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How to Meal Prep for the 24 Day Challenge

Advocare 24 Day Challenge Meal Plan Ideas

In order to have a successful AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge you need to prepare!  

Preparation is Key!  So this post will help walk you through how to meal prep for the 24 Day Challenge.

There is no right or wrong way I guess I’m just going to show you what I do and what works for me so improvise if you need to!

24 day challenge meal plan ideas

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Meal Prep

Step 1.  Decide what meal prep containers to use.  Don’t spend too much time on this.  I went ahead and purchased containers that had 3 sections to keep the food separate and for portion control.

I got them on Amazon:

If your doing the 24 Day Challenge this can be very helpful.

Step 2.  Decide on what foods your going to add to your meal prep containers.  My suggestion is a 3 part container so you can put your protein, complex carbs, and fruit in three separate sections but that’s up to you.

Step 3.  Shop for your healthy food items.  Here is a post on grocery ideas.

Step 4. Prepare your Containers for the week.  I like to do  3-4 days at a time to keep things fresh but you can also do a week.

Step 5. Prepare your snacks and make them easily accessible whether you work at home or in an office make sure and have them handy so when your hungry you have a healthy snack to grab.

advocare 24 day challenge meal prep

Make sure and follow the 24DayChallenge-Daily-Guide for a list of food ideas and what is suggested in terms of portion sizes.

A good rule of thumb is to use a fist size portion for your protein, veggies, and fruit.

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Meal Prep Ideas


eggs- either hard boiled or made in a cupcake tin pan with veggies and egg whites

Healthy Nut Butter- put on a piece of whole grain toast or fruit

Blueberry Parfait- lowfat Greek yogurt with berries and nuts and quinoa (I suggest no dairy during cleanse phase but fine for max phase)

Healthy Energy Bites- Mix healthy nut butter, protein powder, oats, coconut oil, small amount of honey, and ground flax seed.  Make into balls and refrigerate.  Great for a snack as well!

Chicken breast
Turkey breast
Lean ground turkey
Orange roughy
Top round steak
Top sirloin steak
Lean ground beef
Lean ham
Egg whites or substitutes
Low-fat cottage cheese
Wild-game meat
Turkey Bacon


Berries- fist size

Apple Slices


Make sure if your eating fruit to put some protein with it like nuts!

Complex Carbs: fist size

Brown Rice

Whole Wheat pasta

Sweet potato
Steamed wild rice
Whole-wheat pasta
Beans (black, kidney)
Whole grains


Green beans
Green peppers
Brussels sprouts

I hope this lists gives you some ideas of how to get started Meal Preppin for the Challenge!

To Order the 24 Day Challenge or get more information please click below!

advocare Challenge

AdvoCare Independent Distributor,

Joanna Bostwick


How to Make Money as a Personal Trainer

How to Make Money as a Personal Trainer

Becoming a personal trainer can be a fun and rewarding career.  I personally have a lot of friends who are fitness trainers and they enjoy helping others and love what they do.

Over the the last 18 years my husband has run many fitness centers and I have met a lot of trainers during that time.

But I have noticed a trend in the trainers I know and meet and that is the lack of money they make for their services and having trouble scaling their business to a higher level.

So I wanted to write a post on how to make more money as a personal trainer.make money personal training

Here are some common issues that personal trainers face when looking to make money training:

  • There are only so many hours in a day to train, trading hours for dollars
  • Most hourly wages for personal training is minimal
  • Once a client leaves you, your income leaves as well
  • If you do not get your clients the results they are looking for, they may quit training
  • You have little to no control over what they put in their bodies when your not training them
  • The nutritional products your clients buy you do not get a commission from

Here are some ideas for bringing in more income as a personal trainer:

  • Have group sessions for additional revenue
  • Use a membership model if you can for monthly income
  • Specialize in weight loss or nutrition and charge additional for that
  • Create Online workout subscriptions and charge for them
  • Become an affiliate or get into direct sales of a product or products

Many of these solutions are a great way to bring in more money as a personal trainer.

For purposes of this post I’m going to talk about the last solution which is to use a direct sales model for your personal training business to answer the question, how can I make more money as a personal trainer?

Finding the Right Product to Promote

A good product to promote to clients would be one that is safe, effective, can create a nice stream of income, is consumable, and one where you can leverage your time.become a distributor

Personal Trainers and AdvoCare

Here is what I love about the AdvoCare company and how it is a perfect fit for people in the fitness industry.

  • The AdvoCare Products Work
  • The Products are Safe
  • The Products work together
  • The products are tested for banned substances through Informed Choice
  • The products are used by professionl athletes who only get paid a product allowance
  • The company has been in business since 1993
  • The company has multi million dollar marketing campaigns through sports and national television
  • You do not have to stock any product if you do not want to,  Your clients can purchase from your website and have them shipped directly to them.
  • You are making money from your clients even after they stop training with you in a number of possible ways.

So let’s break each of these down:

    1.  The AdvoCare Products Work- as a trainer you want your clients to get results and your clients want to see results.  The AdvoCare products are another tool for you to use to help them achieve what they are looking for.  Hundreds of thousands of people use AdvoCare products for many different reasons and see results whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, building their immunity, increased energy, and more.
    2. The Products are Safe- AdvoCare products are safe and effective.  They are designed by the science and medical advisory board who are comprised of some of the best and brightest doctors and scientists at the top of their field of specialty.  They are rigorously tested for product research and development. The AdvoCare company is also a part of the Counsel for Responsible Nutrition.


    1. The Products Work Together- With AdvoCare’s wide range of product lines and products you want to be reassured that the products your recommending work together like they are supposed to for the best results and highest safety.

advocare products work together

    1. The AdvoCare Products are Tested for Banned Substances- AdvoCare uses the company Informed Choice to make sure certain products are banned substance free.  They exceed industry requirements for testing adding a layer of credibility to you as a trainer.


    1. Products are Used by Many Non Paid Endorsers- Currently AdvoCare has a long list of professional athletes who get paid through product allowance.  If the Pros can use AdvoCare, you know it’s good enough for you and your clients.
    2. The AdvoCare Company was Founded in 1993-With so many new products that come and go in the fitness industry, it’s great to know that AdvoCare is not a fly by night company that will be out of business before you know it.  You can trust that when your clients use the products they can continue to use them for years to come.
    3. AdvoCare has high profile sponsorships for marketing and credibility-AdvoCare is the official sports nutrition sponsor for Major League Soccer.  AdvoCare also sponsors many high profile sporting events like opening college football games, Nascar, college basketball, and more.  This lends more credibility to you as a trainer as your clients see the AdvoCare brand associated with various professional and collegiate sports programs.


    1. Easy Ordering for Clients-AdvoCare makes it simple for your clients to order products from you.  You do not have to stock and store products if you do not want to.  Your clients can click on your AdvoCare website and have all of their products shipped to them for convenience with no monthly minimums or mandated auto ships.
    2. You can Earn Income 5 Different Ways- As an AdvoCare Advisor, you can earn income from AdvoCare 5 different ways when your clients choose to use the AdvoCare products.

earn income 5 ways advocare

You can earn income with AdvoCare through Retail Profits, Wholesale Commissions, Overrides, Leadership Bonuses, Incentive Trips and Pay-Period Bonuses!

For more information see: how you get paid through AdvoCare