What is the Advocare 24 Day Challenge?
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What is the Advocare 24 Day Challenge?

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advocare 24 day challenge instructions

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Inside a 24 Day Challenge Bundle you will receive these products to Build Your Own Bundle!

what is the advocare 24 day challenge

What is the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge:

The AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge consists of 2 phases:

what is the Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Here is the First Phase the 10 Day  Herbal Cleanse Phase: 

Herbal Cleanse is designed to help eliminate waste and prepare your body for optimal nutrient absorption.* You may enjoy weight loss as well!* A lot of people do.

There are three components of the Herbal Cleanse:

 Fiber Drink – which is mixed with 8 oz. of water,

Herbal Cleanse caplets and

ProBiotic Restore™ Ultra Capsules. AdvoCare recommends using Herbal Cleanse every 90 days.

During this first phase you will also be taking the OmegaPlex vitamins.

During the Cleanse Phase you will also be drinking the Spark Energy Drink:

advocare 10 day Herbal Cleanse

My Recommendation link for just the 10 Day Herbal Cleanse


whats the 24 day challenge

Second Phase is the Max Phase

MNS MAX Phase-

If you’re not sure which system to use, AdvoCare recommends beginning with MNS® Max 3, which provides you with a foundation level of appetite control and energy.*For a higher level of appetite control you can choose MNS® Max C, and for more energy you can choose MNS® Max E.

what is the 24 day challenge

meal replacement shakes


The Meal Replacement Shakes:

Skipping meals is a common mistake people make

in weight-management or wellness programs.

The Meal Replacement Shake is a healthy, delicious solution.

Each shake includes 22-24 grams of protein,

24 grams of carbohydrates, 5-6 grams of fiber,

26 vitamins and minerals, and 50 percent of the

recommended daily allowance of calcium.

They come in several great-tasting flavors.

What is The AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge

How Much is the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge:

$188.25-$190.25 (plus S/H) for the Basic Retail Cost 24 Day Challenge Bundle

Then there are the optional Companion Products that can be taken with the 24 day challenge bundle to accelerate weight loss:  Click on each link for more information.

Catalyst, ThermoPlus, Carb-Ease Plus, and the Can You 24 Workout DVD’s.

The new Build Your Own Bundle page makes it very easy to customize your products!

I would suggest taking measurements and weight before starting the Challenge so you can see the before and after results!

For more information or questions leave a comments below.  You may also be interested in The AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge post.

AdvoCare Independent Distributor,

Joanna Bostwick


About the author: Mother and wife who loves blogging about health and wellness. Working hard to have life on my terms! Helping one person at a time take their health back. I believe everyone has a purpose and are valuable. Mantra- Life is short, don’t waste it!

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  • Abby Hillmer

    So I am on the second day of this challenge and I have one question. First, a little background- So I am 18 and a female college athlete (soccer to be exact), and I am in the midst of training for preseason. I work out every day, about an hour of cardio and an hour of strength training. I use to eat 1600-1700 calories a day (and in good foods…i’m more health conscious and informed than most people my age) in 5 or 6 meals, but I found an advocare meal plan for the 24 day challenge that I am trying instead. I was just wondering how safe the calorie cut is with the activity level I am at. If you could take a look at this page and let me know what you think, I would deeply appreciate it!

    • Abby-Glad to hear your on the challenge! With the amount of training your doing I would add more calories. If you could add an additional Meal replacement shake or an extra portion to each meal that would be great. Make sure especially with the cleanse that you are getting plenty of water. Not sure if you’ve tried the performance elite line, but there are some great products for what your doing as well. The VO2 Prime nutrition bars would be a great addition before workouts. Hope that helps!

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