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AdvoCare Cyber Monday Specials

AdvoCare Cyber Sale 2016 is HERE!! EEEKKKK!!!!

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Check out the Holiday Sales from AdvoCare for 2016!!

AdvoCare Cyber Monday SALE!

 cyber monday advocare special

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cyber monday advocare spark

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cyber monday gingerbread bars

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AdvoCare Cyber Monday Sale 2016

AdvoCare White Chocolate Peppermint Shakes!  These are AMAZING!!

cyber monday shakes

AdvoCare Cyber Monday Deals

meal replacement variety pack

The sale is going on until they sell out!!


AdvoCare Independent Distributor,

Joanna Bostwick

Creating a Simple Lean Lifestyle

Lean Life Project by AdvoCare

Some of you may have seen some new information out about this Lean Life Project

You may be asking what is it and how can I jump on board?

I’m going to break it down for you in this post!

It’s super easy and manageable and trust me when I say you will Love the results.

Here is a quick video on the overview of the Lean Life Project

lean life project guide


lean life project

Why the Lean Life Project?

  • It can be started at any point.  Some people hold off on the 24 Day Challenge because they are not ready to start the cleanse phase.
  • It’s easy to incorporate into your daily routine.  Just add the AdvoGreens, Spark, and MNS throughout your day.
  • After a couple weeks you can incorporate other add on products depending on your health goals!
  • Increase energy, strip body fat, and preserve lean muscle
  • Fit into your clothes better!
  • Because a healthy lifestyle now will prevent future health problems down the road.

How to incorporate the AdvoGreens into daily life

AdvoGreen Recipe Ideas:

advogreen recipesIn addition you can add the AdvoGreens into just about anything your making where lemon flavor would be a compliment.

I use it as a “sneaky vegetable” serving for family meals by adding it into regular recipes as well :)

Incorporating MNS into your daily routine

AdvoCare started with just MNS (Metabolic Nutrition System) and Spark.  Those 2 foundation products have been the core products that are extremely popular and changing lives even today  23 years later!

So why is MNS a great foundation?  This product gives you all of the daily nutrition you need to fill in the gaps and get your system working the way it should.

MNS and lean life project

There are 3 different MNS products.  MNS 3, C, and E.  MNS 3 is for both energy and appetite control. MNS C is for more appetite control.

MNS E is for more energy.  I usually start people on MNS 3 and then either switch or stay on from there depending on how they do.

You could also incorporate AdvoCare Core instead of the MNS.  There are some people that can be sensitive to thermogenics which is found in the MNS products so AdvoCare CORE is a great alternative.

AdvoCare Core

Just remember that the MNS is what helps more with the weight loss if that is what your looking for.

Why Spark is Such a Powerful Drink

The third product your going to add to the Lean Life Project is AdvoCare Spark!

Lean Life Project Spark

Spark is our most popular product and helps tremendously with mental focus and energy without the jitters!

Spark go me off my severe coffee addiction! and I’ve never looked back.

So try these three products together and begin living your Lean Life!!

There will be plenty of help, coaching emails, and recipe ideas from me for my customers throughout the 28 days and beyond!

Lean Life Project

Your AdvoCare Advisor,

Joanna Bostwick