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The Power of Residual Income

Network Marketing and Residual Income

According to Anthony (Tony) Robins, popular motivational speaker and business consultant, in his interview with Eric Worre from Network Marketing Pro said, the worst thing you can do that will waste your time and life is trade hours for dollars!

Have you ever thought about that?  I think  a lot of people grow up believing that we should go to high school, then college, study for some field we want to be in, and then work in that field the rest of our lives and somehow be fulfilled with that perfect job!

The reality is life doesn’t always turn out that way! Currently your lucky to even get a job after graduating college much less get a job you really like!

Earning Residual Income

Obviously there are a number of ways to earn a living in America today.  Most jobs consist of trading dollars for hours.  But what if you can take the hours you spend working and over time those hours multiply to a number far greater than an 8 hour work day.

What if your time invested was making you money down the road when maybe you were not even working as much?

This is possible with an investment business model or a residual business model like direct sales and multi level marketing.

Residual Income Through Network Marketing

residual income

So what is residual income anyway?

Here is a definition:

(also called passive, or recurring income) is income that continues to be generated after the initial effort has been expended. Compare this to what most people focus on earning: linear income, which is “one-shot” compensation or payment in the form of a fee, wage, commission or salary.

So what if there was a way to work part time with your current situation and start building your fortune?

What if you could spend 5-10 concentrated hours a week working toward debt freedom, time freedom, or just extra fun money??

This is what I am currently working on and toward with AdvoCare!  What I love about this business model is that I get paid when I help others get paid.  It’s in my best interest to help you win in order for me to win.

This isn’t a business of just signing people up and walking away!  It’s helping each person realize their dreams or aspirations in order for my dreams to come true.

help others win

The rewarding part of this business is that you do get to see others hit their goals and achieve things they want for your life and it’s such a blessing to be a part of this.

It’s a Simple concept but is not always Easy!  Is there work involved?….Yes!

Do you have to stretch yourself out of your comfort zone?……Yes!

Will people say NO?……Yes!

Will it be Worth it?…….Yes!

Imagine having a team of people all working toward the common good of helping others and even while your sleeping or on vacation you still get paid.

It’s similar to royalties in a way.  You get a portion of what other people buy and sell.  As they grow, you grow.

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