet Duet - May 13, 2015

can you send me the cookbook for 10 day Cleanse

    Joanna Bostwick - May 14, 2015

    @Janet-the cleanse and challenge friendly recipe cookbook will be emailed to you if you go to my home page and enter your email address. You will also be on the newsletter at that point but can always unsubscribe if you want. thanks.

      janis - February 22, 2018

      almost 3 year later from this blog.. do you still have the recipe cookbook? thank you

Juanita - April 29, 2015

My question is as follows: I just purchase the Herbal Cleanse and the FIBER dietary Supplement. The Fiber Supplement has ten (10) packages. When I read whats online, it is saying to take fiber supplement on day 1 thru 3 and them back days 8-10. Is this correct and what do you do with the other 4 packages of the fiber supplement.

Can you provide me with the instruction of how to do the 10 day cleanse?


    Joanna Bostwick - April 29, 2015

    @Juanita-the Herbal Fiber cleanse sstem just changed. It’s new within a few weeks old so the new guide is to take the fiber drink all 10 days, herbal cleanse supplements at night all 10 days and the probiotic every morning. It makes the whole cleanse much easier to follow. You can get more info here:

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daniela - April 4, 2015

Hello. Imm breastfeeding mom and i want to do the 24 day challenge. I checked tne list that you posted above and even when kt say that i cant take the mns, the say ok en several of the products that it brings. I only couldnt find the cardioQ and the Actotherm SR. Do you knoe which one of those it is ot recomeDed? Thanks

Teresa Kasparek - February 24, 2015

Is there any way to make the fiber drink more palatable?

    Joanna Bostwick - February 24, 2015

    You can add some orange juice to it. Also the peaches and cream is much better. You need to xhug

Maya - January 27, 2015

Why are you not supposed to take thermogenic during 10 day cleanse?

    Joanna Bostwick - January 28, 2015

    from my understanding it makes the cleanse less effective. Thanks

kathie - January 19, 2015

is this safe for chrones disease patients my daughter 24 just told me about this and am a little concerned

    Joanna Bostwick - January 19, 2015

    You really would need to contact a doctor on this. I can’t advise on that medical issue.

Eva - November 1, 2014

I’m trying to loose at least 30 lbs. I’m trying to do it the right way an eat healthy. Thanks for the cook book.

    Joanna Bostwick - November 2, 2014

    Eva-Your welcome, glad I could help! Let me know if you are interested in the 24 day challenge and my daily email coaching you will get with that. You can purchase the challenge here

      Holly - February 10, 2015

      I am interested in the 24 day challenge for weight loss. I am breast feeding. Knowing that can I still do it

      Diane Hamric - May 10, 2015

      I saw that you had provided a cookbook for the 10 day cleanse? Where can I get this?

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Tim Smith - December 3, 2013

This product has been great for the injured shoulder I have. It has ginger and tumeric in it and my chiropractor recommended I take this Digestease. Works amazingly well and tastes a whole lot better than chewing ginger root for inflammation!

    Joanna Bostwick - December 3, 2013

    Tim- Thanks for sharing! I have also heard that. It’s nice to see these products working in more ways than one!. Keep up with the healing process :)

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