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24 Day Challenge-Real People, Real Results

24 Day Challenge Case Study 

24 day challenge before and after

Meet Millie!  She is an 18 year old high school senior, getting ready to graduate and go off to college.  Here are some of the questions I asked Millie before, during, and after the 24 Day Challenge and compiled all of the answers here in this post.

The 24 Day Challenge Case Study:

Me: Millie I think it is great that you want to start the challenge.  Tell me the main reason why you believe you should do the 24 Day Challenge and have you ever done it before?

Millie: I have always struggled with my weight and part of that is because the “starve yourself” diets do not work.  So I read a lot about Advocare and the 24 Day Challenge and everyone said it wasn’t a diet, it was just something that I needed to do for my body.  So I jumped on the 24 Day Challenge and I wish I would have found Advocare sooner because it changed my life.

Me: How much weight would you like to lose on the 24 Day Challenge?

Millie: My initial goal was 20 pounds

Me: So, you have started the challenge and are a couple days into it.  What do you think so far?

Millie: I was sketchy at first, like on the first three days or so, but day four really hit me because I started feeling better and I was finally going to the restroom on a regular basis:)

Me: Now that you’ve finished the cleanse phase how do you feel, and what results if any are you seeing?

Millie: My clothes fit better, my face is thinner, I am going to the bathroom everyday (Which was a HUGE deal for me) and I just felt more energized.

Me:  Your on the MAX phase with the supplements now, how are you doing with the supplements, and what if any tips would you give someone on the 24 Day Challenge at this point?

Millie: My advice would be to just plan out your day! I always had everything laying out so I remembered to take all of my supplements at the correct time.  The MNS is awesome:) Makes me feel better than I ever have

Me:  You finished the Challenge! YAY!  How much weight did you lose over all and how many inches?

Millie: I lost 11 pounds (But gained muscle) and 5 inches:)

Me: How was the support that you received from me during your challenge time?

Millie: The support was great! Between you and Tim, I never felt alone and I think that was HUGE in me being successful.

Me:  Do you feel that you can maintain this weight loss and how are you doing that?

Millie: Yes! I have lost 14 pounds total now.  I had to work really hard at maintaining my weight the 2 weeks after my challenge because my prom dress was already too big! So now I am back to my goal of 20 pounds! only 6 more to go and then i’ll have to come up with a new goal!

Me:  I know that you are also an Advocare  business builder and have already made some great strides in your business.  What were your reasons for deciding to be an Advocare distributor?

Millie: The biggest reason I initally became an Advocare distributor was because I wanted the discounts on the amazing products, but then I saw the business opportunity as a way to help me pay for college! So I am trying to build my business so hopefully I can graduate college debt free:)

Me: I think it’s awesome that you will be without a doubt one of the few college students graduating debt free and not working full time to pay for classes!  Thank you for the interview and allowing us to get an inside look at your progress along the way.  You looked amazing in your prom dress by the way! Where can people find you if they have more questions for you?

Millie: They can contact me any time at my email or even better, just send me a text or call me at 937-726-5847.  They can also go to my blog for updates and more information.  It’s

millies promAre you ready to take the Challenge?  Sometimes you have to take a step of courage, believe in yourself, and know that you are worth it!

Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick

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How to Start a Successful Blog

So you want to start a blog about your business products?  In this post I am going to show you step by step how to start a blog and get your name and business out there for others to find you.

To Start a Successful Blog is not hard.  Follow the steps below to get your blog up and going.

Blogging does not have to be expensive or hard to start, you just have to know how to start.  A blog can not only improve you business but can change your life.

Once your blog gets successful, the time freedom and money can be life changing to do what you want when you want to and spend time with those you love.

Why Free Blogs Are Not a Good idea…

There are a lot of free blogging services out there that sound great but have many issues if you really want to make money blogging.

First off: Your not able to arrange free blogs the way you want. A lot of time you have to have ads on your blog you do not want, restrictions on styling your blog in certain colors or themes. I could go on and on.

With the price of blog servicing being so inexpensive these days it just makes sense to to use one where you can have your blog the way you want with or with out ads, larger bandwidth, etc..

Secondly: A hacker can get into your blog a lot easier with a free blog over paid for services.  Unfortunately when yo haven’t paid for a blog service, customer service will be little to non existent.  Especially when you need help the most, free blogs just don’t cut it.

Thirdly: Because you are in effect renting space using a free blog service, you can get shut down for any reason they see fit.  Yes this does happen a lot.  Years of hard work can be gone because it was really not your blog to begin with.  This is a business so you want to make sure you own it.  Your the one putting together the information and spending time getting your blog seen, you need to protect it.

So let’s get started and

start a successful blog!

Step One.

Pick Out Your Domain Name

The domain name of this blog is  I would definitely use .com whenever possible unless your going for another country or something you would use a national extension.

Everyone recognizes .com and it is the most popular so don’t limit yourself.  Stick to .com

Don’t spend forever on this step but you do want to be happy with your choice.  For the AdvoCare business in particular  you can not have the word AdvoCare in the domain name.

Step Two. 

Pick a Web Hosting Service

This is an important decision because you want to be happy with what they can offer you.  They provide the online storage that your blog will need.  This also allows potential customers and visitors to access you blog.

I have tried a few different host services but really like iPage.  Their customer service has always been great.  Any time I have an issue or a question they are right there to answer.  They also have gone above and beyond at times when I have had software or WordPress issues that they did not have to help me with but did.

ipage has a new Worpress Essentials package that gives you great service, speed, and extra security.  I moved to this and  have been very pleased with the program and call whenever I have a WordPress question.  They answer right away and help with everything!  I have been very happy with them.  They understand WordPress.

ipage essentials

iPage  link will get you a discount on your hosting page.

 Step Three:

Get Your Blog Set Up!

Click on the link to get to the iPage home page.

SCROLL DOWN to the bottom on the bottom left where is says BLOGGING- WordPress Hosting


ipage bottomClick on the WP Essential Sign Up Now Button

Now let’s follow this training video and the steps below:

Next See if your domain is available:  If the domain name you want is not available you can go with one of the suggested domain names they will show you or see if there is something else you could use.

choose a domain

Next you will enter in your billing information shown below:

ipage billing

Choose your account length:  iPage is flexible so you can select from 12,24,and 36 months of hosting.  I would start with 12 months.

ipage account length

Step 4.  Installing WordPress

Now you can install WordPress which is the blogging platform I would suggest. From your dashboard go to My Installs.  Here is a training video showing you how to set up WordPress along with pictures and steps below.









Step 5.  Picking a Theme

Ok-Now it’s time to set up your Theme!

Which theme do you want?  I personally use Thesis.  This is my affiliate link in case your interested.

The Thesis Theme for WordPress

I like the way it looks and on top of that the theme is fast loading and has added options that make it easier for search engines to find you.  There is a learning curve to this theme though so keep that in mind.

I also use the byobwebsite that teaches you how to customize Thesis:


There are many other themes including free themes to check out.

If you log into your new wordpress site now you can click on the add theme button and pick one.

Try and pick a theme that can be seen well on phones, tablets, and desktops.  These are called responsive themes.

There are thousands of themes to choose from.  Check out the different WordPress Themes.

Through the WordPress Essentials Package they also have themes for you to pick.

First:  Go into your back office and click on Appearance and then Themes. As Shown below.


Starting a blog


Next Click on Add New

picking wordpress themes


Here you can search for a theme you have been looking at or a topic you’d like to search for.


starting a blog


Pick a theme and then click on install now.


installing word press themes

Or you can upload a theme you had already saved.



If you have uploaded a theme already, you can activate the theme by hitting the activate button after you found the file on your computer and installed it.


installing themes


Now that you have your theme installed you are ready to start putting content on your blog and start blogging!

You can use your blog to advertise your business.

*Note-My business builders who are distributors under me get much more additional Free training and support with their  marketing efforts.  Click if your interested in partnering with me!

For more information see my Partner in Advocare page.

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Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick



Welcome Business Builders!

Welcome Team!

This page will be dedicated to my Advocare team members who are wanting to use Blogging as part of their business building strategy.  This is a password protected page so please only give this to Advocare business builders in your team who are interested in blogging.

If you have business builders in your group that you would like to have access to this training.  Make sure and give me their email so I can add them to the member site.  Send it to me at

I will be adding new content and upcoming webinars as we move forward.

Part 1 of 24days2skinny Blogging Academy

Here is a link for the slides in PDF for this:

24days2skinny Blogging Academy Part 1

Next lesson:

Part 2- How to Set Up Your Blog and Planning Your Blog Strategically

part 2 blogging academy PDF

Links for Part 2:  Start a Successful Blog

YouTube Video on:  Change your Microsite Domain name in Advocare

Aweber Auto Responder

Part 3 What’s Your POP?? Password: 24days!

Blogging Academy Part 3 from Joanna Bostwick on Vimeo.

Links for Part 3:  Blogging Academy Part 3 PDF

Keyword planner more information:

Google Keyword Planner explained

Longtail Pro Platinum Software

Part 4- How to get Google to fall in Love with your blog!

Links for Part 4: blogging academy part 4 PDF

More training in other posts to come!

Joanna Bostwick

How the 24 Day Challenge Helped Tim Lose 80 Pounds!

I wanted to show you an interview of another team member who is a great leader in Advocare, Tim Smith.  Tim really cares about people and their health.  I’m happy to be a part of his team and he not only helps me, but all of my team as well.  This is Part 1

24 Day Challenge Review

With Tim Smith


Thanks Tim for the interview.  I’m glad I get to give people a glimpse of what’s possible with the 24 Day Challenge!

Real people with real stories about how the 24 Day Challenge changed their life.

Here is a before and after picture of Tim.  Since this picture he has lost an additional 10 pounds and inches for a total of 80 pounds lost.

24 day challenge weight loss

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Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick

*NEW-Daily early morning coaching emails throughout the 24 Day Challenge or 10 Day Cleanse! Each email has recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus snack ideas!  You’ll get daily instructions and tips you won’t find anywhere else.  Available only for people who purchase through my shop!


How To Sell Advocare

Want to sell Advocare?

You may be asking yourself now that your a distributor, how do I sell AdvoCare?

If you wanted to learn more about how to get involved with Advocare to start making money with AdvoCare, you need to read my post on How to Become an Advocare Distributor

After you join Advocare as a distributor, your going to need to know:

How to Sell AdvoCare….

selling advocare

First off Advocare is a Direct Sales company.  You can not buy Advocare products in stores and your not to buy them from anyone except an authorized Advocare independent distributor.

There are a number of ways concerning how to sell Advocare.  Like any Direct Selling company you need to be able to sell the products in order to make money.  Let’s look at some of the ways you can sell Advocare:

1.  Tell Friends and Family- This is a popular selling technique which leaves some people a  little uneasy.  There is nothing wrong with telling people you know and family members about your new business.  In fact many people grow large organizations through this technique just be tactful about it and don’t bug them to death!

2.  Have Home Parties or Mixers-This is another popular selling strategy with Advocare.  The home parties that are talked about in the Advocare business are called “mixers“.  This is a where a group of people get together at someone’s house or meeting space and Advocare leaders will discuss the business, share testimonies, and train people about the products.

Mixers are a great way to connect with others and learn more about the Advocare company.

3.  Three Way Calls-There is something about third party credibility that helps people connect with the business and product value.  Especially if there are questions that your not sure about or just want another person on the phone with you to help validate what your saying, three ways calls can be very effective.

4. Social Media- This is getting more popular as social media is everywhere and we are finding more and more ways to connect with people.

There are many social media techniques and strategies that can bring you a lot of leads and interest into your business.

5. Online Marketing- First off let me just say that there are hundreds of strategies inside this one topic of online marketing, but I am going to focus this article on what I do which is Blogging!

Not everyone wants to or has a desire to start a blog but it can be a great tool in today’s high tech world to reach the masses.

There are thousands of people searching online for information about Advocare.  Why not tap into that source and give them the answers they are looking for?

blog letters

How to Sell Advocare Online… What You Can Not Do:

  • You can not use the word Advocare in your domain name
  • You can not sell products anywhere except your microsite they give you when you join
  • You Can’t sell Advocare on Ebay or Amazon or any other site other than online store
  • You Need to Show People you are an Independent Advocare Distributor on Your site

How I sell Advocare and What I Love About Blogging:

I have been blogging now for a number of months and really enjoy it.  I like connecting with others people I have never met before and reaching an audience I would not be able to reach in my local town.

Although I do talk to friends and family members that know me well and want in on what I am doing, I personally think that you can grow your business much faster by using both online and offline techniques together.

In addition, many people do not feel comfortable selling to friends and family and don’t always have time for mixers. Sharing Advocare online can be very valuable.

Believe it or not people come to you, you don’t chase them down.  Yes you have to know ways to get people to your blog, but once you start attracting people, if they feel a connection with you, they want to be a part of your team.

How Should You Sell Advocare?

This of course it’s a personal opinion.  If you decide to partner with me, we can discuss how you would like to promote Advocare and I can help you in whatever way you decide.

Blogging is not the only online strategy, but it is one way that I teach my team members who want to learn.  What you will get with me as your Advocare Sponsor:

  • Support with product questions
  • Help with Building Your Online Presence
  • Step by Step actions you can take to get started.
  • Three Way Calls for Credibility
  • Connecting you with Mixers in your area
  • Private Facebook Group for support
  • and more….

If your ready to start a REAL Online or Offline business, I am ready to help!

Join as an Independent Distributor for only $59!

Yes, Joanna I’m Ready to Get Started!