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It’s All About the Silver Pin

AdvoCare How to Pin Silver

In this post I wanted to go into further explanation about how to pin Silver with AdvoCare!

The Silver Pin is the most important pin in AdvoCare in a lot of ways because once you hit silver you understand how all the other pins are achieved.

Getting to the Silver level is a great accomplishment in AdvoCare and it’s just the beginning of where you can go in this business.

Here is a picture of my silver pin!

advocare silver pin qualifications

So where do you start and how do you get there??

How to Become a Silver Pin Leader in AdvoCare

Step One:

Join and become an AdvoCare Distributor.  This is super easy to do.  Join for just $79 +tax and shipping.

You will receive your own website to then order products from at a discount and get 3 boxes of Spark worth $69 retail.

Step two:

Become an Advisor in AdvoCare to get to the 40% off level for life and start earning income 5 different ways.

Step Three:

Get at least one other Advisor under you in your business.

Step Four:

Under all advisors you need 3,000 in PGV (personal group volume) so you can qualify silver!

Do this 2 pay periods in a row and you Pin the Silver Pin in AdvoCare!

Here is a Slide Share presentation on How to Reach the Silver Pin in AdvoCare

Click To Join AdvoCare as a Distributor

 Here is the Income Disclosure Chart for 2014:

advocare silver pin income

So as you can see once you hit Silver Pin in AdvoCare it’s just the beginning of what can be done in this company!

AdvoCare Independent Distributor,

Joanna Bostwick