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Advocare OmegaPlex vs Fish Oil What’s the Difference?

Advocare OmegaPlex

is one of the most popular products sold by Advocare.

With the number of Omega 3 products on the market it’s smart to know which products have the quality of ingredients stated on the bottle.

This is not just another fish oil pill!

There are many benefits of Advocare OmegaPlex

You can find out some of the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids according to

According to AdvoCare concerning OmegaPlex here are some of the benefits:

  • plays an important role in the transport of nutrients*
  • It helps support normal blood flow*
  • Omega 3 promotes cardiovascular health in combination with a healthy diet and exercise*
  • Omega 3 help promote a healthy metabolism*

advocare omegaplex

OmegaPlex Reviews

All Omega-3’s are not created equal.

Advocare OmegaPlex what’s the benefit?

While other Omega 3 supplements contain only EPA or DHA, OmegaPlex has both of these omega 3’s in the right proportions for maximum benefit.

EPA is beneficial in the body for healthy for hormone like compounds and important regulators of the vital body functions.

DHA is vital for health of the nerve tissues in the brain, eyes, and retina.

Because so few of us eat the amount of fish needed to obtain this level of Omega 3 benefit, a quality supplement is highly recommended for most people.

In order to make sure your getting the nutrition you need, it is important to get a supplement that meets industry, safety, and purity standards and also balance the EPA and DHA effectively.

Each serving of OmegaPlex has a concentrate of 1,000 mg long-chain Omega 3 fatty acids.  This is comprised of 600 mg EPA and 400 mg of DHA.  The nutritional benefit of OmegaPlex is paramount for core nutrition.  This supplement helps transport nutrients, maintain healthy skin, and the support a healthy immune system.

advocare omegaplex

The Advocare OmegaPlex is one of the products inside the 24 Day Challenge bundle.

For more information on OmegaPlex you can download the OmegaPlex pdf

Click to find out more information on The Advocare 24 Day Challenge which includes the OmegaPlex and how the 24 Day challenge works.

Personally this is a product I use daily. This is a core nutritional product.

NO FISH taste or burping up fish taste or smell that other products can give period!

AdvoCare Independent Distributor,

Joanna Bostwick

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Advocare Spark… What you should know!

One of my favorite AdvoCare products:

Advocare Spark

what is it? and why is it So Good?!

I made an info graphic giving some more information about the Advocare Spark energy drink.

Spark is just one of those products that people love!

With 4 kids,  it can be tiring just day to day getting things done making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be etc…

Spark just gives me that extra boost to get my day going and then again in the afternoon when I’m picking up  the kiddos.

Need mental focus?!?  Spark is your drink!!

The combination of vitamins makes Spark MORE than just an energy drink.

It’s a Mental Focus drink!!!  LOVE this aspect!!!

Right now my favorite flavor is Blue Raspberry Spark.  I only drink it with fizzy water.  LOVE the fizz.  It tastes like a yummy soda without the sugar :)

blue raspberry Spark

I’ve had a number of friends quit their diet soda and regular soda addictions and switched to Spark. They also have had some weight loss as a bonus. :)

Take a look at my Spark Advocare info graphic and let me know what you think.  It took a lot longer than I thought to put this thing together but it was fun learning how to make one. This was my first one so go easy…

So here it is:

advocare spark

AdvoCare Spark Flavors

Currently here are all of the Spark flavors:

Blue Raspberry



Fruit Punch



Mandarin Orange

Mango Strawberry

Pink Lemonade

Spark on the Go Only 15 Calories!

I love the new on the go packets of Spark.  It makes it so much easier now to pour your Spark into a water bottle!! Almost all of the flavors are now in the new on the go packets!Spark Box

All in all I think this is a great product. In comparison to other sugary, low vitamin drinks out there Spark is an excellent alternative.  Plus it tastes Awesome!

Spark and Weight Loss

Can you lose weight with Spark?

Spark is an excellent product to use while trying to lose weight.  By giving your body the energy you need this helps with weight loss.

There is caffeine in Spark and the caffeine also aids in staving off hunger and therefore helps in weight loss.

The amino acids and B vitamins in Spark also help with weight loss and not feeling hungry.

*I personally notice a difference in my hunger level while on Spark.  Because it has a sweet taste, I also opt for a Spark instead of a sugary drink or dessert.

Buy Advocare Spark

If you are interested in purchasing Spark you can click on the link below that will take you to my store.

Where to Buy Spark

You can also read my updated and in depth AdvoCare Spark Review  post.

What’s your favorite flavor?  Do you have any Spark recipes?

 Get Spark!

AdvoCare Independent Distributor,

Joanna Bostwick

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

24 Day Challenge Instructions What to Do?

The Advocare 24 Day Challenge Instructions

Here is an easy to follow Instructions post for the 24 Day Challenge program.

Updated 24 Day Challenge Guide Book

All In 24 Day Challenge 2017 Sale with Free Shipping and extra Goodies Go HERE

You can watch the quick video below or Click Here to my shop.

If you don’t want to read you can see the Video Overview of this post Entitled AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Instructions:

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Instructions

Step 1.  Buy the 24 Day Challenge Program!- If you have not purchased the 24 Day challenge kit then that’s your first step.  The NEW easy to follow Build Your Own Bundle page makes it simple to get the customized products you need.

Here is a Slide Share presentation showing you step by step program and how to build the bundle.

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Instructions from Joanna Bostwick

Step 2.  24 Day Challenge Food Guide:  You may want to get some food items ready and available before your challenge arrives.  It’s always a good idea to at least make a list of some dinner and lunch ideas so your more prepared.  You can always follow my Pinterest Advocare 24 Day Challenge recipe board.

Here is a general AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Eating Guide:  Advocare Instructions

24 Day Challenge Instructions


  • Every Day on the program you are going to have 3 servings of protein roughly 4-6 oz in size.

Protein Ideas: Chicken Breast, Eggs, Game (bison, buffalo, elk, etc.),Ground Beef or Turkey (93% lean at least), Lean Fish (tilapia, red snapper, cod, etc.), Salmon, Tofu, Tuna (fresh or packed), Turkey Breast.

Advocare Meal Replacement Shakes, Muscle Gain, and PRO 20 are all good protein sources as well.


  • Next you are going to have 2 servings of vegetables for lunch and dinner. (1 cup raw or cooked or 2 cups leafy greens)

Veggie Ideas: Asparagus, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cauliflower, Celery, Cucumber, Eggplant, Green Beans, Onion, Peppers, Salad Greens, Tomato, and Zucchini/Squash

Complex Carbs

  • You also need your Complex Carbs 2 Servings/ 1 Additional if needed:

Beans, Lentils, Oatmeal, Quinoa, Potatoes (any variety), Whole Grains (rice, pasta, or bread)


  • Your going to have 3 Snacks a Day

program Snack ideas:

Healthy Fats Snacks (in moderation) Avocado, Nut Butter (no added sugar, oil, or salt), Nuts or Seeds (raw or roasted-no added sugar, oil, or salt)

Other Snacks: Advobars, Muscle Gain, Pro 20, Edamame, and Hummus.

Fruit: You can have fruit as a snack or for part of your breakfast or both.  Fruit Ideas are:  Apple, Banana, berries, grapes, kiwi, mango,melon, pear, and citrus fruits.

Try not to eat too many fruits as snacks and with breakfast.  Make sure you get those protein snacks in there as well.  If you can eat protein with every snack that is optimal or take the optional Catalyst.

Limit or Avoid: Soda (including Diet), Candy, Fried Food, Processed Food, White Flour, Partially hydrogenated oils, sugar, creamy sauces,high calorie dressings, and alcohol.

Step 3.  Pre-Measurements and Weigh in  AdvoCare  24Day-Measurements Sheet

Step 4.  The Cleanse Phase Day’s 1-10          24 Day Challenge Instructions

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Instruction.

Here is the overview of the cleanse program:  Drink Plenty of Water!

*(full instructions are also provided in the cleanse box)

Take your Herbal Cleanse Caplets on days 1-10 before bed.

Take your ProBiotic Restore Ultra on days 1-10  30 minutes before breakfast.

Throughout the entire 24 Days you will be taking the OmegaPlex with Dinner

Make sure and stay active throughout the cleanse phase and I can’t emphasize enough about the water!

Step 5.  The MAX Phase Days 11-24                                                            24 Day Challenge instructions

  • 30 minutes before breakfast you will be taking you MNS Color Pack with Spark
  • Breakfast will be your Meal Replacement Shakes
  • 30 Minutes before lunch take the other MNS color pack
  • Lunch time take the MNS White Packs
  • Continue the OmegaPlex at Dinner

*If you have trouble taking supplements on an empty stomach you can take a bite of breakfast or lunch then take the MNS packs and finish your meal.

Daily eating during this phase is pretty much the same except for breakfast you are drinking the Meal Replacement Shakes.

Helpful Print Outs:

For a printable version of steps 2,3,4,and 5 print the 24 Day Challenge Guide Book

(this book does come with the 24 day challenge)

24-Day-Challenge-Cookbook for additional recipes during the challenge.

MNS Max 3 Product Page which gives you an idea of what the packets for days 11-24 look like.

Step 6.  Post Measurements and weigh in   .24Day-Measurements Print Out for before and after measurements

Step 7. AFTER the AdvoCare Challenge program!  This is an important time to get with myself or your health coach and go over the goals you met and the goals you would like to still meet.

I hope these AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Instructions were helpful and give you an idea of what the 24 Day Challenge is and what to expect.

*NEW-Daily early morning coaching emails throughout the 24 Day Challenge or 10 Day Cleanse! Each email has recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus snack ideas!  You’ll get daily instructions and tips you won’t find anywhere else.  Available only for people who purchase through my shop!

Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick


What is Advocare?


What is Advocare? or

How Does Advocare Work?

This slide-share is a great presentation of the overall Advocare business and how the income opportunity works.

What is AdvoCare

  1. The slide presentation goes over how Advocare started and what the company was founded on.
  2. It also goes over the average American family and the debt they are in.  Advocare has a great free resource for all distributors called Debt Busters.  It is a program that helps you get out of debt.
  3. Then the Science behind the products and shows the medical and advisory board.
  4. Next is Endorsers and how Advocare has hundreds of endorsers that use and promote the Advocare products.
  5. There are 4 different ways to have a relationship with Advocare: Retail, Wholesale,Distributor, and Advisor.
  6. There are 5 ways to earn income through Advocare. Only Advisors can earn all 5 ways but distributors can still earn from retail and wholesale earnings.
  7. There are many benefits in joining Advocare
  8. There are different entry levels to join
  9. There are a couple different ways to the Advisor level
  10. The New Rookie Bonus gives new Advisors a way to make $500 quickly in Advocare.
  11. You can achieve certain levels where all expense paid trips are available from Advocare.
  12. Then there are the Overrides and Leadership Bonuses you can achieve as your business grows.
  13. Timing for Advocare is critical and with projected growth being 1 Billion dollars in 2016 now is the time to get in!
  14. Do you have a plan for your future?

Advocare Business Plan

AdvoCare is a premier health and wellness company that uses the Direct Sales model to promote and sell their products.

Distinguished professionals from the fields of nutrition, pharmacology, biology, kinesiology, and medicine, formulate nutritional products that are based on solid science and created with the highest-quality ingredients. The phenomenal results of AdvoCare products experienced by thousands of people present an exciting business opportunity.

The AdvoCare company was founded by Charles Ragus in 1993, and the headquarters are located in Plano, Texas. After the death of Charles Ragus, the President and CEO is now Richard H. Wright. The company is a distributor of health and wellness products.

The products are separated into 5 different categories which are Trim (like the 24 Day Challenge), Active, Well, and Performance Elite, and Skin Care and several of the products are regularly tested to be sure that they do not contain substances which are considered to be prohibited in sports and also to make sure that they are manufactured to high quality standards.

There are several professional coaches, athletes, and entertainers who endorse the AdvoCare products. The companies national spokesperson is the New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Your Health and Wellness Coach

Joanna Bostwick

AdvoCare MNS Max 3 Review

AdvoCare MNS

What is the MNS MAX 3 and How Does it Work?  Here is my

MNS Max 3 Review


MNS Max3 is one of the three metabolic nutrition systems by AdvoCare.  There are 3 different MNS systems.  There is the MNS Max 3, MNS e, MNS c.  The Max e focuses on energy, the Max c focuses on appetite control, and the Max 3 combines both equally and is the most recommended out of the three for first time users.

Here is what the MNS Max 3 does:

  • Provides a comprehensive system for weight loss and weight-management*
  • Supports advanced core nutrition and wellness*
  • Provides sustained-release energy*
  • Includes 65 percent of the daily recommendation of calcium
  • Offers excellent nutritional support for bones and connective tissue*
  • Contains a full gram of omega-3 fatty acids in each serving
  • Supports the digestive and intestinal systems*
  • Encourages great skin tone and elasticity*
  • Helps support visual acuity and performance of sustained visual tasks*
  • Provides more than 50 vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts, antioxidants, and other nutrients for comprehensive health and wellness*

If you are looking for a healthy weight loss system that’s portable and convenient this is a great product for you.

What’s in it?

With this system you get a 14 day supply of  prepackaged strips that have 4 sets of supplements in each strip.  Here is what is in each packet.

AdvoCare MNS 3 Ingredients



Before Breakfast Color Packet

  • Calcium Plus – 2 caplets
  • ActoTherm SR – 1 caple

Before Lunch Color Packet

  • Calcium Plus – 2 caplets
  •  BioTherm – 2 capsules

White Packet-Take with a meal

  • CorePlex – 3 caplets
  • CardioQ – 1 capsule

White Packet-Take with a meal

  • OmegaPlex – 2 softgels

ActoTherm SR:  this is an exclusive blend of botanical’s including cinnamon, gotu kola,  and ginger and peppermint.  This is a time released product to aid in preventing a spike and drop off of energy throughout the day.

BioTherm:  A unique weight management aid that combines oolong tea, effective botanicals, B vitamin, and biotin to support weight control.  This product helps your body converts food into energy.

CorePlex: An optimal formulation of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and trace elements needed to sustain long term health and well being.  In other words a super vitamin for your body.  CorePlex Product Page for more info.

OmegaPlex:  Omega 3 fatty acid that may be missing from your diet.  has at least 500mg of long chain omega 3 fatty acids which helps support cardiovascular health and aids in weight management.  For more information you can see this page about our popular OmegaPlex Supplement.

Calcium Plus:  Calcium Plus delivers two types of highly absorb-able calcium, combined with other minerals, vitamins and botanicals.  Calcium Plus product page.

CardioQ: This products combines the ingredients CoQ10, Vitamin D, and Lycopene to provide nutrition for healthy aging and cardiovascular support.  CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that helps support areas where energy is needed the most, such as the heart and the liver.  CoQ10 levels decrease as we age, which is why the need for supplementation increases as we age.  Vitamin D is also part of this supplement along with Lycopene.

MNS Max 3 Product Page

For ages 18 and over.  Not for pregnant or nursing women. Please talk to your healthcare professional before starting any weight loss system.

MNS 3 Weight Loss

  • You are getting a comprehensive nutritional system with a spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and weight loss supplements.
  • Easy to take packets throughout the day so it’s convenient.
  • No need for any additional vitamins if you take a multi vitamin
  • Results-There are thousands of testimonials of weight loss success with this system.  Everyone is different so I can’t guarantee you will lose weight but it’s been proven to work for many people.
  • Quality Ingredients.  For more information about our science and medical board check out this post HERE.

All in All this is one of the best weight loss systems I have used and have seen not only results with myself but many of my friends and customers.  The bonus for me was that it helps with energy as well and I know I am putting quality ingredients into my system.

AdvoCare MNS MAX 3, C, OR E

Here is a good video quickly showing you the differences between the 3 MNS systems.

Which AdvoCare MNS should you take?  There are 3 different MNS (metabolic nutrition systems) that all offer different function depending on what your looking for.

The MNS MAX 3 as stated above is primarily more for both energy and appetite control.  It also has less caffeine for those people who may be sensitive to caffeine.


Order MNS E

is primarily for people looking for more energy.  Here is the instructional flier on MNS Max E.

AdvoCare MNS C

Order MNS C

The AdvoCare MNS C is more focused on appetite suppressant.  Here is the information about what is in the MNS C


You may also be interested in these similar posts:  Advocare 24 Day Challenge Instructions or 10 Day Cleanse Instructions

 order the MNS

As always leave a comment if you have any questions or thoughts!

AdvoCare Independent Distributor,

Joanna Bostwick

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Menu

Preferred Cleanse Bundle!

What I love about this custom bundle is that it comes with OmegaPlex and Spark.  Both products are a great compliment to the 10 Day Herbal Cleanse.  Watch video below to understand more!



What’s on the AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse Menu?

This is a great question and one that needs to be answered if your doing the 10 Day Advocare Cleanse or the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  It’s good to have a menu organized and ready.

Here are some general guidelines and overall Instructions for the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse:

1. Drink Plenty of Water!  Make sure you take your body weight divide it by 2 and drink that many ounces of water per day.  The water will help the cleanse do its job and flush those toxins out.

2.  Keep Moving!  Make sure you can get some exercise in even if it is just brisk walking, parking further away, or going up and down stairs.  Any extra movement can really help with ridding your body of waste that has piled up.

3.  Space Your meals 2-3 hours apart. Don’t skip meals, over eat, or eat less.  You want to have smaller portions but eat more frequently.  Don’t skip the healthy snacks.  This keeps your metabolism running.

4.  Avoid Dairy! This can be tough for some people but I think it is important to avoid dairy during the 10 day cleanse.  Dairy contains sugar and can help feed your gut with toxic waste instead of flush it out. Keep dairy off the menu.

5.  Follow the Plan!  It’s ok if you mess up but try and stay right on track with the Cleanse Phase guidelines.  Adjust your menu as needed.  You will receive instructions inside your Advocare Cleanse box or if your doing the 24 Day Challenge the instructions will be with your kit.

Purchase the  AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse System Bundle!

This is the bundle mentioned above in the video that I suggest.


AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse Menu:

General Guidelines for the AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse Menu and Meal Plan:

Foods to Eat:

(Goal is to “starve” the toxins)
• Fresh/Raw Fruits and Veggies (will serve as “S-O-S” pads to scrub out the toxins)
• 100% Whole Grain Rice (Brown rice, Wild rice), Quinoa
• Oatmeal
• Chicken, Fish, Turkey Breast, Ground Turkey
• Almond Milk, Rice Milk
• Healthy Fats: Avocado, Olives/Olive Oil, Raw Nuts/Seeds (unsalted and not coated with anything)
• Peanut or Almond Butter (no sugar or oil added)
• Beans, Lentils
• Chicken or Vegetable Broths
• Hummus (without the oil)
• Fresh Diluted Juices, Herbal Teas
• Garlic, Spices, Herbs, Fresh Salsa, Taco Seasoning (low sodium)
• For cooking, use water, broth, lemon juice, or the non-stick spray with no calories/fat (do not use oil)

Foods to Avoid:

(These products keep toxins alive, like throwing fuel on a fire)
• Alcohol (You’re on the Cleanse – hold off for 10 days!)
• Coffee, Sodas, Energy Drinks (only drink Spark or Slam)
• White foods/Starches (e.g. white pasta, bagels, white bread, white rice, processed foods, crackers,
• Sauces
• Cooking with Oils (it is best to cook with Water or Broth)
• Sugar, Honey, Desserts – (except for fresh fruits – these are good sugars on the 10-day Cleanse)
• Cheese & Mushrooms (both are “molds” and will help keep toxins alive)
• If at all possible, avoid Dairy Products (cow’s milk, yogurt, butter, etc…dairy products contain lots of
sugars and will feed the toxins)
• Fatty Foods, Fried Foods, Fast Foods, Meat with skin or breading
• Ground beef or fatty meats. Turkey meat is much better and you can season it to taste!
• Salad dressings (due to the fat and oil content – use Salsa or fresh squeezed lemon juice and spices
• Canned fruit or vegetables
• Dried fruit coated with sugar
• Instant rice or oatmeal

The following items are optional because they are not a low glycemic carb. For best results, hold off for 10 days:

• Sprouted Grain Bread or Tortillas (Ezekiel is a great brand)
• 100% Whole Grain Pasta
• 100% Whole Wheat Bread (make sure it says 100% or else it’s just white bread in brown clothing –
preferably Stone Ground Wheat)

AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse Menu:

Breakfast Ideas:

1. Sweet Potato Hash recipe is from

sweet potato hash

2. Apple Sandwiches with Almond Butter by Garnish with Lemon


3. 7 Citrus Salad with Mint by Sprinkle with Muscle Gain to add protein

citrus salad

4.  Baked Egg in Avacado  by

baked egg in

5.  Almond Banana Breakfast Oats by the Vegan Chickpea

almond banana oats

6. Chocolate/Vanilla  Strawberry Smoothie Meal Replacement Shake Add Frozen Strawberries and blend!

Meal Replacement Shake

7.  Egg Sandwiches Make them ahead of time! by Life Skills put them on whole wheat toast

egg sandwich

8.  Sesame Fruit and Nut Bars by Delish

sesame fruit and nut bars

9.  Hawaiian Fresh Fuit Salad from Good Housekeeping Sprinkle with Muscle Gain to add Protein

Hawaiian Fruit Salad

10.  Kale Smoothie with Pineapple and Banana by a scoop of vanilla muscle gain for protein

kale smoothie

Purchase the NEW 10 Day Cleanse System

AdvoCare 10 Day Cleanse Bundle

You may also be interested in the Advocare 10 Day Cleanse Instructions

*NEW-Daily early morning coaching emails throughout the 24 Day Challenge or 10 Day Cleanse! Each email has recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus snack ideas!  You’ll get daily instructions and tips you won’t find anywhere else.  Available for people who purchase through my shop!

Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick