How to Become an Advocare Distributor
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How to Become an Advocare Distributor

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So you may be wanting to know

How to be a Distributor for Advocare

When you first started looking into AdvoCare you may have tried to go to the AdvoCare main site to order or to become a distributor.

AdvoCare products can only be sold by AdvoCare distributors.

You can not buy AdvoCare products in stores.

This video will help explain the benefits of joining as a distributor:

So this post will walk you through

how to become an AdvoCare distributor

The first thing you need to do is find another distributor to sign up under.  This way you can sell AdvoCare as or just purchase products at a discount.  Either way you go through this same process.

advocare discount member


Step 1. Find An AdvoCare Distributor 

Maybe you don’t personally know someone who sells AdvoCare but would like to start getting a discount or begin selling yourself.

You want to find a distributor that knows the products, is willing to help at all times, and can show you great ways of finding new distributors to build your business fast.

I can help you in all of these areas and more!  You also can’t underestimate your team.

I have a wonderful team and can connect you with tons of support.

Any question you may have can be answered in seconds through our private Facebook group.

In addition, if your interested in learning how to use social media according to AdvoCare’s policies I can help.

Step 2. Sign Up as a AdvoCare Distributor:

You may be asking, how old do you have to be to become an AdvoCare distributor?

The answer is 18.

So here is where you start on how to become an AdvoCare distributor:

Go to this link here that takes you to my become a distributor page:

Make sure you see my pic in the upper right hand corner and says Joanna Bostwick, Beaufort SC.  That’s me!

how do you become an advocare distributor

Next fill out the distributor Sign up page form:

advocare become distributor


How Much do you have to pay to Become and AdvoCare Distributor?

Great question!  For $59 plus tax and shipping you will be signed up as an AdvoCare distributor.

Currently you will receive a lot of products (check out the AdvoCare Kit)  and your own AdvoCare Store Site to shop from to get your discounted products or to have others shop from so you can earn income.

Fill out info above, pay for kit, and your done!

advocare distributor sign up

You will receive a call or email from me with my information and support.  I will not hassle you! If you just want the 20% off product discount as a distributor that is fine.  Remember if you have any questions about products please contact me.

If you’d like to build a business I’m here for you as well.

I hope this post helped you learn How to Become and AdvoCare Distributor!  For more details on the different levels of discount see my post entitled AdvoCare Discount.

Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick

About the author: Mother and wife who loves blogging about health and wellness. Working hard to have life on my terms! Helping one person at a time take their health back. I believe everyone has a purpose and are valuable. Mantra- Life is short, don’t waste it!

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  • Jason

    Hi! Just read your article and would like to learn more about getting started as an Advocare distributor. Can you shoot me some information please? – Jason

  • Kelsey Horinek

    Interested in becoming a distributor, but would like more info! Please email me

  • Lydia Heindel

    I am interested in becoming an Advocare distributor. I would love to have some more information about it. I have used the products before and loved them!

  • Laura

    Interested in building an online business using Advocare as my platform. Seems like you’ve already got a good handle on adding like minded people to your team. I’d be interested in signing up under you so you can teach me how to maximize online sales and organization building.

  • Alip alifu

    Hi I really want to become advocare representative in western part of China , is that possible? What is the membership fees?

  • Mayor

    My wife and I are interested in becoming distributors. I was wondering do we both have to pay the fee of $59 or would we be under one account. This is something we were looking to use to get healthier as well as generate revenue.

    • @Mayor- Great to hear! No you both do not need to pay the $59 just one of you and then you can add the other person as a co-applicant when you fill out the distributor sign up. There is a spot for adding a spouse. Hope that helps. If you currently do not have anyone to sign up with I’d love to have you on my team! You’ll gets tons of help and support :)

  • Evette

    I’m interested in becoming a distributor and would love to have more information!

  • Pete


    I have used advocare products for a few years now and I would love to become a distributor. Please help me if you can.

  • Chantel Comeaux

    Hi.. I am interested in becoming an Advocare distributor, but would like more information on basically everything as I have never used the product (heard many wonderful things about it) and no idea how to make a successful business out of it.. If you have any advice that could help me that would be wonderful, and if I decide to sign up I will greatly sign up under you… Thank you

  • Leslie

    Will you email me some selling strategies as well? I’m like these other ladies, I am interested in selling but do not know a lot of people.

  • Justin Baxter

    I’m considering becoming a distributor to simy supplement my income, and I guess like some of the others, would like some information on the best ways to go about selling AdvoCare products personally or online. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Lauren

    I just finished my 24 day challenge and it was a great experience. I thought about becoming a distributor since it was such a great experience for me. First I am not sure what, if anything that I should continue using through advocare now that my 24 day challenge is done. Also if I become a distributor im not sure where to start with getting the word out there for people to become interested? Any tips. Feel free to email me! Thanks for any help.

    • @Lauren- So glad to hear the challenge went well for you!! I will email you so we can talk further about how to move forward with your goals. Absolutely I can help you with a number of ways to expand your reach beyond people you know personally.

  • Melissa

    what do you have to buy/sell to remain active?

    • @Melissa- there is no monthly minimum that you have to purchase to remain a distributor. Here is what’s required to stay a distributor. You need to purchase the distributor kit and join AdvoCare for $79 plus tax and shipping. There is $50 worth of consumable pruduct: Spark and Slam. There are sales and marketing materials, and you get a website to sell products from. Every year after the date you signed up there is a $50 annual fee to remain active as a distributor. Hope that helps! Joanna

  • Joy

    Can I get some info on becoming an advocare distributor and the $30 samples you would send.
    Thank you

    • @Joy-Great to hear you are looking into becoming a distributor! AdvoCare does not allow us to give samples to become a distributor. Sorry for any confusion you may have seen. If you become a distributor and there is a product you are interested in trying that I have, I am happy to help with that by letting you try it and answering any questions you may have. If you’d like to join you can follow the link below to get started:

  • Betty

    Hi! My question is…When I want to become a distributor and I have to sign up under someone else, does that distributor benefit from my sales/me?
    Does a percentage of my sales go to that distributor?

    • Here is how it works. When you sign up as a distributor you are initially at the 20% off discount. Anything you purchase up to $500 your sponsor (the person you signed up under who is an advisor) gets the other 20% because they are at the 40% off level. $500-$1500 retail volume of sales or purchases you get a 25% discount and your sponsor gets 15% of the sales. $1500-$3000 Retail Volume of sales or purchases, you get a 30% off discount and your sponsor gets 10% of that volume. The next level for you would be an Advisor which would be 40% off which you can get more info: Let me know if you have any further questions. Joanna

  • Chad carpenter

    Do you have to sell the products? Can’t you just buy what you want for yourself and that’s all?

  • Sarah iwans

    Are you still doing this special? I’ve been checking out the advocare products for awhile now and thought well if I’m going to order some might as well consider the distributor route so I’m doing some research. I guess my biggest thing is the fear that I won’t find anyone that’ll be a distributor under me or buy the products through me…that would be a bummer. I don’t have a lot of friends that are real active or would be willing to put the money in for the products so that makes me nervous. What’s your take/suggestions? Feel free to email me :)

    • Sarah-Sending email. I understand where you are coming from. I felt the same way. I have some great tips for you and can help you be successful :)

      • Ashlee

        Hi Joanna,

        I kind of feel like I am in the same boat as Sarah, is there anyway you could send me some tips to be successful as well? I don’t talk to a lot of people.. but I do believe I’m interested in becoming a distributor. Thank you in advance for your help.

        • @Ashlee I’d be happy to help! Sending out an email now. There are a number of tips I can give you :)

      • Diane

        I am like Sarah and would love some tips as well I have some questions for you. If you don’t mind sending me an email. Thanks, Diane

        • Sure Diane-Sending now!

          • Nicki

            I have had some thoughts of signing up but seriously have 0 friends and no sales skills. Could you send me an email with some info too please?

          • @Nicki- sure no problem!

  • Sherri Watson

    I use Advocare products and am trying to get back to using more. I am thinking about becoming a distributor to help with the cost…. Might as well get my own discount right? I am 50, a teacher, 4 kids and a busy schedule … I work out and have never had a weight problem but since I am perimenapause I have gained a few pounds. I have always been active and know how to eat but went thru a period of time (divorce & back to college) where me time was very short. So I need to get back on track and lose a few pounds. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks Sherri

    • Sherri-Thanks for stopping by! It really does make sense to get the discount if you use the products. For the $79 distributor fee you get $50 in Spark and Slam and then I send you $30 in other samples with my special right now so it’s all product anyway. That link is here:
      I get the busy schedule, and it’s really just about sharing with others about what products you like if you want to! No Pressure. It sounds like the 24 day challenge would be a great place to start and reset your system plus lose a few pounds. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • Emily Dickens

        Are you still giving the 30$ samples after the signup fee. I am considering being a distributor for the discount and to sell to my family and co-workers mostly please let me know. I am just trying to figure out the best way possible to do this and the kit and then samples sounds like the best way to start off with a little bit of everything. I would love some advice!

        • @Emily-AdvoCare no longer allows free samples for signups. Once you are a distributor if there is something you would like to try that I have I would be happy to send it.

          • Michelle

            Debating in joining Advocare but curiois iif i signed up there is samples u could send me to try the product

          • @Michelle-I sent you an email :)

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