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Zachary (Zach Miller) Seattle Seahawks

With the Super Bowl 2014 around the corner I thought it would be good to highlight one of Advocare’s endorsers that will be playing Sunday.

You may or may not know but all Advocare endorsers are non paid endorsers.  We have hundreds of endorsers that use and trust Advocare products to help them excel.  This list of Advocare endorsers includes professional athletes of many sports, Olympic athletes, coaches, and trainers.

The athlete I’m writing about today is tight end for the Seattle Seahawks, Zach Miller.

Zach Miller


Zachary Joseph Miller (born December 11, 1985) plays in the  National Football League (NFL) for the Seattle Seahawks. Miller grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and played college football for Arizona State University, and received All-American honors. He was selected in the second round of the 2007 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders.

Here is why Zach chooses Advocare products to help him perform his best.

“The AdvoCare Performance Elite line has helped me increase my strength and lean muscle mass as well as decrease my total body fat.”

The products Zach Miller uses:

  • Advocare Spark Energy Drink (see my review here)
  • Rehydrate Electrolyte Replacement Drink
  • Muscle Strength
  • Nighttime Recovery
  • Advocare Muscle Fuel
  • Muscle Gain Protein Shakes

Career Highlights:

  • 2013 NFC Champion
  • 2010 Named to the AFC Pro Bowl Team
  • 2010 Ranked 8th Receiving
  • 2009 Co-recipient of the Commitment to Excellence Award
  • 2008 Became the first tight end since 1991 to lead the team in receptions
  • 2007 selected by Oakland in the second round of the Draft, 38th overall

On August 2, 2011, Miller signed with the Seattle Seahawks on a 5 year, $34 million deal, $17 million of which is guaranteed.

Pretty incredible career so far.  I’m happy to see Zach Miller is an Advocare fan

SUPER BOWL XLVIII- is this Sunday.  Not sure which team will win??  We will see!

Who are you going for?

Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick

Advocare ProBiotic Restore Review

One of the most popular wellness products by Advocare is the Probiotic Restore Ultra.

I thought it would be a good idea to give you an

Advocare Probiotic Restore Review


Advovare Probiotic Restore

What are Probiotics?

We all have live beneficial microorganisms naturally found in our stomach or gut.  Probiotics are those live organisms in most cases bacteria that are healthy for you.  They help maintain the natural balance of organisms (microflora) inside your intestines.

Probiotics are called “good bacteria” and can help to prevent and alleviate many problems that affect our gastrointestinal tract.  The normal human digestive tract contains about 400 types of probiotic good bacteria that help keep the digestive system healthy and reduces the number of bad bacteria in our gut.  The largest of these is lactic acid bacteria.

Advocare ProBiotic Restore Ultra has been shown to help regulate digestion, treat vaginal infection, and even help with weight loss!*


Advocare Probiotic is one of the few Probiotics that have the ingredients that are on the label according to the Consumer Lab Company!

Key Benefits of the Advocare ProBiotic Restore Ultra:

  •  Helps maintain normal beneficial intestinal microflora*
  •  Supports healthy intestinal function*
  •  Enhances weight management*
  •  Improves nutrient absorption*
  •  Aids in good digestion*
  •  Provides immune system support*
  •  Helps relieve symptoms of occasional constipation*
  •  High amounts of friendly probiotics, including:
  •  Seven different strains (compared to two in the previous ProBiotic Restore)
  •  Six Billion cfu (compared to two billion in the previous ProBiotic Restore)


Harmful bacteria and by products of poorly prepared, over processed, fatty, and high refined sugar, can produce toxins in our system.  On top of that you have the over prescribed antibiotics that is leading to antibiotic resistant microorganisms and potential untreated infections for some people.

Obviously these things can decrease the number of “good bacteria” in the intestines and cause an imbalance in our system.  This imbalance taxes our immune system, physical and emotional stress, inadequate rest, and poor nutrition, weight gain, constipation and overall intestinal health.

The Solution:

Advocare ProBiotic Restore Ultra Review

This supplement has been carefully formulated to contain 7 kinds of of beneficial microorganisms.

This probiotic is a key component in successful weight management among many other things mentioned above.  Many times when you start loosing the toxins, you also start loosing weight as a result.  Plus when your body is functioning optimally, you have normal illumination of waste and better nutrient absorption.

You can find this probiotic in all three of Advocare’s MNS Systems, and the Herbal Metabolic Cleanse.  Both of which are included in the 24 Day Challenge Bundle.

Get Probiotic NOW

Not all Probiotics are the same:

You have to be careful when purchasing any supplement to make sure that the contents stated on the bottle is the contents in the bottle.  There has been much discussion about this especially with the Food and Drug administration not testing all of the supplements that are out there.  Probiotics are no exception.

Probiotics are filled with living microorganisms that can die if not properly made, shipped, and stored. Consumer Lab did a test of popular probiotics and said that more than half did not contain the labeled amount of probiotics listed.  AdvoCare passed all tests and had high quality content.

Click on link for more information on the safety of the Advocare products including the Scienctific and Medical Advisory Board

For even more information including the Probiotic Ultra Ingredients on this product you can click on this Probiotic Restore Ultra product page that is in pdf format.


Your AdvoCare Advisor,

Joanna Bostwick

Immuno Boost Bundle


*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

How to Become an Advocare Distributor

So you may be wanting to know

How to be a Distributor for Advocare

When you first started looking into AdvoCare you may have tried to go to the AdvoCare main site to order or to become a distributor.

AdvoCare products can only be sold by AdvoCare distributors.

You can not buy AdvoCare products in stores.

This video will help explain the benefits of joining as a distributor:

So this post will walk you through

how to become an AdvoCare distributor

The first thing you need to do is find another distributor to sign up under.  This way you can sell AdvoCare as or just purchase products at a discount.  Either way you go through this same process.

advocare discount member


Step 1. Find An AdvoCare Distributor 

Maybe you don’t personally know someone who sells AdvoCare but would like to start getting a discount or begin selling yourself.

You want to find a distributor that knows the products, is willing to help at all times, and can show you great ways of finding new distributors to build your business fast.

I can help you in all of these areas and more!  You also can’t underestimate your team.

I have a wonderful team and can connect you with tons of support.

Any question you may have can be answered in seconds through our private Facebook group.

In addition, if your interested in learning how to use social media according to AdvoCare’s policies I can help.

Step 2. Sign Up as a AdvoCare Distributor:

You may be asking, how old do you have to be to become an AdvoCare distributor?

The answer is 18.

So here is where you start on how to become an AdvoCare distributor:

Go to this link here that takes you to my become a distributor page:

Make sure you see my pic in the upper right hand corner and says Joanna Bostwick, Beaufort SC.  That’s me!

how do you become an advocare distributor

Next fill out the distributor Sign up page form:

advocare become distributor


How Much do you have to pay to Become and AdvoCare Distributor?

Great question!  For $59 plus tax and shipping you will be signed up as an AdvoCare distributor.

Currently you will receive a lot of products (check out the AdvoCare Kit)  and your own AdvoCare Store Site to shop from to get your discounted products or to have others shop from so you can earn income.

Fill out info above, pay for kit, and your done!

advocare distributor sign up

You will receive a call or email from me with my information and support.  I will not hassle you! If you just want the 20% off product discount as a distributor that is fine.  Remember if you have any questions about products please contact me.

If you’d like to build a business I’m here for you as well.

I hope this post helped you learn How to Become and AdvoCare Distributor!  For more details on the different levels of discount see my post entitled AdvoCare Discount.

Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick

AdvoCare 24 DVD Workout

Advocare 24 Workout DVD Reviews

It’s here!  The CU 24 level 2 workout series from Advocare.  I have started the workout and let me tell you it’s intense.

Here is the concept: 12 Total Workouts on DVD using a fitness ball and a power resistance cord for a lot of the sets.  You workout 24 minutes a day for 8 weeks.

Make sure and take your measurements and before pictures before Day 1 of the workout.

advocare dvds

Here is what I love about it so far.  There are minute dots on the bottom of the screen to show you haw many you’ve done.

There is also a timer on the bottom of the screen showing you the high intensity moves for 45 seconds and then 15 seconds of rest for an example in the first workout.

They are all a little different.  Here are the various  types of workout you get.

AdvoCare 24 Workout DVD Reviews


Melt– These are cardio-focused workouts designed to melt calories while increasing endurance and stamina.  3 total workouts in this section.

Melt Interval-This is High Intensity Interval Training.  This workout uses all muscle groups and turns on the cardio for maximum calorie burn.  All of the lead trainers in the videos are Advocare distributors themselves and professional trainers.

Melt Interval-This one is a non-stop cardio workout full of unique and high energy moves.  No equipment needed for this one.

Melt Climb-This is a unique high intensity workout where you climb six “mountains”.  Your cardiovascular system will gradually be pushed to a peak and then back down again.  Repeating the cycle 6 times for a challenging workout.


Shred-These workouts combine resistance training and cardio to burn calories, strengthen body, and build muscle.

Shred Down-Total body conditioning workout focuses on the lower body with short rests to help increase calorie burning.

Shred Up-This one has an upper body and core focus.  There are also specially designed exercises that help increase strength and shred fat.

Shred Total-High resistance training and cardio workout combined.


Sculpt-These are total body workouts that help to sculpt your body and focus on increase resistance training.

Sculpt Zone- Resistance and Cardio to define those muscles!

Sculpt Full-Total body resistance workout with short rest periods to sculpt and burn fat.

Sculpt Duo-You can do with a partner or on your own.  Designed to work many muscle groups promoting improved strength and definition.


Supplemental Workouts- These are the perfect companion to your workout routines giving you extra focus on specific areas of the body.

Upper Body Focus- Strengthen, shape, sculpt, and tone the upper body muscles including biceps, shoulders, triceps, and upper back.

Core Foundation- This workout strengthens and shapes glutes and gives you rock solid abs!

Power Yoga Flow-A great series of postures connected with dynamic movement intended to strengthen you as well as relax, calm, and open your mind.

To customize your workouts the Performance Elite products can be taken according to your level and fitness goals.

Here is a Performance EliteTimeline that will show you what to take and when to take it.

Here is a copy of the CanYou24 Getting Started Guide you can also print out.

Here is a short video showing you more about the workout series:

Order the Can You 24 level 2 here.

Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick