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NEW Summer 24 Day Challenge Promo

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Discount

It’a almost Summer 2016 and AdvoCare just rolled out a huge promo for the super popular 24 day challenge!

The new promo is called Get Ready for Summer 2016.  Here is what you get with this AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge discount:

  • FREE Shipping on 24 Day Challenge Bundle (retail value $199) you’ll get free shipping on anything else you add to your cart as well.
  • Bonus box of Spark!  Normally the challenge comes with 2 boxes of Spark (28 servings) you will get a Canister of Spark (42 servings) AND an extra box of Spark (14 servings).  So 56 Servings instead of 28! Whoo! Hooo!

Advocare challenge promo

Watch below to see how to add promo bundle to your cart:

Get a BIGGER Discount on the 24 Day Challenge

By signing up for the distributorship you get an even bigger discount on this special!

When you sign up as an AdvoCare Distributor you pay $79 for the distributor kit which includes 3 boxes of Spark (worth $69) and your own website to then order your products at a discount.

Here are the discount levels:

Advocare Discount advocare challenge

Remember that the discount levels are calculated in the retail amount so for example if you signed up and then placed your first order from your own website for a $500 retail amount,  your actual cost would be $375 @ a 25% off discount.

If you ordered 2 challenges plus an add on product each like Catalyst, you could be at the 25% discount level.

Find a friend to do the challenge with you and your set at 25% off!  You can charge the other challenge for the retail cost $199 and profit 25%!

Get the Biggest Discount on the 24 Day Challenge

24 day challenge discount

If you’ve ever considered starting a business in AdvoCare OR you Love the products and want a 40% off discount for life, this is a Perfect time to go straight to the highest discount level called advisor.

So why would this promotion be a great time to go to the advisor level?

Well…let me tell you!  Most advisor orders consist of all 24 day challenges because that’s the easiest way to sell your advisor order quick by forming a group 24 day challenge and retailing your product.

In addition, the second most popular product in AdvoCare is Catalyst!  It’s an amazing product and the perfect add on to the 24 day challenge.

So with your advisor order you could add Catalyst to every challenge but one. (see Below an example)

The awesome part with this promo is that you would get a FREE box of Spark with every $200 retail ordered and FREE shipping which is a huge discount and be at 40% off for life!

Below is an example of an advisor order using this current discount.  The tax will vary depending on where you live.


advisor orderSo with the above order example you would purchase 13 challenge bundles, and 12 Catalyst.

That would give you just over the needed $3k in retail plus get the 15 FREE boxes of Spark not to mention your getting a canister of Spark in your bundle instead of just the 2 boxes which is a much better value.

This advisor order would be at 30% off and then every order after this one you would be at 40% off for life.  You just need to pay the annual $50 fee to stay active at the 40% but NO Minimum orders or Auto-ships!

If your interested in purchasing the advisor order you can do so HERE

Once added to your cart you can change flavors or quantities.

I Just Want the 24 Day Challenge Discount:

No problem.  If you really just want to start with the 24 day challenge and see how you like the products then you can easily do that.  Just click on circle below:

advocare challenge promo

With all of my challengers I help coach you and support you to help you hit your health goals.

Here are some of the things you can expect from me as your coach:

  • Free early morning daily emails during the challenge with directions, tips and tricks, daily recipes, and fitness tips.
  • Free Facebook private group for added support
  • Free One on One coaching through email, phone, text, or skype.

Currently to take advantage of this promo I am starting a group challenge starting on May 2nd! You need to be a customer or distributor of mine to be included in this group with all the extra coaching help above.

To be able to start by May 2nd you need to order your promo challenge by Monday April 25th to insure you get it on time to start with the group.

24 day challenge discount code

“I want to do the challenge on another date”

No problem, anytime you want to start the challenge is fine and as my customer you will still receive all the help mentioned above!

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions!  I’m happy to help.

Your AdvoCare Distributor,

Joanna Bostwick