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AdvoCare Reviews

AdvoCare ImmunoGuard and How it Can Help

advocare immunoguard

 AdvoCare ImmunoGuard Strengthen Your Immune System Ever wonder how some people avoid getting sick when a cold or flu is “going around?” A strong immune system keeps them healthy; here are some things you can do to keep your body running smoothly even when half of the office is sidelined by the sniffles. Eating the […] Read More

The True Cost of Bariatric Surgery

cost of bariatric surgery

Bariatric Surgery Cost I decided to do a post on this topic because after meeting so many people with weight loss challenges, this is a topic that has come up over the years and I thought I would address some of the concerns that people may have with this type of surgery for weight loss. Over […] Read More

AdvoCare Fibo Trim..What is it?

advocare fibotrim

AdvoCare Fibo Trim Another great product by AdvoCare is their Fibo-Trim product that is in their trim product line.  This is a wonderful add on product to the 24 Day Challenge What does AdvoCare Fibo-Trim Do? Assists in the Binding, Transport and Removal of dietary fats Aids in the elimination of fatty waste materials Helps maintain healthy […] Read More

New Advocare SYS Skin Care Review

Advocare Skin CAre

Advocare SYS Skin Care Product Review The AdvoCare Skin Care line came out in August 2014.  I was very excited about these products and wanted to test them all for a review.  Below is each of the 6 products, what they do, ingredients, and my opinion of them. All of the products are made with […] Read More

New Distributors Start Here!

Welcome to Advocare!   OK so now that you’ve signed up as a distributor and are ready to get started earning income, where do you start? Step 1.  Understand that you are part of a bigger team of people that will help you IF you want help. The larger team you and I are on […] Read More

Advocare NightTime Recovery

night time recovery

Advocare NightTime Recovery Help Build Muscle While You Sleep What can Nighttime Recovery do for you? You know that sore feeling you get from working out? It’s damage; exercise damages our muscles! That’s right, contrary to what we may think, the time spent in the gym does not grow our muscles. Your muscles are growing […] Read More

Advocare Muscle Gain Review

advocare muscle gain

 Why Take Advocare Muscle Gain? Are you trying to build muscle? Your body needs protein to make muscles. You could eat more to get more protein in your diet or you can just add the protein you need in a delicious shake. AdvoCare Muscle Gain is more than just a protein shake, it has the […] Read More

24 Day Challenge-Real People, Real Results

millies prom

24 Day Challenge Case Study  Meet Millie!  She is an 18 year old high school senior, getting ready to graduate and go off to college.  Here are some of the questions I asked Millie before, during, and after the 24 Day Challenge and compiled all of the answers here in this post. The 24 Day […] Read More

Welcome Business Builders!

Welcome Team! This page will be dedicated to my Advocare team members who are wanting to use Blogging as part of their business building strategy.  This is a password protected page so please only give this to Advocare business builders in your team who are interested in blogging. If you have business builders in your […] Read More

How the 24 Day Challenge Helped Tim Lose 80 Pounds!

24 day challenge weight loss

I wanted to show you an interview of another team member who is a great leader in Advocare, Tim Smith.  Tim really cares about people and their health.  I’m happy to be a part of his team and he not only helps me, but all of my team as well.  This is Part 1 24 Day Challenge Review […] Read More