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Advocare NightTime Recovery

Advocare NightTime Recovery

Help Build Muscle While You Sleep

What can Nighttime Recovery do for you?

You know that sore feeling you get from working out? It’s damage; exercise damages our muscles! That’s right, contrary to what we may think, the time spent in the gym does not grow our muscles. Your muscles are growing when you’re sleeping! The rest we get after we leave the gym is the crucial. Why not enhance your sleep with AdvoCare Nighttime Recovery? Nighttime Recovery gives your muscles extra support when they are repairing themselves at night. Adequate protein is essential to rebuilding and repairing the tiny tears in muscles that come from working out. Advocare Nighttime Recovery is formulated with amino acids, herbal extracts, and minerals that support you body’s natural repair process.

nighttime recovery

When we are sleeping, our bodies are hard at work. Proteins, hormones, and other vitamins are working hard to repair muscles that have been broken down by use. Whether you are working out trying to grow your guns to the next level or if you’re just trying to look a little better in your bathing suit, you have to support whatever level of rebuilding is happening. This process happens every night. Why not support it? AdvoCare Nighttime Recovery is taken right before bed so that all of its beneficial ingredients are there when you need them.

Herbal extracts fight inflammation so muscles are not sore. If your muscles are sore, you probably will be a little reluctant next time you go to work out! Muscles get slightly inflamed after a workout; it’s your body’s natural response to injury (the torn muscle). Ashwagandha and Wild Yam Extracts work like natural ibuprofen to reduce inflammation. Everybody loves the feeling of a good hard workout, but nobody likes the sore muscles.

Do you know that our muscle mass starts to decrease as we age? Some experts say we begin losing muscle as early as 25! It probably doesn’t become noticeable till we are 50 or 60. Part of the reason for this decline is our hormones which have a huge effect on growing muscles. Testosterone and other hormones like Growth Hormone (IGF-1) and Insulin help our muscles recover and grow; as we age, our bodies produce less and less of them so the muscles can’t rebuild and wither instead. Yes ladies we produce testosterone, too; and our levels do decline as we age!

Even if you aren’t trying to build big muscles, AdvoCare Nighttime Recovery will help you keep more muscle if you are getting older. Nighttime Recovery contains maca; a hormone stimulator! Maca root is not a hormone and doesn’t make hormones; it fuels the glands that produce hormones. This ancient Peruvian superfood supports the pituitary and hypothalamus glands to balance hormones. When your body produces enough hormones to support muscle recovery, you hold on to much more of your muscles.

Maca nighttime recovery

Maca is just one of three ingredients that work on your hormones. Most muscle enthusiasts say that taking control of the recovery process is crucial to building muscle. This includes balancing hormones! It may come as a bit of a surprise that hormones have such a big effect on our muscles, but understanding that they do play a role and that you can fix imbalance and decline can make a big difference.

Nighttime Recovery can be used seamlessly with other Advocare products. Muscle Gain is a great product to take when your trying to build lean muscle.  The Advocare Performance Elite Line will take your workouts to the next level.

A good night’s rest is indispensable when your body needs to repair muscle; give your body what it wants when it wants it. Follow the guide on the bottle of AdvoCare Nighttime Recovery to determine the right dose for you.

Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick


Advocare Muscle Gain Review

 Why Take Advocare Muscle Gain?

Are you trying to build muscle? Your body needs protein to make muscles. You could eat more to get more protein in your diet or you can just add the protein you need in a delicious shake. AdvoCare Muscle Gain is more than just a protein shake, it has the vitamins and minerals you need to build strong muscles.

Why Muscle Gain is Better

The key difference between AdvoCare Muscle Gain and the tons of other protein powders on the market is the quality of protein. Muscle Gain contains 25 grams of high-quality whey protein; some other protein shakes out there contain low-quality protein that is hard to digest. When your body can’t digest this protein you get bloated and your muscles can’t even use it!

AdvoCare Muscle Gain contains extra digestive enzymes to help break the proteins down. If protein is absorbed without being broken down you might develop food allergies. Your body recognizes the protein as a foreign substance.

There are 20 amino acids; our bodies can make 11 and that means we have to ingest the other 9. These are the essential proteins. Foods or protein sources that contain all 9 of the essential amino acids are considered complete. High- quality protein is also called a complete protein. Incomplete proteins are kind of like a puzzle that’s missing a piece. The puzzle will wait around in your body all day for its missing piece; if you don’t eat it the puzzle just crumbles. When this happens your muscles get nothing!

AdvoCare Muscle Gain contains 25 grams of complete protein per serving!

About a third of your calories in a day should come from protein; the CDC recommends 46g per day for women and 56g for men. Of course if you are trying to build muscles you should ingest more protein; bodybuilders and athletes need about 20-30% more.

Muscle Gain Recipes

It’s hard to get extra protein without getting all that extra fat and calories; 2 scoops of AdvoCare chocolate or vanilla Muscle Gain has only 2 grams of fat and 150 or less calories. It can be mixed it with water or milk; or you can put it your blender with fresh fruit and ice or frozen fruit for a cool smoothie. Try the chocolate blended with a frozen ripe banana and a spoonful of peanut butter!

muscle gain and peanut butter



Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Sludge:

muscle gain recipes


  • 1 Scoop chocolate AdvoCare Muscle Gain
  • 2 TB PB2 (powdered peanut butter) or you can swap this out for 1 TB natural peanut butter
  • 2 TB unsweetened baking cocoa
  • Stevia to taste
  • 1 TB Nevada Manna sugar-free chocolate chips (optional)

Now comes the tricky part… you have all these weird ingredients that don’t seem to be mixing right? So obviously, you’re going to want to add water. BUT, my recommendation is to do this one tablespoon at a time. If this is your first rodeo, the tablespoon method is the way to go! Otherwise you’re likely to end up with a big goopy mess! I use very little water and mix mine to an extremely thick, cookie-dough-batter consistency. Once it’s mixed, pop it in the freezer for 15-30 minutes (the longer you leave it, the thicker it gets.. I opt for 30 minutes!). recipe from Savannah Rose Neveux

AdvoCare Muscle Gain Bars:

muscle gain bars

Advocare Muscle Gain Bars

2 C Advocare Chocolate Muscle Gain

2 C Organic Old Fashioned Oats *

1 1/2 C Chocolate PB2 *

1 C Water *16 oz Almond Butter *

1/2 C Unsweetened Organic Coconut *

1/4 C Golden Flax Meal

Directions: Spread into pan, cut and freeze. Yum!!

AdvoCare Muscle Gain has more than just protein; a 2 scoop serving contains high amounts of B vitamins which help to restore your energy after a workout. With just one serving of Muscle Gain, you’ll get over a third of your daily calcium.

With Muscle Gain protein powder you will also get 60% of your recommended daily requirement of vitamin C. We know vitamin C is good to take to boost your immune system to help you fight off a cold, but did you know that vitamin C helps to repair and rebuild muscles after a workout? Vitamin C also helps to build stronger walls in your blood vessels. It also joins the enzymes in helping break down the proteins for easy digestion.

Muscle Gain is great for after a workout. Complete proteins, vitamin C, and calcium help repair and rebuild your muscles after you do light exercise like cardio or an exercise class. B vitamins help to restore your energy while keeping you focused.

When to Take Muscle Gain

performance elite timeline


 Take muscle gain about an hour before a strenuous workout lifting heavy weights so your muscles get the immediate benefits of protein and endurance. The Performance Elite Timeline shows you how to use Muscle Gain with other AdvoCare products.

The intensity of your workouts will dictate how to combine AdvoCare products to get the best results for your fitness goals. AdvoCare Muscle Gain helps to build lean muscle; how much muscle you build is up to you!  Muscle gain is also a great product to add in while doing the 24 day challenge to get extra protein in your day as well.

Muscle Gain Reviews

I love muscle gain!  This is an amazing product that not only helps in building lean muscle but aids in weight loss as well.  I add this to a lot of things like peanut butter, yogurt, cottage cheese, and smoothies. It’s a yummy way to get your protein in.

AdvoCare Muscle Gain Nutritional Facts:

advocare muscle gain nutritional info

AdvoCare Independent Distributor,

Joanna Bostwick