Advocare Rehydrate.. is it better than Gatorade?
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4 Reasons Advocare Rehydrate Trumps Gatorade

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advocare rehydrate

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Advocare Rehydrate 

When you read this article title, especially if your an athlete, you may think this claim is bogus. I don’t blame you for thinking that way, because out of the two companies, who has the most commercials or media time? Not Rehydrate (yet)… Who would you think sponsors the most athletes? Not Rehydrate (yet). What is the most popular sports drink out there? Not Rehydrate..Yet.

So do all those facts make other sports drinks the healthiest sports drink available? Not at all! In the health world, popularity does not mean anything in terms of quality of a product. It is all about the facts….nutritional facts that is. In regards to that, Advocare Rehydrate sports drink trumps all other sports drinks and many of the other well known sports drinks on the market.  Still don’t believe me? Well let’s compare the 4 essential nutrients of Advocare Rehydrate vs. Sports Drinks.


While carbs get dragged through the mud as a good or bad nutrient, one fact remains: It is an important energy source for athletes. Carbs gets broken down into simple sugars by delivering energy to your body by releasing insulin into your bloodstream. Nonetheless, one of the main culprits of typical sports drinks is having too much sugar. Too much sugar signals your body to produce too much insulin; in which leads to a “sugar crash” and loss of energy.

In other words, Popular sports drinks may get you through the 1st quarter, but could have you sluggish by the 4th. With Advocare Rehydrate, you don’t have to worry about such a crash occurring. While Gatorade products have over 14 grams of sugar per serving, Advocare just has 6 grams per serving. So if you want a sports drink to help sustain energy from start to finish on the playing field, then Advocare Rehydrate is the superior choice.


Does a particular sports drink provide adequate electrolytes? That is the question people (especially athletes) should ask. Electrolytes are essential in sports performance. They replenish vital elements lost when you sweat and urinate. Also, they prevent those painful muscle cramps from occurring. If Gatorade is heralded as the king of sports drinks, then Advocare is the whole kingdom! Advocare Rehydrate provides more electrolytes than all Gatorade products.

Advocare rehydrate

Let’s compare electrolytes between both sports drinks:

Electrolyte                                           Advocare Rehydrate                 4 main Gatorade Products

Sodium100mg110mg- 780mg
Potassium100mg25mg- 400mg
Magnesium40mg40mg; for only one product- 0 for the other 3
Calcium100mg60mg; for only one product- 0 for the other 3
Chromium4.8mcgNone of their products contain this electrolyte

If you didn’t know Gatorade was severely lacking in the electrolytes department, now you know. The ratio of sodium to potassium is supposed to be 1:1 (as is the case with Advocare Rehydrate) in order to efficiently replenish sweat and urine lost as well as provide proper cellular function and muscle efficiently. Instead, Gatorade has a ratio of 4:1 in which could potentially lead to imbalance of electrolytes within your muscle cells and other vital organs. In addition, a deficiency in potassium can lead to rehydration issues.

While Advocare Rehydrate provides Magnesium and Calcium, two vital minerals for your muscles, Gatorade practically does not provide those minerals at all. These two minerals reduce muscle cramps and aids in refueling your muscles for a quick recovery. Another important mineral, Chromium, is left out all together in Gatorade products while Advocare Rehydrates supplies it. Chromium is important for metabolizing carbs in order to produce energy. If your keeping score, Advocare Rehydrate is 2 for 2.

Essential Vitamins

When comparing Advocare vs. Gatorade in terms of vitamins, Gatorade doesn’t even compete. Gatorade doesn’t contain a trace of Beta-carotene and Ascorbic acid. Both are antioxidants that helps protect against free-radical damage that are produced through exercise. Unless you just like drinking sports drinks in your spare time, you are likely consuming them only when you’re exercising. While Gatorade provides none, Advocare Rehydrate provides 1000 IU of Beta-carotene and 120mg of Ascorbic acid. Also, Advocare Rehydrate contains nutrients that will help convert macronutrients (carbs, protein, & fats) into energy. Gatorade does not do that as well. Seems like the “King of Sports Drinks” doesn’t rule much compared to Advocare Rehydrate!

Amino Acids

Unless you fell asleep in your high school biology class, you know that amino acids are the building blocks of protein. Protein is what your muscles mainly consists of; thus, it helps replenish it after a strenuous workout session. So why in the world does Gatorade not have a single trace of amino acids, yet they always claim to replenish and recover your muscles? I will let them explain that to you.

As for Advocare Rehydrate, it supplies you with 200mg of L-Glutamine and 133mg of L-Arginine. L-Glutamine aids in muscle recovery by processing lactic acid that is produced when working out and delivers energy for mental function. L-Arginine provides support for overall muscle performance. Whether you’re weightlifting or playing a particular sport, if you want your muscles to respond to the best of their ability, then Advocare Rehydrate is the clear-cut choice.

This article was not about taking anything away from Gatorade products. Instead, it was about showing you that there is a better and healthier sports drink out there. While Gatorade gets the accolades, Advocare Rehydrate gets you the nutrition and the results your body needs!

Advocare Rehydrate comes in 5 flavors:  Fruit Punch, Mango Pineapple, Red Raspberry, Key Lime Cherry, and Peach

My new Fave is Key Lime Cherry!  What’s yours?

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Your Health and Wellness Coach,

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