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Find Your Happy Place with Advocare Oasis

Why not supplement your water with the delicious blueberry flavor of AdvoCare Oasis? AdvoCare Oasis is loaded with vitamins and other good stuff; it comes in tasty blueberry splash flavor that is a delicious addition to your plain old water. Oasis protects your body from the harmful effects of oxidative stress whether it comes from pollution in the air or too many hours at work. It contains antioxidants from super-fruits, vitamins, and herbs called adaptogens that help your body deal with stress.  I personally use this product and can tell you that it tastes great and works!


Advocare Oasis

If you’re facing a tough day at work or home with the kiddos, add a packet of AdvoCare Oasis to your water. Ten cups of coffee will only leave you feeling jittery and running to the bathroom all day, but AdvoCare Oasis is full of B-vitamins to give you physical AND mental energy to keep you going all day. B-vitamins aid in the breakdown of food, they give us back the energy of our youth, and make us more beautiful!


Advocare Oasis

Oasis also contains adaptogens; herbs that can help our bodies adapt to stress. These herbs grow in some of the harshest environments on the planet and they can help your body thrive in the stressful world we live in. Adaptogens help our cells to resist oxidation; oxidation is what happens when a cut apple and it turns brown over time. Oxidation produces free radicals which can lead to cancer and other diseases.

Adaptogens have been called ‘medicine for healthy people.  This is because adaptogens do not reduce stress or make us immune to it; they just help our bodies handle the stress of the day.


Advocare Oasis antioxidant

Fortunately, AdvoCare Oasis  has berry extracts which defuse the effects of free radicals. Very basically free radicals are cells with a piece that has been broken off by oxidation, they want to find their missing parts so they try to steal it from good cells, antioxidants give them what they’re looking for so they don’t ruin our healthy cells.

AdvoCare Oasis contains extracts from 4 different berries that are found all over the world! These berries are super fruits; packed with antioxidants and polyphenols.

  • Maqui berry—dark purple berries from Chili; super anti-inflammatory powers! Inflammation is to blame for many of our ills from arthritis to some forms of heart disease.

maqui berry advocare oasis

  • Black Currant berry—powerful antioxidant; used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and helps improve night-vision! Darkly colored berries have more polyphenols.


  • Elderberry—like many berries, elderberry has anti-microbial properties; the juice has been used to treat flu epidemics because of the anti-viral compounds in the berry. Elderberries might also help you lose weight!


elderberry Oasis

  • Chokeberry—natural cancer fighter and helps lower blood sugar! Helps lower cholesterol and has one of the highest ORAC scores (antioxidant level) that’s been recorded. Called chokeberry because its astringent properties make you pucker!


Wonder Woman Advocare Oasis Polyphenols are antioxidants plus they might contribute to heart health and protect your brain from neurological diseases. The first information about these phytochemicals was published in 1995 so scientists and nutritionists have only been studying this for about 20 years. Phytochemicals or phytonutrients are compounds made by plants that can be vital to our health. They are responsible for the bright colors of carrots, tomatoes, and berries!

Studies have shown that vitamins alone do not have the same effect without phytonutrients. AdvoCare Oasis contains vitamins and various phytonutrients that work together to provide your body with the right defenses against stress.

Stress takes a toll on us; it’s more than just a state of mind. Stress significantly affects your immune system, weight gain, and even wound healing! It can lead to allergies and more serious problems like heart attacks and strokes.

Premature aging is one of the results of chronic stress, combined with the facial tension stress causes? Stress can make you look old and wrinkly!  A daily pack of AdvoCare Oasis mixed in with your water can help your immune system to fight off disease and keep you on an even keel!

If you’re feeling frazzled from the curveballs life throws at you it’s time to seek an oasis; AdvoCare Oasis!  You mom’s out there…Does the picture below look familiar?!

Advocare oasis stressed out

I know I hate to turn into raging lunatic mommy dearest! Don’t ask my kids if I’ve ever looked like this :)

P.S.  This product works on teenagers as well!  Just saying….

Your Health and Wellness Coach,

 Joanna Bostwick

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What are some Natural Remedies for Attention Deficit Disorder

and related disorders and symptoms.

With the onslaught of prescribed medication for Attention Deficit Disorder one should look at the alternative supplements for someone with ADD or someone with similar attributes .  We are so bombarded with information these days that it’s hard to stay focused and have that mental clarity we need to function day to day.

I started looking into IntelleQ by Advocare for one of my own children who has always struggled with ADD tendencies.  Although she has never been on prescribed medication for the condition, I thought it would be beneficial to try a natural supplement for Attention Deficit Disorder.  As a former mental health counselor, I know the signs and symptoms of ADD and ADHD all too well and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out when someone is suffering from the disorder.

I am in no way saying that Adovcare’s IntelleQ is a cure for Attention Deficit Disorder but I have seen an improvement in symptoms since my child started taking it for a number of weeks now so I thought I would do an Advocare IntelleQ review.

intelleq by Advocare

So Who Can Benefit from IntelleQ?

  • Someone who is looking to improve mental focus and outlook
  • Someone who needs helps supporting mental focus and alertness

What are some of the issues we face with concerning mental focus and alertness?

  • Our  health depends not only on good diet and exercise but also on mental focus and alertness.
  • Dietary factors and nutrients profoundly influence the functions of the brain and the nervous system, this can also influence metabolism, mood, appetite, energy production, cognition, performance and health.
  • The brain produces important substances such as hormones and neuropeptides that influence our functioning.
  • The transmission of nerve messages is a fundamental feature of brain cell function and nervous system physiology.


advocare intelleq

How do the ingredients in IntelleQ help support these claims?

Key Ingredients for Intelleq are:

Phospholipids, choline, vitamin C, taurine, bacopa extract, ginkgo biloba.

Let’s look at some of these and what role they play in the supplement.

Choline:  Aids in the formation of a number of important substances in the body essential for nerve function and protection, muscle control, memory, and many other functions. Utilized for producing important constituents (phospholipids) involved in brain and heart functions and energy utilization. A building block for acetylcholine, a key brain chemical involved in memory, mental processes and nerve as well as muscle functions.

Tuarine:   An amino acid found primarily in the brain and the eye. It may aid in stabilizing cells and tissues through its antioxidative properties, and in protecting the nervous system. It may a play a role in physiologic functions involved in detoxification in the cells of the body as well as helps maintain blood lipid levels and stabilizing blood platelets. It provides energy, and aids in mental focus.

Taurine and Choline can also be found in Advocare Spark.  For more information on Spark you can see my Spark Review.


Bacopa extract:  Bacopa is also known as brahmi. It is a well-known herb traditionally employed in the Ayurvedic system, used for supporting memory and brain function. The extract has potent antioxidant properties and can inhibit lipid peroxidation as well as improve brain and nervous system function. The active constituents of Bacopa monniera, called bacosides, enhance mental retention capacity. It facilitates acquisition, consolidation, and retention of newly acquired behaviors.

bacopa extract


ginko biloba:  The ginkgo tree is the world’s oldest living species of tree. Individual trees can grow for as long as 1,000 years in the southern and eastern United States, southern France, China and Korea.  Ginkgo leaf extract has been used in Chinese Traditional Medicine for 5,000 years. Ginkgo extract has been shown to have a whole host of benefits, but perhaps the two most notable are its antioxidant activity and its ability to increased blood flow to the brain. Acute administration of extracts improved performance in tests of attention and memory. 



ginko biloba leaf The Solution:

  • IntelleQ supplement provides nutrients, herbs and botanicals to facilitate mental focus, mood, and feelings of energy and well-being.*
  • The comprehensive blend of these ingredients helps support improved mental alertness and health.*
  • By influencing the production of acetylcholine in the body, the nutrients in IntelleQ supplement may influence subtle processes such as cognition, memory, mental focus, acuity and alertness, which are of vital importance to our overall health and quality of life.*
  • Particular nutrients such as choline, vitamin C and cellular constituents such as the phospholipids can influence nerve cell membrane’s function.
  • Other ingredients such as gingko biloba and gotu kola, as well as phospholipids all play a role in promoting memory, cognitive function and mental well-being.*
  • Because of its advanced formulation, IntelleQ supplement aids in improving your mental abilities and focus while furnishing bioactive components that support cell function.

Many symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder are:

  • “zoning out” without realizing it, even in the middle of a conversation
  • extreme distractibility; wandering attention makes it hard to stay on track
  • difficulty paying attention or focusing, such as when reading or listening to others
  • struggling to complete tasks, even ones that seem simple
  • tendency to overlook details, leading to errors or incomplete work
  • poor listening skills; hard time remembering conversations and following directions


    These are a some of the symptoms of people with ADD.  There are also many people who have not been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD but show some of the signs above and would like to see an improved quality of life without these burdensome issues.
    Advocare IntelleQ may help in relieving many of these issues.
    IntelleQ should only be taken by children 12 and older.  Directions are to take 2 pills preferably early in the day with a meal.
    Here are some brain power food ideas to help with aiding in natural remedies for ADD:

Apples, grapes, pears, oranges, and kiwis should be a part of the attention deficit disorder diet. These fruits are low in calories and rich in nutrients.

Omega-3 fatty acids are found in Brazil nuts, olive oil, canola oil, and flax seed oil. Fatty acids play a key role in brain function.  You can also add the Advocare OmegaPlex where you can read my review on that here.

Many people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorders are sensitive to gluten, so this should be excluded from the diet.

Hope that sheds some light on the IntelleQ product and how this natural supplement can benefit you!  To order the Advocare IntelleQ 

Your Health and Wellness Coach,

Joanna Bostwick



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.




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