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How to Have an Online Mixer

So what is an

AdvoCare Mixer?

advocare mixer

So you may be asking what is a mixer anyway??

A mixer is where a group of people get together to hear about AdvoCare and see if AdvoCare would be a fit for them in their life.

A mixer usually opens with Spark!

Whoever hosts the mixer at a home, gym, club house, or any place to have a gathering of people, usually will share Spark so people can sample one of the most popular products AdvoCare makes!

A mixer in general is an AdvoCare get together where people share their story about their relationship with AdvoCare and how AdvoCare has helped them whether it be financially, health wise, weight loss, etc…

Then usually a video or slide presentation is shown to give people an overall view of what the AdvoCare company is and then show the different relationships you can have with AdvoCare.

Here are the 4 Ways to get involved with AdvoCare:

Mixers in person are very powerful because people can try the Spark, hold the Impact magazines, talk face to face with other people and hear the stories live.

Sometimes there may not be mixers where you are located so an optional way to run a mixer is to do it online whether you record a live mixer that is going on in a house or make your own mixer to share.

AdvoCare Online Mixer

It’s simple…There are a number of tools you can use to record an online mixer and share AdvoCare over the internet.  Many of the tools are free or have a free trial.

You can have an AdvoCare mixer presentation using:

1. Google Hangouts

2. Join.Me

3. Any Meeting

4. Screen Cast Omatic

Each of those websites you can go to and read through how to use their tools and record your slideshow or video.

I personally use Screen Cast Omatic for my first online AdvoCare Mixer and just recorded my screen while going through my slides and sharing the AdvoCare mixer information.

Here is my AdvoCare Mixer Online:

If you have any questions about AdvoCare or how you would like to get involved with AdvoCare, leave a comment below, message me on Facebook, or email me at

AdvoCare Independent Distributor,

Joanna Bostwick