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Grocery List for the 24 Day Challenge

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grocery list 24 day challenge

AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Grocery List

So you are starting the 24 Day Challenge and are not sure what to buy at the store? Right?

This 24 Day Challenge grocery list post can get your brain thinking about meals to plan and foods to buy!

As mentioned in a previous post about the All In 24 Day Challenge there will be a nationwide challenge starting

January 11th 2016.  You must order by noon (Central) January 4th 2016 for the discount but if you miss that you can still get the challenge and go along with the group.   So it’s time to get yourself prepared.  Everyone asks the question, “what can I eat?”

The best way to take advantage of the 24 day challenge is to join the membership and the get the challenge for 20% off plus tons of product to try.

The good news is that yes you can eat food, and no you won’t be hungry if you eat correctly.

Here is a great  AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge Grocery List

Here are some Grocery Shopping Tips for the 24 Day Challenge

  • Plan Ahead  a great way to do this is not only have a list but look and see what you already have that can go with some of your menu items
  • Prepare in Bulk A great way to make it easier during the 24 Day Challenge is to prepare larger portions of meals that you can freeze and reheat for an easier meal
  • Meal Prep similar to preparing in bulk but this is the prep part.  Get Tupperware or baggies and make a batch of a meal ingredients, smoothie ingredients, crock pot meals, salad jars, snacks, etc.  Makes it much easier to grab something healthy.  See my 24 Day Challenge meal prep pinterest board for some more ideas.
  • Shop on the Perimeter The healthiest food is around the perimeter of the grocery store.  Stick with whole foods that are low in fat and not over processed.
  • Don’t Go Hungry when you hit the grocery store hungry it’s much easier to grab the junk food.  Stick to the list and the perimeter.

24 day challenge grocery shopping

Here is another 24 day challenge Grocery List that I use for my 24 Day Challenge grocery shopping.

For more information on the protein bites recipe, go to this post.

There is this 24 Day Challenge Grocery Guide this is also very helpful in recommending foods that are challenge friendly.

So I hope these challenge grocery lists help keep you organized and prepared for the Cleanse Phase and the Max phase.

Here are a couple more healthy eating tips:

1.  Eat Often!  Don’t go more than 3 hours without some high protein healthy snack.  This will keep you feeling full and not have cravings.

2. Drink an 8oz glass of water right after you wake up!  This helps get your system re-hydrated and staves off some hunger before breakfast.

3.  If your going to have a busy day, prepare the night before!  Get snacks and meals prepped and ready so your not scrambling for food later in the day.

4.  After your morning water, have a healthy breakfast right away.  You don’t want to wake up and not eat for a couple hours.  Have your water then a Spark with breakfast

Hopefully this post has given you some good tips for the 24 Day Challenge!

AdvoCare Independent Distributor,

Joanna Bostwick

About the author: Mother and wife who loves blogging about health and wellness. Working hard to have life on my terms! Helping one person at a time take their health back. I believe everyone has a purpose and are valuable. Mantra- Life is short, don’t waste it!

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