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24 Days 2 Skinny

Get skinny in 24 days with the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge

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24 Day Challenge

A site dedicated to anyone needing to lose weight, gain energy, or just get healthy

focusing on Advocare specifically the Advocare 24 Day Challenge

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Advocare customer discount

AdvoCare just released today their NEW AdvoCare Preferred Customer Program So what is this Preferred Customer program you ask??  It’s a great way for people who Love the products to get a savings with a 20%-30% discount for only $19.95 a year instead of joining as a distributor for $59. So instead of signing up […] Read More

24 day group challenge

AdvoCare Group 24 Day Challenge So you’ve heard about the 24 day challenge or maybe you have done one in the past. It’s a lot more fun to do the challenge with a group! I’ve been running group challenges for awhile now and there are many reasons to do your challenge this way. Here are […] Read More


New Product Release! AdvoCare just launched a new product line called AdvoCare AdvoGreens Advogreens have 2 different products currently on the market.  Both of them taste great and I love how these have been added to our Wellness Product Line. So I wanted to do a review of the different products offered and explain how […] Read More

why network marketing is great

If you’ve thought at all about your income situation or your future, including retirement, you may be wondering how you can add more income into your life! Of course there are a number of ways to do this but I really prefer network marketing and I’ll explain why below. Why Network Marketing? So if you […] Read More

advocare clear mood

AdvoCare Clear Mood For an individual interested in overall wellness, they need to focus on both the physical and mental health. AdvoCare Clear Mood can help! AdvoCare Clear Mood Reviews One of the most renowned supplements that work towards the general well-being of the body as well as greatly improving your mood is the AdvoCare […] Read More

new advocare distributor kit

Looking for Advocare Distributors Check out this video on why becoming an AdvoCare distributor makes sense for product users. Decide for yourself if it’s for you! Get the Distributor Benefits! If you have been searching the internet or wondering were can I find an AdvoCare Distributor, then your bound to find information about the business online.  Some […] Read More

distributor kit advocare

AdvoCare Distributor Kit NEW AND UPDATED!! New AdvoCare Kit Price! The NEW Distributor Kit is AMAZING! and Cheaper than before! It’s a great day in AdvoCare! There have been so many upgrades and benefits that AdvoCare has rolled out today my head is spinning. The one I’m going to focus on in this blog post […] Read More

best tips for the 24 day challenge

24 Day Challenge Tips So your getting ready to do the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge and you want an edge on how to get the most from your investment? Over the last few years coaching many people through the 24 Day Challenge, some of the same questions come up again and again so I thought I […] Read More

start the challenge

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Discount It’a almost Summer 2016 and AdvoCare just rolled out a huge promo for the super popular 24 day challenge! The new promo is called Get Ready for Summer 2016.  Here is what you get with this AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge discount: FREE Shipping on 24 Day Challenge Bundle (retail value […] Read More

advocare cali caulder

NPC Competitor Cali Victoria Caulder When your involved with  AdvoCare you get to meet amazing people with different backgrounds and from all walks of life. I thought it would be fun to highlight champions and tell their story here on the blog! Today I’m highlighting an awesome friend and fitness professional Cali Victoria Caulder!  She is […] Read More