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New Distributors Start Here!

Welcome to Advocare!


OK so now that you’ve signed up as a distributor and are ready to get started earning income, where do you start?

Step 1.  Understand that you are part of a bigger team of people that will help you IF you want help. The larger team you and I are on is called team next level.  You can find out more information at

This is also a great resource for training.

Some people are distributors for the discount on products and that’s fine.  I’m talking to the people who want to start earning extra income or want to get to Advisor to get 40% off products.

Make sure you read the post What is Advocare? and go through the slide share presentation carefully to get a general sense of the company and how you can earn income.

Step 2.  Focus in on getting to Advisor so that you can earn the full 40%!

See my post on How to Become an Advocare Advisor which was part of of the slide share in step one but with more information throughout the post.  This pdf How to Get to Advisor will help as well to print out and go over in detail.

Step 3.  Earn a $500 Rookie Bonus!  

So what is a Rookie Bonus and how can you earn one?  This is an awesome way to get your business going fast and put cash in your pocket.  The Rookie Bonus video will describe in more detail how to earn this.

Step 4.  Follow the Distributor Game Plan 

Your back office has tons of getting started training videos and workbooks to print out. Start by watching the videos and checking off what you

Step 5.  How to Reach Silver Pin

On this same site you can watch the video on how to reach the first level in Advocare which is Silver.  Following along is a Silver Pin PDF   At this 1st level you are making an average of $1000 a month.

Step 6.  Do the 24 Day Challenge!

It’s hard to talk to people about products that you have not tried!  Besides that, you need to believe in what your promoting or you will not sell anything.  Starting with the 24 Day Challenge is the best place to begin if you have not done the challenge yet.  Almost everyone can take the challenge.

Now that your a distributor, order the challenge through your own website that you received when you signed up as a distributor so you can get the discount!

You can find a ton of information on my site about the 24 Day Challenge.  Here are a few posts to start with:

1. Advocare 24 Day Challenge FAQ

2.  24 Day Challenge Instructions

3.  Start the Advocare 24 Day Challenge

I hope this post will help you get started.  As always I’m available for questions and support if needed!

Joanna Bostwick