Advocare Thermoplus Reviews
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Advocare Thermoplus Reviews

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Advocare Thermoplus Reviews


Advocare Thermoplus reviews


Thermoplus is one of the companion products for the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  It can also be used alone or with many other Advocare products.  Here is what Advocare Thermoplus does:

  • Supports the body’s ability to convert fat into energy*
  • Promotes a healthy metabolism*
  • Helps suppress appetite*
  • Contains oolong tea and sage extracts to support weight loss*
  • Works great in conjunction with the AdvoCare® Metabolic Nutrition Systems (MNS®)*

Advocare Thermoplus is perfect for any of these people:

Someone who is seeking to support your healthy metabolism
Someone who wants additional support in managing your diet as part of a weight-management program
Someone who wants to further enhance your current AdvoCare weight-management program
Someone who wants to increase your energy level
Someone looking to add support for weight loss to a current general health and wellness regimen

Here is a pdf for Weight Management Timeline that shows some details of many of the products including Thermoplus and when to take them.

Here is a specific Thermoplus Detailed Sheet  on the product for more information.

Here are what people are saying about Advocare Thermoplus Reviews:

         I have seen a definite difference in my body since taking Thermoplus. My energy has increased and I’ve been losing weight!

I love ThermoPlus because I only have to take one 30 min before I eat and that’s easy! I’m seeing results!

Thermoplus reviews

How this works:

When we eat food the components of our food is released into the blood stream and transported to all cells.  Combined with oxygen, the nutrients in our cells produce energy that  through heat that is called thermogenesis.  The more efficiently the body can convert food into energy the better your metabolism and efficient weight loss occurs.

Thermoplus helps support efficient metabolism and suppress appetite.  The ingredients are key to helping your body turn that food into energy and not store it as fat.  This can be a great addition to your weight loss regimen.  Thermoplus can be a stand alone weight loss product or added to the 24 Day Challenge.

For more information go to purchase Thermoplus.

In short, Thermoplus is great for appetite suppression and energy both.  Thermoplus will turn food into energy.

A NEW similar product that is an all day appetite suppresant is the Crave Check SR

I have been using Advocare Thermoplus the past few weeks and can definitely see a difference.  I’ve lost a couple of pounds but more important clothes feel much more loose.  I recommend this product for anyone looking to lose some weight.

You must take ThermoPlus 30 min. before a meal.

Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

About the author: Mother and wife who loves blogging about health and wellness. Working hard to have life on my terms! Helping one person at a time take their health back. I believe everyone has a purpose and are valuable. Mantra- Life is short, don’t waste it!

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  • Kerri

    CaN ThermoPlus and LeptiLean be taken together during the max phase of my challenge? Or should I only choose one?

  • Jason Gagliano

    What if I take Thermoplus and non-stimulany hydroxcut? will that boost my weight loss?

    • @Jason-I don’t know anything about that product so I can’t really comment on it….sorry!

  • Betb

    I am about to start taking leptilean and thermoplus. Which meal of the day do you take it for the best results? Thanks in advance!

    • @Betb-I would take them before your largest meal! BUT there is some caffeine in the ThermoPlus so keep that in mind. Don’t take it too late.

  • Lisa

    Do I take one pill before each meal? (breakfast, lunch and dinner?)

    • @Lisa-Yes 30 min before each meal.

    • Michelle

      So are we e suppose to be taking the thermoplus. 3 times a day!?

      • @Michelle- You take thermoplus 1 30 min before a meal. Usually 1-2 a day no more. I do 1 a day. In your previous message just make sure your getting all of the water in and eating high protein healthy snacks.

        • MICHELLE

          I feel like It stopped working . I eat protein and drink a lot of water. If anything I’m craving food.

        • Holley lavergne

          But in the MNS E packets, it contains not one, but 4 thermoplus pills. I started my mnse packets for one day and almost had a heart attack Im taking a break. So I don’t understand the whole only take one per day when there is 4 a day in the MNSE packet.

          • @Holley- MNS E has whats called Thermo P but it is not the same as ThermoPlus. 2 different products. If you have never taken MNS before you should start with MNS 3. It helps with both energy and appetite control but has less caffeine than MNS E or C.

  • amanda

    I took one pill in the AM before a meal can I take another one during dinner time?

    • @Amanda- I assume you mean ThermoPlus. The directions say one daily so that is what I would stick to. I checked the bottle as well and it also says one daily.

  • Ashlee

    Hi Joanna, I just bought my second 24 day challenge! This time I also bought the catalyst and the thermoplus….. Will I lose more weight taking these two products with the challenge opposed to taking the challenge first and the other two products after the challenge?

    • @Ashlee-It’s hard to say. I would take the Catalyst throughout and the Thermoplus only during the MAX phase. Thermoplus should not be taken during cleanse phase. It depends on how much weight you have to lose etc…

  • Kelli

    so I’m just taking thermoplus and the slim advocare product, will I loose weight?

    • @Kelli- those are two great products. I can’t guarantee results for you but both of those products help with appetite control so you should see results with these products.

  • haley

    Can thermoplus be taken with the crave check?

    • @Haley- Yes you can. ThermoPlus is a thermogenic and Crave is not but they can be taken together and be effective.

      • Mallory

        What about taking both of these together, as well as Catalyst? Would taking all three be in any way dangerous? Or redundant? Thanks!

        • @Mallory-ThermoPlus can be taken with Catalyst. They do 2 different things. The only thing is you do not want to take ThermoPlus during the cleanse phase of the challenge. Only during the MAX phase. Catalyst can be taken all the way thru.

  • Brittany

    Hi Joanna!! I’m wondering if you can tell me the difference between ThermoPlus and the BioTherm and ActoTherm in MNS-3? Does it offer any different or additional benefit to the two Therms in MNS-3? Thanks!!

  • devona

    I am looking to loae weight is thermoplus the answer

    • @devona- it depends how much your trying to lose?? Most people who want to reset their health and boost metabolism to lose weight see great results with the 24 Day Challenge. You can find more information on my home page for that and ordering information is here Another great start would be the 10 Day Cleanse which you can also order through my store here ThermoPlus is a great stand alone product but it works great in tandem with the challenge. Hope that helps!

  • Tammy

    Do you take thermoplus 30 minutes before every meal or just one meal per day?

  • Kristen

    I started taking Thermonplus two weeks ago and I don’t feel any effects with it. I don’t feel that my appetite has curbed nor do I feel more energized. I don’t know why it isn’t working. I do drink coffee of the mornings. Could this be the problem?

    • sorry to hear that the Thermoplus has not been working well for you. make sure your working with your coach going over what your eating etc.. I don’t think coffee would make that big of a change but I would replace it with Spark and see how that helps. Thanks!

  • Mary K


    Just bought this and I’m uncertain if I am supposed to be taking this 30 min before my meal PRE-workout… Or if I can take it 30 minutes before my “early dinner” which is around 3-4:30pm. Then I have an evening snack. I workout at 6:30am, take the spark and catalyst beforehand. However, I need something to help curve my appetite for when my downtime comes – which is after classes in the afternoon and in the evenings when my appetite is at its greatest. So, what am I supposed to be doing? Taking it before my workout with breakfast… Or can I take it with my “dinner” to help with appetite in the evening? Just a little confused!

    Thanks so much in advance,


  • Kyle Baker

    Awesome review! I love the product and will be taking another bottle soon for my next weight cut. Will be posting before and after pictures. Great content

  • Karin

    Hi Joanna,
    The purple “Advocare Max Pack Supplement Checklist” I downloaded says to take ThermoPlus before dinner, while other Advocare timeline charts recommend to take it before breakfast–which is better? Thanks!

    • Karin-thanks for stopping by. You can take it with either meal. I would take it before the meal you believe to be the highest calories. Hope that helps!

  • Britt

    Is it okay to take thermoplus with a meal? I know it says 30 mins before meal. But I forgot to take it before my breakfast. Just wondering if it works w/a meal.

    • Britt- Preferably 30 min before a meal but it’s ok that you took it with the meal I just can’t say how effective it will be.

  • Chris Kua

    Love your blog, Joanna. Very informative, clear and easy to understand. Also read the ingredients in thermoplus and I like the fact that it has natural ingredients in it. Interesting info about sage and oolong tea. Looking forward to reading more.

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