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What’s in the AdvoCare Distributor Kit?

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AdvoCare Distributor Kit


New AdvoCare Kit Price!

The NEW Distributor Kit is AMAZING! and Cheaper than before!

It’s a great day in AdvoCare! There have been so many upgrades and benefits that AdvoCare has rolled out today my head is spinning.

The one I’m going to focus on in this blog post is the New AdvoCare Distributor Kit.

what comes in the AdvoCare distributor Kit

So your thinking about becoming an AdvoCare distributor but would like to know what comes in the AdvoCare distributor Kit?

This post will go over what all comes in the kit including what you get for the $79  $59 distributor fee for the starter kit.

AdvoCare Distributor kit 2016

What is the AdvoCare kit contents?

  • Your AdvoCare Distributor Kit includes:
    • A Welcome Guide
    • An officially branded AdvoCare blender bottle
    • A Spark® flavor-sampling Starter Pack featuring two stick packs of Fruit Punch, Mango Strawberry, Grape and Watermelon (Servings Per Container: 8)†
    • An AdvoCare Rehydrate™ flavor-sampling Starter Packfeaturing two flavor pouches of Mango Pineapple, Key Lime Cherry and Red Raspberry (Servings Per Container: 6)†
    • A Meal Replacement Shake flavor-sampling Starter Pack featuring two pouches of Vanilla and Chocolate Mocha (Servings Per Container: 4)†
    • IMPACT Magazine, a tool designed to highlight both product and business success stories
    • Retail Sales receipts to provide to your Retail Customers
    • And, the latest Policies, Procedures and Compensation Plan

No activation code needed.  There is no discount code for the distributor kit.

By becoming a distributor you can choose what type of relationship with AdvoCare you would like to have.

You are now able to get 20% off products and this discount level will grow depending on your volume.

advocare new kit

AdvoCare Distributor Cost

As mentioned above, the AdvoCare distributor kit cost is $59 plus tax and shipping.  This cost will get you everything in the kit listed above, a website for you to sell your AdvoCare products from, the potential to earn income through the AdvoCare company, Free Debtbuster system to help people learn the principals of debt, money, and investing.

There is nothing wrong with joining just for just the discount as well.  Many people do this. Either way there are no monthly minimums to purchase and the only fee to remain a distributor is a $50 annual fee.  Here is a video explaining the AdvoCare discount.

AdvoCare Distributor Support

One of the great things about the AdvoCare company is the support you get from not only your team members, but from other people in AdvoCare.  It’s important to be able to go to someone in your upline or your sponsor and get questions answered that you may have about AdvoCare or AdvoCare products.

If you do decide to become an AdvoCare Distributor,

How Long Does it Take to Get the AdvoCare Distributor Kit?

I get this questions a lot actually!  All I can say on this one is that most orders and kits seem to arrive for people rather quickly.  When I place an order I usually get it within 3-5 business days.  I know on the orders they show you the date of when you receive your items before you check out.  This is a fairly new option.  I believe they show this for the kits as well but not 100% positive on that one.

So now that you know what comes in the AdvoCare distributor kit, the AdvoCare distributor kit cost, and how long it takes to get the AdvoCare kit, maybe it’s time to get one!

Get the AdvoCare Kit HERE

AdvoCare DebtBuster System

As I mentioned above one of the items you can get as an AdvoCare distributor is the DebtBuster System.  This is a free simple debt reduction strategy that helps with showing you how to reduce credit card debt and gaining control over your finances for life!  There is a free workbook and DVD that will help show you effective ways to get out of debt and use your AdvoCare income to work toward debt freedom.

This is a great system that I personally use.  It’s kind of common sense, but it helps to see what kind of debt you have and where to start with eliminating it.

A Proven System:

AdvoCare has been in business since 1993 and offers a proven vehicle for success.  The AdvoCare products and business opportunity are poised to meet growing numbers of Americans who are searching for answers to meet their health and financial goals.

More Questions?

I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about the AdvoCare Distributor Kit or anything AdvoCare!  To join for $59 plus tax and shipping and get your NEW Kit, click below!

It’s about Savings NOT necessarily Selling!  You do not have to sell to get the product discounts.

distributor kit

 AdvoCare Independent Distributor,

Joanna Bostwick

About the author: Mother and wife who loves blogging about health and wellness. Working hard to have life on my terms! Helping one person at a time take their health back. I believe everyone has a purpose and are valuable. Mantra- Life is short, don’t waste it!

26 comments… add one
  • Matt

    I accidentally bought a 71$ distributor kit. Was trying to but the 24 day challenge. But I’m returning the up open distributor box. I suck at sales and I also have sooooo many Facebook friends who sell it and they don’t make anything great off of it. I wish I could make money off it. I wanna do the 24 day challenge and thought if I recorded the process and if it worked then it would sell itself. Advice please? I’m a single Dad and every penny helps.

    • @Matt-There are a lot of people that earn income with AdvoCare and Many that don’t as well. You have to want to do it. Be willing to get uncomfortable. Don’t focus on sales focus on solving peoples problems and education with what AdvoCare has to offer. It sound like from what your currently doing, you need extra income. You can make it work. It’s a decision you have to make and be open to learning as much as possible from your coach. Hope that helps!

  • Erica

    I’m interested in just selling the spark, am I able to do that. Also is this a contract or minimum you have to sell or money quote you have to meet every month? And the. More you sell of one product or the product in whole do you get better discount


    I noticed on an above comment that you get three boxes of spark in your kit? Is that still good now or is it a different set of items in the kit?

    • @Heather- The new distributor kit has changed. It is not 3 boxes of Spark any more and the price has dropped from $79- to $59. You can check out more here

  • Amanda

    I love spark! But haven’t drank it since I got pregnant with my second child! She is 6 mths old now & I would love to start again but I’m nursing. Do you know if its okay to use while nursing?

  • Nathan Elting

    Is there a way to become a distributor and buy the 24 day challenge without having to pay shipping twice? (Once for distributor kit, once for 24 day)

    • @Nathan-unfortunately no. You have to pay shipping on the kit and then order the challenge through your own site for the discount. But you could order your challenge without the Spark (you’ll be getting 3 boxes in kit).

      • Elizabeth Parrotta

        How can you order the 24-day challenge kit without the spark? Or would you need to just order the remaining items separately and NOT part of the actual challenge kit?

        • @Elizabeth- You would need to order the kit first that comes with the 3 boxes of Spark and then right after you sign up you’ll get the link to your new site. You’ll login to that and you can order everything separate minus Spark if you wanted to save money that way. If you don’t have a sponsor I’m happy to help you. Here is my sign up link Let me know if you have further questions!

  • Jamee LaRow

    I’ve been looking into different programs to help me lose the 70 lbs I gained from becoming smoke free. You just took me over the fence to Advocare! I love spark and I need to cut the soda out of my life!
    Thank you!

    • @Jamee- Great talking to you today! Looking forward to helping you!

    • Shelli

      Spark got me off a SEVERE Diet Coke dependency with no withdrawals. It’s the ONLY thing that has ever been successful. LOVE SPARK!

      • @Shelli- Thanks for sharing! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this! Got me off 3-4 coffee’s a day too. Gotta love Spark! Have a great one!

  • Lisa

    Great information! Thanks

  • Leslie Sherwood

    FYI… total cost for 3 boxes of Spark and an 8-page booklet was $91 in Virginia, considerably more than I expected!

    • @Leslie-It definitely makes more sense to get the distributorship and then future 20%-40% off discount on products!

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