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Advo Champion Highlight

NPC Competitor Cali Victoria Caulder

When your involved with  AdvoCare you get to meet amazing people with different backgrounds and from all walks of life.

I thought it would be fun to highlight champions and tell their story here on the blog!

Today I’m highlighting an awesome friend and fitness professional Cali Victoria Caulder! 

She is a Certified Personal Trainer and a NPC Competitor (National Physique Committee)

She is a spunky fun loving girl that goes after what she wants and has that fighter spirit that’s contagious. 


Cali and I actually met originally a few years back when she was coaching my kids soccer team.  We reconnected through Facebook a few months ago and I shared AdvoCare with her.

She immediately (and I mean immediately) caught the vision of what AdvoCare could do for her physically and financially and jumped on board!

So for this post I did a little Q and A so you could get to know this champion better!



Me: What made you decide to get into fitness?

Cali: I decided to get into fitness because I knew I wanted to better myself.  I realized that being fit could only be done by myself.  No one else can lift the weights for me and eat for me.  I also have a passion for helping others become more and reach their full potential.

Me:  When did you get started in your fitness career?

Cali:  I got started when I was 17 and walked on stage at 18 for my first figure competition. The competition was the South Carolina Excalibur NPC Figure Competition  I came in 4th place overall in that first show and it was such a highlight in my life.  I worked really hard to get there and was pleased with my showing.  I am now 19 and plan on doing 3 shows this year in 2016.


cali npc competition

Me:  What impact has AdvoCare had on your life so far?

Cali:  AdvoCare has changed my life more than I could have ever imagined.  My body is growing and I am seeing more muscles that I have never seen before. I also love sharing AdvoCare with others and am seeing the benefits with my clients as well.

I’ve only been an AdvoCare distributor since January 2016 and have been using many of the products especially the Performance Elite Line to get ready for upcoming shows and am amazed at the transformation I’m seeing in just a few short months.

This picture shows my transformation after just 4 weeks on AdvoCare products!

cali before and after advocare

I want to help change people’s lives and give them the same chance that I had to better myself.

cali and advocare

Thank you Cali for your time and for sharing your story with us.  I look forward to watching you grow in your career as a personal trainer and as an AdvoCare champion! I also can’t wait to see how you crush it in these upcoming competitions!

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Cali can help tailor workout and meal plans for her customers and distributors along with Free Coaching on products!

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You can also follow her on Instagram @ ccfitness1

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